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Exploring 'metal'

People associated with the word 'metal'

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Dawn Z: scotland in my dreams~ photos

from the Midland area in United States

hi i am from the reid family of the robertson clan.. wanted: family, friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I hope that all of you are remaining in a positive state of mind with peace and stillness within as this is so very important to our frame of mind. - see 6 comments

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panda46photoIn Skye

Morag M photos

from the Dundee area in Scotland

Born and bred Scottish but have travelled throughout UK and Europe. Always come back home though! My favourite place is Isle of Skye and I go there as often as possible. Sarcastic sense of humour but never nasty. Love music and have very varied and wide tastes but the pipes always make me cry :) I love animals and have 2 dogs. I'm rugby daft and love going to Murrayfield to watch Scotland play (even

Today I am putting my crimbo decorations's beginning to look a lot like Christmas x. - see 5 comments

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Jo G: Scottish Genealogist photos

from the Dalkeith area in Scotland

I'm a Scottish genealogist based near Edinburgh, fascinated by old records, family history and Scottish history. I also love vintage cowboy boots (can you ever have too many pairs?) and British sports cars (I've only got one of them though). Anyone wanting advice on tracing their Scottish family tree, drop me an email and I'll help out as best I can... wanted: friendship, networking.. on offer: friendship, genealogy advice, networking

Today I am v excited about speaking on genealogy at Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber Festival. - see 6 comments

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lgourlay36photoMe after a fortnight in Florida

Lynne G

from the Lanark area in Scotland

No information given.

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Lawrence L: Fear Profits a Man Nothing! photos

from the Dearborn area in United States

Just your run of the mill creature of the night, lost on a motorcycle. Married to my lovely Campbell Lass for 20 Years now. Someday I will go home and see Scotland. Former Naval Hospital Corpsman with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. Semper Fi!.. wanted: chat, freindship.. on offer: chat, freindship

Today I froze! Just like all the other Days in North America!

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