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Michael W (NEW)

from the Elizabeth area in Australia

I am a 'mixed race' person who chooses to live in Australia. It was only by accident, on a visit to Edinburgh a couple of years ago that I discovered my family connection to the clan Dalziel. Now I am interested to communicate with others .

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Billy O: A lifelong learner photos

from the Atlanta area in United States

I am a private, quiet person who prefers to research rather than watch television. As a matter of fact, I do not have a television. Meditation, peace and quiet are what I enjoy. Nature, birds, trees, streams, mountains and Autumn are some of my favorite things. A crackling fire with a hot cup of coffee on a moonlit night are perfect... wanted: just about anything.. on offer: listening, empathy, understanding, hope

Today I am studying and waiting for job interviews. - see 3 comments

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Lori M (NEW)

from the Banning area in United States

Member of the US Navy born into the McCallum Clan in Michigan. Mother of 4 boys, fiance to a beautiful Native American man, and lover of my deep Scottish/Irish heritage. Have not had the privilege of visiting my ancestral home but plan to before I die.

Today I wrote a paper for Sociology about my ancestory.... - see 4 comments

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Lori D: I'm an acronym!

from the West Bend area in United States

I have never been to Scotland, but hope to go in the next year or so. I also have some Irish roots, so hope to go to Ireland as well. I live in Wisconsin and I am a Network Tech and also a Senior in college. My next step will be Law School... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I worked and studied.

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