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Rosemary W photos

from the York area in United States

Born in York, PA, USA my parents brought me back to Scotland when I was but 3 or 4 months old. We lived in the Kircauldy area and I grew up loving the North Sea and the rugged coast of my homeland. Came back to PA when I was 5 and have been coming back home as often as possible since I became an adult. I love being an American but my heart is in.. wanted: kindness, love, sincerity, balance.. on offer: understanding, kindness, love, peace

Today I got caught in a magnificant thunder storm while out and about with my 7 year old grand-daughter. The lightning was awesome, shooting across the sky. - see 1 comment

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voxxiephotoMy fav'rite Cosplay - Dystopian Future!

Erin M photos

from the Winnipeg area in Canada

Just gotta shake your head and repeat, "Not my Circus... not my monkeys.".. wanted: friendship, knowledge, laughs.. on offer: humor, respect, friendship

Today I am in the "creepy creative" zone! My costumes are coming together.

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Damien G: The Scottish Terror photos

from the Upland area in United States(also regularly in the Philadelphia area)

X-soldier with bad knees, Born and raised in Philadelphia area. I'm of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and German descent and proud of it. I am a blood member of the Clan Grant of Scotland and a member of the Clan Grant Society, to all my clansmen out there "Craig Elachie"! I went in to the Army right out of high school. I'm a laid back friendly kinda guy... wanted: friends, good stories, clan history.. on offer: friendship, clan grant history

Today I am making plans for a trip to Ireland and Scotland to visit some friends and family. - see 5 comments

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Vikki S photos

from Leith in Edinburgh in Scotland

I'm in Leith, pottering about.

Today I running late already, and sucking Strepsils like some kind of sucking thing.

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shelia812photoShelia & Eric

Shelia S: Sees no good reason to act her age photos

from the Beaufort area in United States

I'm a mom of four, wife to a firefighter and have a love for Scottish history, genealogy and the country itself that knows no boundaries. For me, outdoors is the place to be, hiking, playing sports and having fun with friends and family. Try not to take life TOO seriously all the time, I know how it ends. :-) Anything you'd like to know? Just ask!.. wanted: friendship, history, conversation, laughter.. on offer: friendship, laughter, conversation, history

Today I announce that my children are growing up too fast!

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