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Carolyn G photos

from the Pinckneyville area in United States

I'm a first-year graduate student at Southern Illinois University studying ecology - it's mostly a food-chain project involving acorns, mice, and carnivores (foxes, bobcats, coyotes). I'll be starting field work this winter! Although I've only been to Scotland a few times, I absolutely love it there and would go back in a heartbeat! My grandparents are from Ardrossan and I still have some family living there. I'm saving up for another trip at some point.

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zuzuphotoEmma and I at Versailles

Nancy J: French and Scottish and Nothing else! photos

from the Montpelier area in United States

Born in Montreal and raised abroad, living in Vermont in the United States. Granddaughter of John Hamilton of Ayr who emigrated to Canada in the early 1900's. Now a French and Theatre teacher in Vermont - daughter, Emma and husband Dan.

Today I froze walking my dog, Jolie.

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kazzaphotoshowing off ma fav t-shirt x

Kazza M: "COME ON SCOTLAND !!" photos

from the Bonnyrigg area in Scotland

From Edinburgh. Work all over the UK as Wardrobe Mistress mostly on large scale Musicals. Love Scotland and all things Scottish. I love theatre, pubs, cinema, food and shopping ...

Today I am resisting the temptation to turn the Roy Orbison Wig into Frank'n'furter ... haha.

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Dina M photos

from the San Diego area in United States

I love everything Scottish and I hope to some day visit, and perhaps, move to Scotland... wanted: friendship, honesty, loyalty, friendly banter.. on offer: same

Today I am loving the rain, it poured all day it was great!!! - see 3 comments

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Jake B: Mentalist lookin chat 2 fruitloops photos

from the Stone area in England

Reiki Master/Auld Age Hippy. Living near Stone, Staffordshire. Born Haddington, dragged up near Co-Path, went to school (sometimes) in Eyemouth.Was one of founder members Dunbar & District MCC, lived for bout 12 years in Duns before headin south but still 100% Scottish & Proud... Have a tattoo on shoulder saying 'Made In Scotland by John & Milly 1959' so can't lie about age! Folks still live in North Berwick.

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