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Karen R photos

from Denmore in Aberdeen in Scotland

Living and working in Aberdeen. Love long lies and reading a good book - but don't get to do either very much due to my very active 2-year-old son!

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Fiona S photos (NEW)

from the Vancouver area in Canada

Hi :-) I'm new to Vancouver Canada. I was born in South Africa to Scottish parents who came from Oban and Fort William. The rest of my family still live in Scotland. I left South Africa 7 years ago to live in Sydney Australia.  We moved around quite a bit and also lived in Brisbane and Canberra before relocating here. Having been brought up in a Scottish home I know how welcoming and friendly the Scots are and I thought it would be a good place to meet people. I'm married and have a daughter who is 11 years old. I look forward to meeting up with you.

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Victoria S (NEW)

from the Springfield area in United States

I'm not great at talking about myself. There's not much in life I don't like. Married nearly 30 years, mother of two fine Sons, Grandmother to two young Granddaughters. I've wore many hats over the years. If I think about my life, I would say one of my greatest influences would be listening to the older Generation tell me our Scott Family tales of years past. The Stories of Coming to America and how they forged a new life with ups and downs over time. The stories of Life on the boarder lands of Scotland, Our Writers, Songs and the Cattle. Being a Scott, I listened to tales of the White Lace Wedding Dress and the women who wore it. Past down through generations. Tales of Anne, Francis, Walter, Lilian and Thomas Scott. As a Mother, I past down these stories to my Sons and made sure vacation time included time at The Scottish Festival located on Stone Mt. in Vermont. I know these tales will continue moving forward, add more of the tales with each generation.

Today I I'd like to learn more about the Scot Clan lifes of my family and what a day was filled with doing at different parts of the year.

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Carrie M: My heart is in Scotland

from Merseyside in Wallasey in England

I was born and raised in New Brighton, Wallasey, on the NW tip of the Wirral peninsula between Wales and England and across the River Mersey from Liverpool. My heritage is majority Scottish, with some Irish, Scandinavian and possibly Spanish in the mix. I am currently living in a western suburb of Chicago, IL. I have traveled to 14 countries so far and without a doubt, Scotland is and has always been my number 1.

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Janelle H photos

from the Fullerton area in United States

Hello! I'm a California girl with ambiguous Scottish heritage who's hoping to be attending the University of Aberdeen in the Fall for postgrad studies.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
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Work & Money: Employment
by starrywarrior
1Fri 25/09/09 11:39
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Everything Scottish: Scottish Languages
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8Thu 01/03/12 10:42
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6Mon 21/06/10 14:14
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Scotster: Welcomes and Introductions
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8Thu 03/12/09 22:54
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11Sun 08/05/11 22:42
Vampire Fascinations.
Miscellaneous: Questions With No Other Home
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19Sun 17/04/11 08:11
3 Word Story
Literature: Miscellaneous
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1502Sat 10/05/14 23:30
Looking for Scottish beta-reader
Literature: General Fiction
by elizabeth
14Mon 15/08/11 15:35
Looking for Lewis Isle Folk to help with research
Scotster: General Help
by deleted:jeanj
0Wed 17/10/12 01:11
Creative Writing (or scribbles?)
Skills, Talents & Leisure: Miscellaneous
by deleted:seil
1Fri 25/09/09 19:53

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