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Exploring 'world film'

People associated with the word 'world film'

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lunigalphotoJust me, Cathie

Cathleen M: A wee bit of a Scottish Lass photos

from the Rockford area in United States

I'm a recently Retired Psychiatric Registered Nurse. I retired on Disability and am limited in my mobility...however that doesn't stop me from enjoying my Hobbies, Family events and some travel locally. I enjoy shopping with my grandchildren, and having the time to "play". I LOVE my Computer and connecting with people all over the world... wanted: fun, connection, history/information, friendship.. on offer: friendship, sharing, humor, communication

Today I .hope to spend more time outside than in.....and take the wee dog with me ! - see 2 comments

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Betsy M photos

from the Raleigh area in United States

Although my ancestors have been Americans for about 242 years (They emigrated at the time of the clearances), like most North Carolina Scots, my Scottish roots run deep. I am a fan of sports, including but not limited to football, hockey, basketball, Nascar, and personal fitness. I love good travel, good friends, good music, and a good pint!.. wanted: friendship, fun, companionship.. on offer: friendship, fun, companionship

Today I am glad that tomorrow is Friday! - see 2 comments

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megofmidgardphotoExploring Wisconsin woodlands

Meg H photos

from the Anstruther area in Scotland

I just moved to Scotland from the US! I love history, writing, maps, visiting historical sites, mythology and folklore, religion, reading, pondering extraterrestrial life, and language! If you think we have any of that in common, please get in contact. :).. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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storykeeperphotoOctober 2011

Elizabeth I: Making the leap from the lion's head photos

from the Toledo area in United States

Freelance editor, writer, voiceover professional, blogger, and instructor; believer in everyday miracles; storyteller and lay speaker; someone who likes to laugh, sing, and dance; I appreciate beautiful imperfections and open hearts. In between writing and editing for other people, I write my own stories and essays... wanted: friendship, enlightenment, conversation.. on offer: friendship, optimism, goodwill

Today I am working from home, even though I have the flu. I'm an idiot. - see 5 comments

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trouble36photoan up to date picture of me

Robin M photos

from St. James in Winnipeg in Canada

No information given.

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