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Exploring 'medieval'

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Paula M photos

from the Athens area in United States(also regularly in the Athens area)

Married and a mother of four. I like to read, write, crochet and make really bad videos of my family.

Today I am enjoying the early summer weather even while at work.

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Susan M: Outlandish Québécoise photos

from the Asbestos area in Canada

I've been in love with Scotland and things Scottish since I was a little girl--I owe that to my Dad. As for the rest, I'm vegetarian, spiritual, and bilingual--English and French--although I'd like very much to learn Gaidhlig someday. My favourite foods are vegetarian pizza, pesto, and Indian curry. I like good coffee, warm baths, listening to music, and relaxing with a good book. My cats, Yoshi and Beauté,

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Shelley M: It's about that time!

from the Nashville area in United States

I am living in the United States and very excited to explore my families native homeland. I have traveled across all of the US, and finally, Scotland is my next destination. But where do I go? What do I see first?! I would love to talk to people who can direct me and tell me what I can only learn from the land itself... wanted: conversation, humor, friendship.. on offer: friendship, jovial spirit, culinary expertise, free hugs!

Today I decided to finish my degree Scotland no less!! Now, where to start?! - see 4 comments

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marymacphotoLIFE IS GOOD...

Mary M: wake up and smell the coffee... photos

from the Iowa City area in United States

Dreaming of Scottish Highlands and Heather; history, culture, not so much the weather :o) Love it here in the Midwest season's here are simply the best... wanted: laughter, friendships, smiles.. on offer: friendship, lots of smiles, laughter

Today I will do what makes me happy, be with those who make me smile :D. - see 3 comments

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Dawn A: Saorsa Alba photos

from the Arlington Washington area in United States

I love to travel and have been to two of the seven natural wonders of the world 5 more to go! I like to hike and love stormy weather . I have 3 cats, Socks, Mittens and Shadow. My husband and son are my world! And most certinaly love to sing and do kareoke!.. wanted: freindship.. on offer: friendship

Today I busted my butt going to work, working out and mowing the lawn! - see 1 comment

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Scots who fought for Joan of Arc
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by raybell_scot
6Fri 22/05/09 22:55
Useful Historical Links
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by deleted:true_thomas
10Thu 24/02/11 22:02

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