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lunigalphotoJust me, Cathie

Cathleen M: A wee bit of a Scottish Lass photos

from the Rockford area in United States

I'm a recently Retired Psychiatric Registered Nurse. I retired on Disability and am limited in my mobility...however that doesn't stop me from enjoying my Hobbies, Family events and some travel locally. I enjoy shopping with my grandchildren, and having the time to "play". I LOVE my Computer and connecting with people all over the world... wanted: fun, connection, history/information, friendship.. on offer: friendship, sharing, humor, communication

Today I .hope to spend more time outside than in.....and take the wee dog with me ! - see 2 comments

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Jene J: Love My Scottish Heritage photos

from the Stonewall area in United States(also regularly in the Shreveport area)

I am married to a Scotsman that is about to join me in the US once he has his visa. I love Scotland and wish we could live there but we want to be close to family in the states. Hope to go for a visit again one day... wanted: scotland, music, crafts, photos.. on offer: scotland, music, crafts, photos

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scotsbluebellephotoFuirich agus chi thu.....

Mary R photos

from Toronto in Ontario in Canada

I live in Toronto(city address but country heart). Work is film production accounting. Interested in new friends, lots of laughs and family roots. I enjoy the outdoors, reading, walking my dog, F1 + sports car racing, music of all kinds, history, lots of funny stories and jokes, Scottish country dancing and all my crazy online friends. I also like to stir things up if it gets too quiet. A walking contradiction with a streak of.. wanted: interesting friends, what ever you got.. on offer: friendship, fun and games

Today I Finally taking a moment to visit, been gone too long. - see 3 comments

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David D photos

from Nailsea in Bristol in England(also regularly in the Wishaw area)

Music-loving half-Scot. I was born in England but my heart is in Scotland. Since my Mum (the Scots half) died in 2013 I've felt even more drawn to my Scots roots and family... wanted: fellowship, gaelic.. on offer: friendship, support, fraternity

Today I played tennis, had a crackin' roast at the pub, and walked the dog. - see 1 comment

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Anne B: "Take good care of the present moment." photos

from the Port Townsend area in United States

.. wanted: job, friendship.. on offer: work, friendship

Today I am glad that it is Friday. - see 5 comments

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