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Jeremy T: T as in Thom(p)son! member photos

from the Harrisonburg, Virginia area in United States(also regularly in the Nags Head area)

I'm a Thompson, does that count? ;) Never been to Scotland, but want too so badly. I've always felt a connection since I read this little book my Dad had with little Scottish clippings and Thompson Tartan samples in it. I'd love to pack it up and move there, but may have to settle for vacationing there for now. Maybe things will work out... wanted: friends, guinness drinkers, connections, a scottish job.. on offer: friendship, guinness drinks, connections, hard worker

Today I support Scotland, always and forever. - see 2 comments

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roadhousephotoMe and my slow ride

Michael W: Proud to Be a PICT photos

from the Lincoln area in United States

Long time Military Man who loves his Scottish roots. Loving life, loving family, doing my bit to protect the world from itself... wanted: friends, knowledge, fun.. on offer: friendship, knowledge, fun

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Logan C (NEW)

from the Victoria area in Canada

No information given.

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Lesley B: Ceilidh McClanless member photos

from the York area in England

Hi, l'm Lesley :) Born in Yorkshire but have been falling in love with Scotland for some time now! I love being outdoors amongst hills and water, enjoy hiking, cycling, eating, drinking and live music. I've travelled the west side as far as the Cairngorm but keen to explore the Highlands, lslands and more of the l guess this is a good site to be on !!!

Today I think l've been away frae Scotster for FAR tooooo long!!! ;-) - see 6 comments

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Rhona C photos

from the Mindemoya area in Canada

No information given.

Today I saying hi to all my friends in Scotland....even you Milne...:))) - see 1 comment

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