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Alasdair M: Let them eat Cac member photos

from Harrapool in Isle of Skye in Scotland(also regularly in the Inverness area)

I've lived and worked in the Highlands all of my life and feel very privileged to be able to do so. I read the Private Eye, drive a diesel VW polo and I lust after Hymers and VW T-series campers from the 80's. I'll eat almost anything as long as it's been prepared with care and I'll call anyone friend if they'll do the same for me.

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Ben D: English not British founder member member photos

from The Countryside in Fife in Scotland

Ello - I'm an Englander who spent the first four years of his life in Killearn then moved down south to Brummieland, but subsequently left his homeland in pursuit of loftier hills, bigger rivers, wilder wilderness.....and one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Spent seven years in Edinburgh but am now living the quiet life in Fife. Oh and I'm Chief Scotster's faithful admin monkey for this site ;-).. wanted: ice, snow, whiteouts, blizzards.. on offer: oatcakes, cheese, chocolate, cake

Today I can't believe we could be just 7 days away..... - see 1 comment

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Forum topics associated with the word 'sigur ros'

There are 3 forum topics matching this tag.

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Five albums I could not live without are...
Music: Miscellaneous
by ben
25Sun 02/10/11 22:47
Edinburgh to Glasgow in 35 minutes
Vehicles & Transport: Trains
by ben
8Thu 20/08/09 03:27
What music are you listening to?
Music: Miscellaneous
by ben
318Sun 05/12/10 17:37

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