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People associated with the word 'world film'

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Lisa G

from Bradford in Concord in United States

I am an American Scot who is passionate about my heritage and proud of it!! I am thrilled about the new Scottish Heritage Center that will soon be built here in New Hampshire (2010), and I can not wait for the chance to visit Scotland!! I am a Medical Assistant and Cardiac Telemetrist. I have traced many branches of my geneology, and am a Crawford from my mother, and my paternal grandmother as well, but.. wanted: friends.. on offer: friendship

Today I began teaching a new class of students - "Basic Arrythmias" course!!

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Jarryd A: "Stand Sure!" member photos

from the Boone area in United States

Real men wear kilts!

Today I steal away, sailing by, the ship remisses, the tide recants. - see 1 comment

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Paul M: Turns out I'm actually Maltese... photos

from the Burke area in United States

I like to think I'm a reasonably intelligent, fun and interesting guy with a love of all things Scottish. I play the bagpipes, occasionally wear a kilt, speak a few words of Scots Gaelic and know a little bit about Scottish history. Would love to meet like-minded souls to share our common interest... on offer: music, good conversation, laughter, good food and drink

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Teresa King T: My friends call me Tee.... photos

from the Kosciusko area in United States

I live in Mississippi but I am Scottish at heart. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong country & in the wrong era. I have a wonderful family & I aspire to be a great writer one day. I love reading, music, dancing, online research, & creative thinking. I also love the smell of cinnamon, pine and honey. I recently learned that I am a descendant of Clan MacGregor!.. wanted: friendship, photographs, penpals, recipes.. on offer: friendship, penpals, recipes

Today I started my Christmas shopping.... - see 1 comment

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mosesklphotommmmm... plum tea

Kristi M: The Scottish Wannabe photos

from the Silver Spring area in United States

I'm a graduate student at University of Maryland. Had two study abroad experiences in Edinburgh in college and never wanted to leave! Love to meet people who love the country and city as much as I do!

Today I had an urge to go to Skye. Too bad I'm stuck in Maryland, USA. - see 3 comments

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