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Exploring 'medieval'

People associated with the word 'medieval'

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ellenabernathyphotoEllen Abernathy May 2009

Ellen A photos

from Clay/Trussville Area in Birmingham in United States

I'm an Elementary School Counselor and getting ready to retire. I've loved my job, but now it's time to let someone else have a turn. I have a strong emotional and ancestral connection with Scotland and just about anything Scottish. I'm interested in continuing that connection with new friends.

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Wendy B: Wendy Shipps Bush photos

from the Kansas City area in United States

I'm mostly Scottish on both my parent's family trees. I love reading, dogs, and shopping!

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ickleweddwagonphotome doing my best Gnome impression in the garden in January!!

Denise W: A Wiccan Witch and PROUD!!! photos

from Methley in Leeds in England

Origionally born and lived in Bristol in the South West just moved to Methley nr Leeds in West Yorkshire. Am descended from Clan MacArthur and Stuart my husband is of Clan Gunn in ancetstry. Am Handfasted AND civilly married to my dearest hubby and have been since 2009. I enjoy walking when well enough, photography,woodwork ing,tapestry,reading ,making oils,insences and am a Reiki Master/Teacher/Heale r. Have been a Wiccan Witch.. wanted: wiccan, witchcraft, friendship, laughter.. on offer: discussion, friendship, honesty, laughter

Today I am gonna go shopping because the christmas/new years looneys who seem to think they are going to starve over a week have retreated. - see 1 comment

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tom249scotphotoMe in Kapadokya at a rug factory

Thomas H: True 100% Scot who loves Scotland photos

from the Glasgow area in Scotland

Hi I am a genuine 100% Scottish guy with no cross ties in my family history. Thus as I am a genuine Scot I am also a genuine Glaswegian as I have lived there most of my life. Currently I work as a TEFL teacher in Slovakia near the Polish border. However I will be back home in Scotland around June or July 2013, I think. I am an open outgoing, and adventurous person,.. wanted: friends, romance, relationship, group of friends.. on offer: i am flexible, i am keen, interested, looking for more

Today I am near Kosice in Slovakia.

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Kira J photos

from the Atlanta area in United States

I'm me. Celtic harper of 10+ years (and card-carrying member of the Scottish Harp Society of America... check them out!), which brings me here, and working towards a PhD in (ancient) art history. That's pretty much it.

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Scots who fought for Joan of Arc
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by raybell_scot
6Fri 22/05/09 22:55
Useful Historical Links
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by deleted:true_thomas
10Thu 24/02/11 22:02

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