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Craig R photos (NEW)

from the East Kilbride area in Scotland

No information given.

Today I think i will go and see santa :-) - see 3 comments

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mathgeekphotoa seriously understated ex-rugby player

Bruce M photos

from the Scone area in Australia

I am a data analyst working for the Dept of Primary Industries in Tamworth, Australia. My G-grandfather, Bruce, emigrated from Ireland in the late 19th century.

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David D photos

from Nailsea in Bristol in England(also regularly in the Wishaw area)

Music-loving half-Scot. I was born in England but my heart is in Scotland. Since my Mum (the Scots half) died in 2013 I've felt even more drawn to my Scots roots and family... wanted: fellowship, gaelic.. on offer: friendship, support, fraternity

Today I played tennis, had a crackin' roast at the pub, and walked the dog. - see 1 comment

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Donna M: Enthusiasticone

from the Golden area in United States

I am a happy, fortunate Colorado mountain woman. Scotland has always fascinated me and I hope to visit in the fall of 2009 to welcome in my 6th decade on the planet! I am passionate about skiing and living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado-yearn for the Ocean... Well-it's May 2010 now and I did get to see Scotland in Sept. fell more in love esp. with Islay.. wanted: friends, callanish, whisky, adventure.. on offer: friend, rockies, coors, adventure

Today I am getting ready for my trip of a lifetime to SCOTLAND!!!! 9/17 will be in Edinburgh then off to explore the Bonny country! - see 2 comments

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Jennifer D: Scots lass in englandshire photos

from the Marlow area in England

Hi I am Jen... wanted: friendship, other nutters, laughs.. on offer: friendship, daft wuman, laughs

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Post your favourite scottish recipe too share!
Everything Scottish: Scottish Cooking
by mcculloch
22Sat 27/02/10 16:19
Poll: Wine Poll (17 votes)
Food & Drink: Wine
by rmonroe
8Fri 22/07/11 11:13
A Woman & Her Wine
Fun: Miscellaneous
by teresatoten
3Fri 01/07/11 14:37

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