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desmith58photoDenise from Prince Rupert, BC

Denise S: McCaskell from Skye photos

from the Prince Rupert area in Canada

Travelled to Scotland with my sister September 2008, had a wonderful time...would definitely go back! Would like to talk to people, especially those who may know anything about Dallkeith and it's history. My Grandfather was born in Dalkeith, I have some old pictures of him with his family, including my Great Grandparents. My Grandmother was a Sutherland, not sure from where... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I put up the outdoor lights, the tree is up and decorated! - see 1 comment

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nilephotoUpside down Scot (tartan on top)!

Nile S: Kilted in Delaware photos

from Sussex County in Seaford in United States(also regularly in the Seaford area)

I am of Scottish ancestry and am connected to the Fraser Clan. My wife is Scottish (MacMunn) and associated with the Stewart Clan. My wife and youngest daughter have been to Scotland and I hope to go soon.

Today I'm recovering! - see 1 comment

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Dean R photos

from the Dayton area in United States

I am a hard working, fun loving, beer drinking, world travelling, straight talking, soccer playing, romantic guy...that's how I roll.

Today I Wii bowled my arm off.

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Debi N: Hoc Majorum Virtus photos

from the Corsicana area in United States

I'm American of Scottish descent of the Clan Logan. My grandfather wrote a book on our family history in the 1970's. Interested in meeting other "family" members, anywhere.

Today I'm wishing all my Scotster family a GREAT DAYYYYY!!!! - see 3 comments

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bandit777photoRocky Mountains, Jasper Alberta

Dave D: nice cuban cigar...and a single malt photos

from the Kamloops area in Canada

think I need a's the weather looking in Scotland may-june

Today I'm packing again...Caribbean cruise. - see 1 comment

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Title Replies Last Post Status
A Woman & Her Wine
Fun: Miscellaneous
by teresatoten
3Fri 01/07/11 14:37
Poll: Wine Poll (17 votes)
Food & Drink: Wine
by rmonroe
8Fri 22/07/11 11:13
Post your favourite scottish recipe too share!
Everything Scottish: Scottish Cooking
by mcculloch
22Sat 27/02/10 16:19

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