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Sharon A: Music...Single Malts...Edinburgh... lifetime member member photos

from the New York area in United States

Celebrated my birthday 4 years ago in the pubs of Edinburgh…have enjoyed single malts for years. My family originally came over from Scotland…looking forward to discovering my roots. Fell in love with the city and the people… felt as though I'd "returned home". Like whisky, Scottish music touches a special place in my to sing...and I'm fairly good if I do say so myself :-).. wanted: friendship, chat, love, adventure.. on offer: friendship, chat, love, adventure

Today I am looking fforward to celebrating NYC Tartan Week... - see 2 comments

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JULIE E: Scottygirl photos

from the Milwaukee area in United States

Hi, father's name is Edmison...Edmonstone ..many other variations. I know our family came to Canada in the late 1600's, 1700's. My 4 x's Gr Grandfather's name was John Edmison Sr. he had 10 children that all came with him. I believe our family name came from Edinburgh. as our family didn't have a chief, we took our family name from Edinburgh. the family Tartan is the Lennox Please.. wanted: history, learning, family.. on offer: history, teaching, my family

Today I Was browsing my family name, I found a family member from the same gr gr gr grandfather! Now THAT was very cool! I found her on Face Book too! I wI. - see 6 comments

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Megan M photos

from the Custer area in United States

I am of Scots-Irish/Norwegia n descent, American born. My oldest daughter (teacher) was married in Scotland and both my sons (Assistant Golf Pro & a writer) wore full evening kilt in our clan tartan for graduation pictures (I have another daughter who is an artist). I attend Highland Festival and Games here in the States and help put up and man our Clan tent at our regional Games. I work for the National Park.. wanted: friendship, chat, clan info, humor.. on offer: friendship, smiles, chat, black hills info

Today I am on the road and looking forward to a 5 hr drive across I90 and HWY 83 in SD.

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Catherine P photos

from the Ny, Ny area in United States

No information given.

Today I am enjoying the fall weather.

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Elise A photos

from the La Habra Heights area in United States

I'm a college student majoring in Fine Arts. I'm very interested in everything Scottish. I'm not Scottish but I can't help myself it's too cool. For Christmas my husband took me to the Highland Games and he wore a kilt!!! Now that's a great gift. I looked through my family tree and I am not a Scot but I can still love you guys. I've never been to.. wanted: friends.. on offer: friendship

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Useful Historical Links
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by deleted:true_thomas
10Thu 24/02/11 22:02
Scots who fought for Joan of Arc
Everything Scottish: Scottish History
by raybell_scot
6Fri 22/05/09 22:55

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