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Sharla M photos

from the Louisville area in United States

Hi, I live in Kentucky and have traced my Scottish Ancestry back to the Isle of Mull, Duart Castle. I've been lucky enough to have traveled there twice in the last 2 years and it's so beautiful in the highlands and on the isles. My passion is creativity and enjoying the beauty of nature.

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madmonkphotomy ugly mug lol

Neil M photos

from the Livingston area in Scotland

im 37 and from west lothian,im a chilled out guy who loves to spend time with my sons when there not with me i like to party like there"s no tomorrow,i aslso love music,xbox,guitar,fo otball"mon the gers",making friends,.. wanted: friendship, romance, penpal.. on offer: a good friend, a lonely braveheart, me

Today I want to make friends in here. - see 5 comments

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Dana S: Looking for Friends :) photos

from the Pine Falls area in Canada

Hi, I'm a single mom with Scottish, Irish and Ojibway (Native Canadian) Ancestrey. I've always had a love for learning about my history and one of my biggest dreams is to one day travel to Scotland :).. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am having a lazy day.

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Damien G: The Scottish Terror photos

from the Upland area in United States(also regularly in the Philadelphia area)

X-soldier with bad knees, Born and raised in Philadelphia area. I'm of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and German descent and proud of it. I am a blood member of the Clan Grant of Scotland and a member of the Clan Grant Society, to all my clansmen out there "Craig Elachie"! I went in to the Army right out of high school. I'm a laid back friendly kinda guy... wanted: friends, good stories, clan history.. on offer: friendship, clan grant history

Today I am making plans for a trip to Ireland and Scotland to visit some friends and family. - see 5 comments

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belgarionphotoa few years back

Martin M photos

from the Bellshill area in Scotland

I have just returned back to Bellshill in Scotland after being away 20+ years. I live with my other half who is Australian and with our German Shep Redd.. on offer: computer advice

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