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Liam S photos

from the Great Barrington area in United States

Hey my name is Liam. Im from New York State and I thought it would be cool to meet some Scots, as I love Great Britain and Scottish history, and come from a very heavily Scotch-Irish family.

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Dawn A: Saorsa Alba photos

from the Arlington Washington area in United States

I love to travel and have been to two of the seven natural wonders of the world 5 more to go! I like to hike and love stormy weather . I have 3 cats, Socks, Mittens and Shadow. My husband and son are my world! And most certinaly love to sing and do kareoke!.. wanted: freindship.. on offer: friendship

Today I busted my butt going to work, working out and mowing the lawn! - see 1 comment

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Teresa King T: My friends call me Tee.... photos

from the Kosciusko area in United States

I live in Mississippi but I am Scottish at heart. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong country & in the wrong era. I have a wonderful family & I aspire to be a great writer one day. I love reading, music, dancing, online research, & creative thinking. I also love the smell of cinnamon, pine and honey. I recently learned that I am a descendant of Clan MacGregor!.. wanted: friendship, photographs, penpals, recipes.. on offer: friendship, penpals, recipes

Today I am dancing a happy jig... it is cold, cold, cold here... and I am loving it! - see 6 comments

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Patricia D photos

from the Knoxville area in United States

I write erotica, science fiction, and am currently working on my memoirs. I wish I lived in Scotland as I loathe the states. I believe I am hardwired to live in the Scottish climate. I don't do well in the heat. I like cold and rain. My maiden name is Drummond... wanted: friendship, inspiration, muse.. on offer: friendship, advice if needed, dream interpretation, recipes

Today I wondered if there was anyone on this site who can tell me how long it takes to drive from one border of Scotland to another... - see 12 comments

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vernphotoRock On....

Veronica B: Freedom lies in being bold... lifetime member member photos

from the Savannah area in United States

Well, I have a strange sense of humor…I love to laugh (very important). I have immature moments, but it's all in good fun. I love the country and the city…it really depends on my mood. I have recently started my traveling ventures…I hope to travel 2 X a year until I can't travel anymore. I love spontaneity, it makes things interesting, and mysterious. Free spirit at heart....

Today I say... I am still looking for a job....its been 6 months now... - see 3 comments

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