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Exploring 'tradition'

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Michael S: Michael

from the Kansas area in United States

I am of Scotish decent on my mothers side and am very proud of this. I have been even before the movies came out. Never been to Scotland as yet but do plan to go before long... wanted: clan history, scotish food, anything scotts

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Donald S: AAHHHHHHHH just kiddin photos

from the Sedro Woolley area in United States

I am Proud father of three and two stepdaughters I enjoy helping others in need and enjoy climbing as a way to connect with the earth and family

Today I lost my job. - see 10 comments

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from the Dallas area in United States

I am traditional and believe in preserving one's heritage. I am very excited to learn more of my own Scottish heritage and dream I will not only be able to just visit Scotland one day but to explore it completely... wanted: friends, knowledge, involvment, clan info.. on offer: friendship, sharing, listening

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" Galloping Gourmet "
Food & Drink: Miscellaneous
by deleted:johnthedivine
3Sat 09/02/13 12:46
Poll: Salt and....? (17 votes)
Miscellaneous: Questions With No Other Home
by singscott
13Tue 16/03/10 04:44
An Englishman in a kilt
Everything Scottish: Scottish Celebrations
by ben
110Tue 23/07/13 21:53
They're Killing Bulls Again in Spain !!
News & Current Affairs: Entertainment
by deleted:johnthedivine
3Fri 07/09/12 00:28

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