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Ed M

from the Montrose area in United States

I am a Colorado native, happily married, Scotland Enthusiast. I am also Colorado Commissioner for Clan Grant Society U.S. I like to read, swim, and study about Scotland.

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Sig R: Carpe Diem! photos

from the Round Lake Beach area in United States

I am a decendent of the Lewis of Macleod Clan and looking to talk to other Scots out here. Currently making plans to attend the meeting of the Clans in 2014... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am tired! - see 6 comments

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robjphotoEnjoying the beautiful Scots scenery

Robyn J: 'Aussie living the dream in Scotland' photos

from the Inverness area in Scotland

An Aussie living and working in Scotland. Arrived 2003 for six months, and over six years later, still here. Grandfather was born here, so doing our family tree and have just organised a family reunion in Ayrshire. My husband and I both love to travel and have great time showing our Aussie and Canadian relatives and friends around this beautiful part of the world... wanted: information, history, social.. on offer: genealogy, highlands, social

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Kurt U

from the Stamford area in United States

No information given.

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amybcoolphotoMexico Beach 2009

Amy C: 100% American but 1000% Scot! photos

from the Charleston area in United States

Amy Cool, Super (single) Mom, Executive Assistant Extraordinaire, Blonde Bombshell, Lover of Music, Art, Tattoos and anything that does not include mean spirited people or limitations. And especially my Scottish heritage. Welcome to my world!

Today I am back to the weekday grind. The weekend was a blast and I really enjoyed the solace of the woods. Now I need noise!! - see 1 comment

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Post your favourite scottish recipe too share!
Everything Scottish: Scottish Cooking
by mcculloch
22Sat 27/02/10 16:19
Poll: Wine Poll (17 votes)
Food & Drink: Wine
by rmonroe
8Fri 22/07/11 11:13
A Woman & Her Wine
Fun: Miscellaneous
by teresatoten
3Fri 01/07/11 14:37

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