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Douglas H (NEW)

from the Campbellsville area in United States

I am from the clan Shaw... I rule.

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daviephotoFine, just a little off colour!

Davie W: Making an easy life as difficult as poss photos

from the Oban area in Scotland

Still in desperate need of fun :-) Currently a board member of Acorn Co-operative based in Argyll. Looking to buy a farm or land and turn it into crofts enabling us to build our croft houses without too much hassle from the Planners. I'll build myself a strawbale house and the co-op will grow organic fruit and veg following Permaculture and Biodynamic principles... wanted: friendship, romance.. on offer: friendship, romance

Today I had to tuck ma t-shirt in ma shorts because it was so cold! - see 13 comments

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Shona R: it was like that when i got here........ photos

from the Hawick area in Scotland

have been on the planet for around 32 years,i that time i have managed to amass the following,four kids,caffine and chocloate addiction,enough books to to start a library,enough cds to fill a whole shelf of a ikea billy bookcase,a frustrating inability to play the guitar(still trying tho),a inane obsession with all things dave grohl,an ipod,one cat,five piercings,one tattoo,a love of danger(not.. wanted: perfect skin, dave grohl, a good cup of coffee, well behaved kids.. on offer: a cat, my ironing, mountain of books, light entertainment

Today I wonder how many mimes have died,because no one believed they were choking? - see 19 comments

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David R: An American, a Hunter, and a beer lover.

from the Aurora area in United States

I live just outside of Chicago, born and raised, but I'm the son of a natural-born Scot (Hunter), and hope to see Scotland one day. Scientist by trade, Beer enthusiast by nights... wanted: translation

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ummaclesphotoFavourite shirt with favourite kilt.

Shaun M: Science + Music + Travel = Life photos

from Charleswood in Winnipeg in Canada

Ciamar a tha thu? 'S mise Shaun. I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), and am a university student doing an honours degree in physics and chemistry. Check my links to see where I am at this very moment (displayed on a map, using GPS).

Today I am driving to Calgary with my parents. - see 1 comment

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