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celticcandyphotoSmiling at a wedding dinner

Elisa M: Ciamar a tha thu? photos

from Ottawa in Gloucester in Canada

Hi there! New here! I am Scottish and Irish. More on the Scottish side though. I am an eclectic, free spirited person. I have many interests and am quite a handful lol. I want to move to Scotland one day! I am proud of my heritage... wanted: translations, friends, laughs, scotland.. on offer: friendship, laughs, beauty, naturopathy

Today I am hoping things will get better. - see 13 comments

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Michele C: The Southern Scottish Princess.. photos

from the Sanford area in United States

I am a mother of 2 teenage girls..I have been married for 16 yrs. I have Multiple Sclerosis and now battling cancer.Wants to know more about Clan Cameron. Wants to learn more about Scotland..Hoping one day to go...I love whiskey and love to laugh. I read always.I am friendly and have a voice of a 8 yr old girl.... I am a Scottish Thistle in a world of daisies..... wanted: facts, information, friendship, knowledge.. on offer: laughter, jokes, friendship, fun

Today I to light the soul-fire, make your body sound and healthy....

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Alvarez J photos

from the New York area in United States

i am a simple and honest man with alot to give than getting in retturn,i love traveling and do my best in what i am doing and what i am given to do,,my heart is open to that special relationship,longter m and more is what i seek and desire and lots more,,please ask me.. wanted: longterm and more, longterm and more, longterm and more

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CJ G: tha gaol agam oirbh, Cealtach : ] photos

from the Greenville area in United States

Clann MacNeachail: American, Carolinian, Sagittarius, Year of Dog (Yin), 18th, Episcopalian, Non-denominational, Songwriter, Liberal Artist, prospective Naturopathic student, donn, "Nicholson eyes".. wanted: translation, dating, friendship, events.. on offer: anthropology, linguistics, songwriting, art

Today I would like translation help - see 3 comments

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Halley S (NEW)

from the Clearwater area in United States

Hi I'm Halley, always knew i came from Scottish background, just recently found out blood goes back to the Spens Clan.. Def Sounds like where I come from! Rebel to the Core, Loyalty, Hardheaded and stuborn! Like all Spens say "If God is on Our Side, Who Isn't?" and my Boyfriend is from the Campbell Clan Blood Line as well they really do "Never Forget"

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Forum topics associated with the word 'romance'

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Love will find a way
Miscellaneous: OMG! WTF? etc
by deleted:true_thomas
17Tue 29/03/11 22:02
English rugby brings in Mills and Boon
Everything Scottish: Scottish Sport
by raybell_scot
16Sun 11/01/09 16:05
Younger men marrying older women
Love, Sex & Relationships: Miscellaneous
by stargazer
54Sun 21/07/13 04:53
Being romanced by Scotland
Love, Sex & Relationships: Miscellaneous
by wannascot
8Thu 04/02/10 12:35

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