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Exploring 'world film'

People associated with the word 'world film'

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celticdreamerphotoNo Place Like Home

Ellen L photos

from the Old Orchard Beach area in United States

Married, love to travel. Have been to Scotland twice (2002 and 2007) and going again late September of this year (two weeks each trip). Love the country, its people, and can't wait to return! May or may not have Scottish blood in my ancestry -- unsure at this time... wanted: friendship, penpal, conversation.. on offer: conversation, friendship?

Today I have been busy wrapping gifts and planning Christmas dinner!

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Peter G photos

from Kelvinside in Glasgow in Scotland

Hey ya'll. Im Inverness born, an Artist working in Leaded Glass & Paintings. Living in Glasgow where I have a Studio Workshop / Gallery to make & display my work. You can read my entire rambling output at http://www.gilliesar wanted: tea.. on offer: buscuits

Today I booked a gallery for my first solo exhibition in Glasgow. 7 days away..... - see 6 comments

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Mike J: Remember Temporary Fualt?

from the Houston area in United States

Born in and lived in Aberdeen until 1990. San Antonio, TX until 1999; now in Houston. I'm an MD. 3 sons (23 - 27).

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Julie L photos

from the Lenoir City area in United States

.. wanted: friendship, history, music, love of scotland.. on offer: friendship, history, music, love of scotland

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Jennifer W: Awaiting the day I first see Scotland! photos

from the Cadillac area in United States

I am a very "young-at-heart" woman who is getting to know her "roots". I enjoy making new friends and plan on retiring from my government job within next 5 years and possibly moving to the Highlands area of Scotland - where my ancestors are from. That is, if it would be alright with the locals/clans!!!.. wanted: friendship, recipies, humour.. on offer: friendship, recipies, humour

Today I contemplate that: no matter where I go, there I am!!! LOL. - see 2 comments

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