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Exploring 'world film'

People associated with the word 'world film'

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Jason L: Alba Rules! photos

from the Portland area in United States

A Scotsman imported into the United States as wee lad at the age of 3. Have lived in NY and now in Oregon... wanted: friendship, lover.. on offer: friendship, love

Today I am pondering what to do with two days off mid-week. - see 1 comment

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Sharon A: Music...Single Malts...Edinburgh... lifetime member member photos

from the New York area in United States

Celebrated my birthday 4 years ago in the pubs of Edinburgh…have enjoyed single malts for years. My family originally came over from Scotland…looking forward to discovering my roots. Fell in love with the city and the people… felt as though I'd "returned home". Like whisky, Scottish music touches a special place in my to sing...and I'm fairly good if I do say so myself :-).. wanted: friendship, chat, love, adventure.. on offer: friendship, chat, love, adventure

Today I am looking fforward to celebrating NYC Tartan Week... - see 2 comments

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Jessaié G: Best Of Both Worlds photos

from the Saint Louis area in United States

Hi, I'm Jessaié:) Just wanted to update ma profile. Not much to say perse but I've been to Scotland quite a few times since I've had this account. Would be nice to make new friends when I'm over again. I stay 5 or 6 months at a time and would love to get to know folk in Dundee or Fife. I'm laid bk, don't need to be entertained or.. wanted: friendships, humour, honesty, tarot readers.. on offer: friendships, humour, warmth, honesty

Today I am still wanting some trifle :-) - see 3 comments

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cosmicwolf4photome with my grandsons, Jay and Phoenix

Connie Q: Hi from South Australia photos

from the Glenelg area in Australia

I was born in Glasgow, lived in Canada for 10 years before moving to Adelaide, South Australia. I have 5 amazing children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. 4 dogs, 4 cats, 7 snakes and a Long Billed Corella. I'm back in my old career as a carpet and upholstery technician.. wanted: friends, chat.. on offer: friendship, fun

Today I Just having a browse around, I haven't been on for a while :)

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pixiegalphotoGoing to a friend's wedding in Inverness

Sari K photos

from New Town in Edinburgh in Scotland

I'm a Finnish woman and have happily lived in scotland for the past 16 years. I sing with The Wild Myrtles, love a good laugh and fun company. I'm happiest when walking in a forest, reading a good book or building a bonfire on a beach. I have walked in Sahara, swam in a frozen lake and I can milk a cow... wanted: fun, friendship, laughs, adventure.. on offer: the same

Today I had a great day doing voluntary work in a beautiful pine forest. - see 13 comments

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