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Dawn Z: scotland in my dreams~ photos

from the Midland area in United States

hi i am from the reid family of the robertson clan.. wanted: family, friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I hope that all of you are remaining in a positive state of mind with peace and stillness within as this is so very important to our frame of mind. - see 6 comments

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Damien G: The Scottish Terror photos

from the Upland area in United States(also regularly in the Philadelphia area)

X-soldier with bad knees, Born and raised in Philadelphia area. I'm of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and German descent and proud of it. I am a blood member of the Clan Grant of Scotland and a member of the Clan Grant Society, to all my clansmen out there "Craig Elachie"! I went in to the Army right out of high school. I'm a laid back friendly kinda guy... wanted: friends, good stories, clan history.. on offer: friendship, clan grant history

Today I am making plans for a trip to Ireland and Scotland to visit some friends and family. - see 5 comments

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Dina M photos

from the San Diego area in United States

I love everything Scottish and I hope to some day visit, and perhaps, move to Scotland... wanted: friendship, honesty, loyalty, friendly banter.. on offer: same

Today I am loving the rain, it poured all day it was great!!! - see 3 comments

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Jo G: Scottish Genealogist photos

from the Dalkeith area in Scotland

I'm a Scottish genealogist based near Edinburgh, fascinated by old records, family history and Scottish history. I also love vintage cowboy boots (can you ever have too many pairs?) and British sports cars (I've only got one of them though). Anyone wanting advice on tracing their Scottish family tree, drop me an email and I'll help out as best I can... wanted: friendship, networking.. on offer: friendship, genealogy advice, networking

Today I am v excited about speaking on genealogy at Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber Festival. - see 6 comments

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roballiedphotoMe in August '12

Rob A: You had me at 'Bacon'. photos

from the San Jose area in United States

York is the closest I've been to Scotland and was there for business or I would have taken a day to drive up. BUT, I DID get completely smashed with a historian from Scotland at the hotel bar. I vaguely recall learning ALOT about the Armstrong's, but I'll be damned if I can remember specifics other than how it became easier to understand him the more I drank.

Today I found this site while researching the family full latin motto for the tattoo I'm about to get. - see 6 comments

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