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Will A (NEW)

from the Fort Wayne area in United States

I am excited about finding out more about my roots-- from the Armstrong clan. Someday I hope to roll up to Scottland

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Sandra R (NEW)

from the Waterloo area in United States

My mother's name was Harrison, and she traced her lineage to Scotland. I believe that we attract ourselves to matter, situations, and life....early on. I played violin throughout school, and wished I played the fiddle. Nothing more comforting than the lilt of the Scottish accent, and I love celtic music and the Gaelic language. I told my father, before he passed away, that if I could have any gift in this would be a trip to Scotland. He gave me a set of 40 year-old luggage. If I don't make it to Scotland in this life....I will in the next. I am an interesting person and fun to get to know.

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Rachel C photos

from the Pawtucket area in United States

No information given.

Today I bought my plane ticket to scotland!

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Lizzy M: Red Starrchild photos

from the Virginia area in United States

Hi, I'm Lizzy. I'm a girl of many interests, most of them involving cultures. Russian and Scottish are of particular interest. I speak English and Russian fluently, and I'm in the process of teaching myself Scottish Gaelic. I am a Gunn clan descendant and I love singing.

Today I know love will find a way. <3. - see 3 comments

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Andy S (NEW)

from the Melbourne area in Australia

Frustrated Australian wanting to find out more about his Scottish heritage and very disppointed - okay - bitter that he cannot obtain legal employment in Scotland.

Today I am trying to finish a project for a client while avoiding the heat. - see 1 comment

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Title Replies Last Post Status
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Scotster: Welcomes and Introductions
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11Sun 08/05/11 22:42
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Work & Money: Employment
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1Fri 25/09/09 19:53
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8Thu 03/12/09 22:54
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Literature: General Fiction
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14Mon 15/08/11 15:35
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6Mon 21/06/10 14:14
Santa Barbara
Travel & Holidays: In the USA
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1Wed 10/02/10 05:42
Looking for Lewis Isle Folk to help with research
Scotster: General Help
by deleted:jeanj
0Wed 17/10/12 01:11
getting from LA to Santa Barbara
Travel & Holidays: In the USA
by singscott
1Fri 22/01/10 00:18
Gaelic Translation
Everything Scottish: Scottish Languages
by alliloola
8Thu 01/03/12 10:42

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