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David L: a kiwi with a strong scottish ancestry. photos

from the Hamilton area in New Zealand

im married,aged 59,and have a married daughter and single son who still lives at home.(mummys boy!!) i milk 400 cows in the waikato area of new zealand. i enjoy meeting people, having a beer,rugby,rugby league and like all sorts of music. rockabilly,heavy rock and bagpipes,because they make the hair on my neck standup. my wife is fanatic about her scottish ancestry and goes to all the highland games.. wanted: friendship, recipes, chats.. on offer: friendship

Today I am browsing,while the wife makes porrige. love the stuff!

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from the Dallas area in United States

I am traditional and believe in preserving one's heritage. I am very excited to learn more of my own Scottish heritage and dream I will not only be able to just visit Scotland one day but to explore it completely... wanted: friends, knowledge, involvment, clan info.. on offer: friendship, sharing, listening

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James L photos

from the Jacksonville area in United States

From what I've been told from my family, I'm descended from Jacob Lambie of the Lamont Clan. I'm hoping to gather the resources to do the research myself.

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Vicky M: Hello photos

from the Stonehouse area in Scotland

not sure what to say. Just ask I'm a friendly person :).. wanted: friends.. on offer: friends

Today I Hoping to get lots of work done :-). Completely forgot I had this account :-/ silly me.

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celtic.saxon.vikingphotodeer in the headlights, or a webcam in the eye....

Julie S: If it's nae Scottish, it's Crap! photos

from the Denton area in United States

Single woman, no kids, owned by 2 cats. About one half of my ancestry is Scottish. The rest is German and Danish. Love to meet new people worldwide. Enjoy chatting and corresponding on serious and lighthearted subjects. Big fan of movies, books, music, history, with a beginner's interest in genealogy. Want to visit Scotland, and see the Edinburgh Fringe Festival once. Anyone else want to visit The Fringe???.. wanted: friendship, correspondence, recipes, knowledge.. on offer: friendship, correspondence, recipes, knowledge

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