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Ana R: Scotland in my heart photos

from the Colchester area in United States

Although I am not Scottish I am passionate about Scotland and her beautiful people. I am rather a quiet person, listen well, but have really a lot to say as I spend a lot of time thiinking and evaluating. Love my family, friends, travel, and being creative. My dog Asta is going through Agility training and is having a blast. She can fly over those jumps!.. wanted: to be scottish, friendship.. on offer: friendship, thoughts

Today I Where did fall go? It was here for a few days then went back to summer. .. : ( Bummer. I am ready for Fall..

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Joy E: It seemed like a good idea at the time.. photos

from the Chicago area in United States(also regularly in the Joliet area)

I love learning about new things, people and places!! I go a million miles a minute in every direction so don't worry if I am in one place and then take off and head into another just as fast! Music and animals sooth my soul. I don't like smoking!! Exercise is a taboo word!!!! I am a romance junkie..especially when it comes to historical Scotland!!!! There is a time for humor but.. wanted: friendship, honesty, humor.. on offer: friendship, honesty, humor

Today I Have nothing to say. - see 3 comments

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Lizzy M: Red Starrchild photos

from the Virginia area in United States

Hi, I'm Lizzy. I'm a girl of many interests, most of them involving cultures. Russian and Scottish are of particular interest. I speak English and Russian fluently, and I'm in the process of teaching myself Scottish Gaelic. I am a Gunn clan descendant and I love singing.

Today I know love will find a way. <3. - see 3 comments

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Damien G: The Scottish Terror photos

from the Upland area in United States(also regularly in the Philadelphia area)

X-soldier with bad knees, Born and raised in Philadelphia area. I'm of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and German descent and proud of it. I am a blood member of the Clan Grant of Scotland and a member of the Clan Grant Society, to all my clansmen out there "Craig Elachie"! I went in to the Army right out of high school. I'm a laid back friendly kinda guy... wanted: friends, good stories, clan history.. on offer: friendship, clan grant history

Today I am making plans for a trip to Ireland and Scotland to visit some friends and family. - see 5 comments

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Elaine W: illegitimi non carburundom photos

from the Perth area in Scotland

This year I chose to do a big challenge for charity, following the achievement and enjoyment doing the Raceforlife last year. So I decided I would walk 20 miles from Perth to Dundee. I couldn't choose just one charity to raise for, therefore following the 2012 year, I decided to do 20 miles for 12 charities. TAYWALK2012 takes place on Sunday 2nd September 2012. donation online at: https://www.justgivi /taywalk2012.. wanted: friends, chat, friends, chat.. on offer: oddities, humor, quirkiness, uniqueness

Today I logged back in...its been a while...hello!!! *waves*. - see 4 comments

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