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Rebecca S (NEW)

from the Bloomington area in United States

I am from the MacDugh clan (USA) Most of my immediate family are deceased and didn't speak too much about their Scottish roots. Plan on studying in Scotland soon and living there someday.

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James L photos

from the Jacksonville area in United States

From what I've been told from my family, I'm descended from Jacob Lambie of the Lamont Clan. I'm hoping to gather the resources to do the research myself.

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Melanie S (NEW)

from the Columbia area in United States

No information given.

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storykeeperphotoOctober 2011

Elizabeth I: Making the leap from the lion's head photos

from the Toledo area in United States

Freelance editor, writer, voiceover professional, blogger, and instructor; believer in everyday miracles; storyteller and lay speaker; someone who likes to laugh, sing, and dance; I appreciate beautiful imperfections and open hearts. In between writing and editing for other people, I write my own stories and essays... wanted: friendship, enlightenment, conversation.. on offer: friendship, optimism, goodwill

Today I am working from home, even though I have the flu. I'm an idiot. - see 5 comments

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Connor M (NEW)

from the Maynooth area in Canada

Hello folks. Born in Belfast, raised mostly in Canada, ancestors in Scottland and Ireland. Always excited to learn more about this magical and ancient part of the world and my place in it.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Hello from Texas!
Scotster: Welcomes and Introductions
by elizabeth
11Sun 08/05/11 22:42
getting from LA to Santa Barbara
Travel & Holidays: In the USA
by singscott
1Fri 22/01/10 00:18
Santa Barbara
Travel & Holidays: In the USA
by singscott
1Wed 10/02/10 05:42
3 Word Story
Literature: Miscellaneous
by singscott
1502Sat 10/05/14 23:30
Looking for Lewis Isle Folk to help with research
Scotster: General Help
by deleted:jeanj
0Wed 17/10/12 01:11
Vampire Fascinations.
Miscellaneous: Questions With No Other Home
by czarli
19Sun 17/04/11 08:11
Looking for Scottish beta-reader
Literature: General Fiction
by elizabeth
14Mon 15/08/11 15:35
Creative Writing (or scribbles?)
Skills, Talents & Leisure: Miscellaneous
by deleted:seil
1Fri 25/09/09 19:53
Burns - post your favourite poem/words here
Everything Scottish: Scottish Celebrations
by singscott
29Thu 25/02/10 12:47
Gaelic Translation
Everything Scottish: Scottish Languages
by alliloola
8Thu 01/03/12 10:42

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