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Colin C: Glasgow Rangers Fans Unite!! photos

from the Denver area in United States

I moved to the U.S. at the end of 2002 and now here in Colorado, have to suffer 300+ days of sunshine a year compared to Bonnie Scotland's 300+ days of rain!! However, NOTHING beats Scotland for sheer beauty despite the climate (or maybe because of it). I ride my Harley Softail as often as possible and love long rides into the rockies especially at sunset and just after a storm. Enjoy attending.. wanted: friends, peace, humour, exploration.. on offer: friendship, laughter, art, reality

Today I Discovered Scotster and noo ah've mair wee pals than a clootie dumplin's goat thrupenny bits!!! Help ma boab. - see 1 comment

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Jason L: Alba Rules! photos

from the Portland area in United States

A Scotsman imported into the United States as wee lad at the age of 3. Have lived in NY and now in Oregon... wanted: friendship, lover.. on offer: friendship, love

Today I am pondering what to do with two days off mid-week. - see 1 comment

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Mary H: Hey! I'm a female photos

from the Pensacola, Florida area in United States

I'm seeking to make new friends who love Scotland as much as I do... wanted: friendships, insights, smiles, honesty.. on offer: friendships, insights, smiles, honesty

Today I I'm glad its Friday and I found this cool site!

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Barbara M: psychobarb photos

from the Dallas area in United States

My ancestors were Scottish: my 4rd great grandfather was presumably from the Scottish Highlands (McGowan-exact first name unknown) . I currently manage the website for Highland Moon, a Scottish business in the Arlington area; we are an online shop and also do some of the festivals in Texas and Louisiana. I am also a professional Psychic and have worked with numerous law enforcement agencies over the years/

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Kenny G photos

from the Irvine area in Scotland

I'm from the Kilwinning - Irvine area, 43, single, I love photography and digital imaging, I have a degree in it too. I love design, all very arty. I am also an atheist, love satire. Hobbies include chilling out and going where the weather suits my clothes, hanging on the north east wind and skipping over the ocean like a stone.... wanted: need to get out more, adventure, photo trips, companion.. on offer: dry sense of humour, intelligence, i question what wedo, photography guru

Today I had an Easter Egg! - see 2 comments

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