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Exploring 'world film'

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Amy K photos

from the Dundee Illinois Us area in United States

.. wanted: friendship, chat, laughter.. on offer: friendship, chat, laughter

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kazzaphotoshowing off ma fav t-shirt x

Kazza M: "COME ON SCOTLAND !!" photos

from the Bonnyrigg area in Scotland

From Edinburgh. Work all over the UK as Wardrobe Mistress mostly on large scale Musicals. Love Scotland and all things Scottish. I love theatre, pubs, cinema, food and shopping ...

Today I am resisting the temptation to turn the Roy Orbison Wig into Frank'n'furter ... haha.

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trouble36photoan up to date picture of me

Robin M photos

from St. James in Winnipeg in Canada

No information given.

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deni_wee_lassphotoScotland & Romania

Denisa B: Tartan is a music score with life bonds. photos

from Craiova in Dolj in Romania

I'm an English language teacher in Romania, now doing my best to give a hint of the language to those wee kids in front of me; i'm also a singer, occasionally, i've graduated from the High School of Art and Music, major was opera singing and secondary piano. I'm usually shy but open-minded, willing to exchange ideas and any information with intelligent and spirited people. Love Scotland forever~!.. wanted: info about scotland, a good laugh, friendship.. on offer: info about romania, friendship, slight humour

Today I am going to paint some paper in oil. - see 14 comments

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Jane L: Big Country 80's/90's Scot/Eng rock band photos

from the Dover, New Hampshire area in United States

The three surviving BC members are touring starting Dec '10! Mike Peters of the Alarm will be standing in on vocals for the late Stuart Adamson and guitarist Bruce Watson's son, Jamie, will be an additional guitarist. I'm planning on seeing 3 gigs on the tour: London, Birmingham, & Liverpool. Have visited Scotland 1981 & 2007. Highlanders from Argyll & Inverness via Nova Scotia & Quebec. Lowlanders from Dumfriesshire via Ashton-under-Lyne, England.

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