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People associated with the word 'writing'

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Rut-Eilidh M (NEW)

from the Ardvasar area in Scotland

No information given.

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Paulette C

from the Midwest area in United States

I am a hopeless romantic at heart who loves her Scottish Ancestry. Currently attempting to write and publish my first paranormal romance novel AND trying to learn the pipes!

Today I wish I was walking through the Highlands. Would love some Sticky Toffee Pudding from a wee restaurant outside of Culloden Moor. - see 3 comments

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Sue M: Looking for my McClish roots photos

from the Pahrump area in United States

I am a historian for my family. I have researched the McClish Clan for many years and would love to learn of family still in Scotland as I plan to visit there in the future... wanted: mcclish history.. on offer: share

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Lynn M: Fit like? photos

from the Chicago area in United States

Canadian of Scots descent who grew up all over the world but loves Scotland best. Did a history degree in Aberdeen. Now living near Chicago with husband, son, 2 Alsatians. I work as a reference librarian with a specialty in history and genealogy, represent the Clan Alasdair at Highland games, and write a blog on Macalister history (http://macalister-h ).

Today I am preparing for the Illinois St. Andrew Society highland games - come out and see us if you're in the area!

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Carolyn L: Southern Scotster

from the Atlanta area in United States

Scotster living in Georgia, looking for family and some new scottish friends. I'm a freelance writer and author who loves her Scottish hertiage. My surname is McKerracher and they originate from Glasgow area. Love the Rangers!.. wanted: friendship, penpal.. on offer: friendship, penpal

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Forum topics associated with the word 'writing'

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Looking for Lewis Isle Folk to help with research
Scotster: General Help
by deleted:jeanj
0Wed 17/10/12 01:11
Recommend journalism as a career?
Work & Money: Employment
by starrywarrior
1Fri 25/09/09 11:39
Vampire Fascinations.
Miscellaneous: Questions With No Other Home
by czarli
19Sun 17/04/11 08:11
3 Word Story
Literature: Miscellaneous
by singscott
1502Sat 10/05/14 23:30
It Can't Go Wrong Now
Miscellaneous: Questions With No Other Home
by singscott
6Mon 21/06/10 14:14
Introduction of Myself by Me
Scotster: Welcomes and Introductions
by genealgurl
8Thu 03/12/09 22:54
Burns - post your favourite poem/words here
Everything Scottish: Scottish Celebrations
by singscott
29Thu 25/02/10 12:47
Santa Barbara
Travel & Holidays: In the USA
by singscott
1Wed 10/02/10 05:42
Creative Writing (or scribbles?)
Skills, Talents & Leisure: Miscellaneous
by deleted:seil
1Fri 25/09/09 19:53
Gaelic Translation
Everything Scottish: Scottish Languages
by alliloola
8Thu 01/03/12 10:42

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