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Exploring 'nationalism'

People associated with the word 'nationalism'

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Callum M (NEW)

from the Doylestown area in United States

Oban moved down to Sassanach land...then I moved to the USA...infiltrating 2 countries in 28 years!

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Celtic League A photos

from the Greenock area in Scotland

Aims & Objectives/Amasan & Cinn-uidhe The fundamental aim of the Celtic League is to contribute, as an international organisation, to the struggles of the six Celtic nations to secure or win their political, cultural, social and economic freedom. This includes: * Fostering co-operation between the Celtic peoples. * Developing the consciousness of the special relationship and solidarity between them. * Making our national struggles and achievements better known abroad. * Campaigning for a formal association of Celtic nations.

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Scott W: United Scots photos

from the Edinburgh area in Scotland

Well am a easy gone guy creative as can be, have to many hobbies, multitalented yi might say, usualy ends up making me money or getting me in trouble, a Love Scotland kind of obsessed with Nationalism and freeing my country from the british union.

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Photos associated with the word 'nationalism'

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Forum topics associated with the word 'nationalism'

There are 8 forum topics matching this tag.

Title Replies Last Post Status
World Interest: United Kingdom
by deleted:johnthedivine
19Thu 20/12/12 02:37
Pre-Union Unionism
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by raybell_scot
6Mon 04/05/09 23:39
Crest Mottoes
Everything Scottish: Scottish Clans and Tartans
by alysen
27Mon 23/07/12 13:58
Nigel Farage - the truth behind the claims
Everything Scottish: Scottish Politics
by lord_learmonth
14Tue 18/06/13 19:38
Scotland Olympic Committee protest
Sport: Olympics
by celticleague
2Thu 26/03/09 13:36
Breaking up Britain
Everything Scottish: Scottish Politics
by raybell_scot
21Fri 15/05/09 17:25
Nae Guid Enough
Literature: Poetry
by lord_learmonth
7Sun 18/11/12 20:19
Taking Liberties: Scotland
Everything Scottish: Scottish Politics
by raybell_scot
9Sat 09/05/09 18:51

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