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roballiedphotoMe in August '12

Rob A: You had me at 'Bacon'. photos

from the San Jose area in United States

York is the closest I've been to Scotland and was there for business or I would have taken a day to drive up. BUT, I DID get completely smashed with a historian from Scotland at the hotel bar. I vaguely recall learning ALOT about the Armstrong's, but I'll be damned if I can remember specifics other than how it became easier to understand him the more I drank.

Today I found this site while researching the family full latin motto for the tattoo I'm about to get. - see 6 comments

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Liam S photos

from the Great Barrington area in United States

Hey my name is Liam. Im from New York State and I thought it would be cool to meet some Scots, as I love Great Britain and Scottish history, and come from a very heavily Scotch-Irish family.

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ummaclesphotoFavourite shirt with favourite kilt.

Shaun M: Science + Music + Travel = Life photos

from Charleswood in Winnipeg in Canada

Ciamar a tha thu? 'S mise Shaun. I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), and am a university student doing an honours degree in physics and chemistry. Check my links to see where I am at this very moment (displayed on a map, using GPS).

Today I am driving to Calgary with my parents. - see 1 comment

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sam48photohi everyone

Steve C photos

from the Macclesfield area in England

born in perth raised in errol /leetown enjoys all walking and outdoors likes to keep fit and healthy and enjoying my life with caroline

Today I am back at the grindstone.

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Rachel H: LOVES SCOTLAND photos

from Hackham West in Adelaide in Australia

30+ year old female who loves to travel and experience new cultures, taste new foods and meet people. I love watching travel shows and reading travel books. I also love to go out to pubs with friends and listening to music, animals, football and photography... wanted: friendship, chat.. on offer: friendship, chat

Today I haven't been on here in a while. I am still looking for another better job :( - see 2 comments

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