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Patrice L photos

from the Abbeville area in United States

Driving music in the worship setting, adding the arts to worship experience and learning about a brand new place a bit each day... wanted: friends, fun, chit chat.. on offer: humor, loyalty, play, curiousity

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John P photos

from Holywood in Dumfries in Scotland

I'm a professional photographer based just outside Dumfries. I cover weddings and portraits but for my own pleasure I shoot landscapes and flowers, too. Born in England, I've lived in Manchester, Liverpool, Bonnyrigg, Harrogate, Derbyshire and now Dumfries. South West Scotland has to be the most beautiful of all of them... wanted: friends, contacts, ideas, clients!.. on offer: photography, photoshop

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Veronica A photos

from the Camden area in United States

I have always had a thing for Scotland even though I have not a single drop of Scottish blood. This love has led me to start learning Gaelic and work on my history major degree with a specialization in, you guessed it, Scottish and Celtic history.

Today I am crying about not being in Scotland but I am trying to keep my head up... - see 1 comment

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from the Dallas area in United States

I am traditional and believe in preserving one's heritage. I am very excited to learn more of my own Scottish heritage and dream I will not only be able to just visit Scotland one day but to explore it completely... wanted: friends, knowledge, involvment, clan info.. on offer: friendship, sharing, listening

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deni_wee_lassphotoScotland & Romania

Denisa B: Tartan is a music score with life bonds. photos

from Craiova in Dolj in Romania

I'm an English language teacher in Romania, now doing my best to give a hint of the language to those wee kids in front of me; i'm also a singer, occasionally, i've graduated from the High School of Art and Music, major was opera singing and secondary piano. I'm usually shy but open-minded, willing to exchange ideas and any information with intelligent and spirited people. Love Scotland forever~!.. wanted: info about scotland, a good laugh, friendship.. on offer: info about romania, friendship, slight humour

Today I am going to paint some paper in oil. - see 14 comments

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Useful Historical Links
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by deleted:true_thomas
10Thu 24/02/11 22:02
Scots who fought for Joan of Arc
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by raybell_scot
6Fri 22/05/09 22:55

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