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Barbara M: psychobarb photos

from the Dallas area in United States

My ancestors were Scottish: my 4rd great grandfather was presumably from the Scottish Highlands (McGowan-exact first name unknown) . I currently manage the website for Highland Moon, a Scottish business in the Arlington area; we are an online shop and also do some of the festivals in Texas and Louisiana. I am also a professional Psychic and have worked with numerous law enforcement agencies over the years/

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Dawn A: Saorsa Alba photos

from the Arlington Washington area in United States

I love to travel and have been to two of the seven natural wonders of the world 5 more to go! I like to hike and love stormy weather . I have 3 cats, Socks, Mittens and Shadow. My husband and son are my world! And most certinaly love to sing and do kareoke!.. wanted: freindship.. on offer: friendship

Today I busted my butt going to work, working out and mowing the lawn! - see 1 comment

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LLoyd R: Nor-Cal Scot photos

from the Chico area in United States

1st generation American, Mother was born in Glasgow in 1924. I'm having a DNA search. I am the Northern California clan Lindsay USA rep. I put up the clan Lindsays' for Lindsays or any body who is interested in the clan. I am looking for Lindsay's to rebuild family ties. I do not know of any living relatives. I was told most were killed in WWII. I may have had an Uncle who.. wanted: friends in scotland, sharing, likeminded, laughter.. on offer: friend in the u.s., information, interests, jokes/fun

Today I got the garden ready for plantnig, also getting ready for the Woolland games.

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Roman W: Ceol Agus Craic

from the Greeley area in United States

I am descended from Clan Gunn and Clan Stewart matrilineally through my grandparents and great-grandparents... wanted: history

Today I had a blast at the Colorado Scottish/Irish Festival! - see 1 comment

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mosesklphotommmmm... plum tea

Kristi M: The Scottish Wannabe photos

from the Silver Spring area in United States

I'm a graduate student at University of Maryland. Had two study abroad experiences in Edinburgh in college and never wanted to leave! Love to meet people who love the country and city as much as I do!

Today I had an urge to go to Skye. Too bad I'm stuck in Maryland, USA. - see 3 comments

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