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Sharon A: Music...Single Malts...Edinburgh... lifetime member member photos

from the New York area in United States

Celebrated my birthday 4 years ago in the pubs of Edinburgh…have enjoyed single malts for years. My family originally came over from Scotland…looking forward to discovering my roots. Fell in love with the city and the people… felt as though I'd "returned home". Like whisky, Scottish music touches a special place in my to sing...and I'm fairly good if I do say so myself :-).. wanted: friendship, chat, love, adventure.. on offer: friendship, chat, love, adventure

Today I am looking fforward to celebrating NYC Tartan Week... - see 2 comments

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Jennifer S photos

from the Halifax area in Canada

Hi There, I live in Canada but have Scottish and Irish roots. Planning to visit the UK for the third time in Summer of 2015. Would love to chat or even write snail mail with folks in the UK. I own my own business and love spending time with my family, seeing live music and.

Today I dreamt about food. - see 11 comments

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Anne B: "Take good care of the present moment." photos

from the Port Townsend area in United States

.. wanted: job, friendship.. on offer: work, friendship

Today I am glad that it is Friday. - see 5 comments

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James C: Australian Highlander Rebel photos

from the Canberra area in Australia

Was intrigued about the whole Scotster thing, and decided to give it a try. Am happy to make friends with others who love Alba, Gaelic, Highland history. Was in Scotland this year in July/August, in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fort Wiliam. I live near Canberra, Australia, and work for an advocacy organisation that represents Australia's motorists. Would like to work in something Scottish, but not many jobs like that in Australia... wanted: friendship, gaelic practice.. on offer: friendship, gaelic practice

Today I think I need to relax at home after a really full-on week at work. - see 1 comment

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jmacphotomy weasley hat

Jeremiah M photos

from the Blaine area in United States

Can't think right now. I'll do this later

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