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Craig S

from the Fort Worth area in United States

No information given.

Today I Recovering from the Arlington Scottish Festival. - see 3 comments

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Eli S photos

from the Sofia area in Bulgaria

No information given.

Today I'm thinking of a new tattoo. - see 3 comments

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JULIE E: Scottygirl photos

from the Milwaukee area in United States

Hi, father's name is Edmison...Edmonstone ..many other variations. I know our family came to Canada in the late 1600's, 1700's. My 4 x's Gr Grandfather's name was John Edmison Sr. he had 10 children that all came with him. I believe our family name came from Edinburgh. as our family didn't have a chief, we took our family name from Edinburgh. the family Tartan is the Lennox Please.. wanted: history, learning, family.. on offer: history, teaching, my family

Today I Was browsing my family name, I found a family member from the same gr gr gr grandfather! Now THAT was very cool! I found her on Face Book too! I wI. - see 6 comments

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celtic.saxon.vikingphotodeer in the headlights, or a webcam in the eye....

Julie S: If it's nae Scottish, it's Crap! photos

from the Denton area in United States

Single woman, no kids, owned by 2 cats. About one half of my ancestry is Scottish. The rest is German and Danish. Love to meet new people worldwide. Enjoy chatting and corresponding on serious and lighthearted subjects. Big fan of movies, books, music, history, with a beginner's interest in genealogy. Want to visit Scotland, and see the Edinburgh Fringe Festival once. Anyone else want to visit The Fringe???.. wanted: friendship, correspondence, recipes, knowledge.. on offer: friendship, correspondence, recipes, knowledge

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Ana R: Scotland in my heart photos

from the Colchester area in United States

Although I am not Scottish I am passionate about Scotland and her beautiful people. I am rather a quiet person, listen well, but have really a lot to say as I spend a lot of time thiinking and evaluating. Love my family, friends, travel, and being creative. My dog Asta is going through Agility training and is having a blast. She can fly over those jumps!.. wanted: to be scottish, friendship.. on offer: friendship, thoughts

Today I Where did fall go? It was here for a few days then went back to summer. .. : ( Bummer. I am ready for Fall..

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Useful Historical Links
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by deleted:true_thomas
10Thu 24/02/11 22:02
Scots who fought for Joan of Arc
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by raybell_scot
6Fri 22/05/09 22:55

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