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Exploring 'martial arts'

People associated with the word 'martial arts'

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thetarzanphotoStill miss my long hair

Marshall D photos

from the Long Beach area in United States

Pain is one of the greatest teachers, Adrenaline the greatest motivator and love the greatest classmate. I love my ties to the clans! I have been going to highland games in America since i was 5 or so. I wish to do the caber toss one day!

Today I found out a close friend of my is from the buchanan clan! THE SCOTS ARE EVERYWHERE! - see 2 comments

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Gaelina M: Painted Pictish Princess photos

from the Orange area in United States

I was not born in Scotland but I am of Clan Donald and am very proud of it. I am a mother of one adorable wee lad and one beautiful wee lass and I love my God. Other than that please ask and I will be more than happy to tell... wanted: friendship, celts, conversation, truth.. on offer: friendship, affection, conversation, truth

Today I am embracing the new path that my life has taken. - see 15 comments

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Brent M (NEW)

from the Portland area in United States

No information given.

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Patricia D photos

from the Knoxville area in United States

I write erotica, science fiction, and am currently working on my memoirs. I wish I lived in Scotland as I loathe the states. I believe I am hardwired to live in the Scottish climate. I don't do well in the heat. I like cold and rain. My maiden name is Drummond... wanted: friendship, inspiration, muse.. on offer: friendship, advice if needed, dream interpretation, recipes

Today I wondered if there was anyone on this site who can tell me how long it takes to drive from one border of Scotland to another... - see 12 comments

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Rachel H: LOVES SCOTLAND photos

from Hackham West in Adelaide in Australia

30+ year old female who loves to travel and experience new cultures, taste new foods and meet people. I love watching travel shows and reading travel books. I also love to go out to pubs with friends and listening to music, animals, football and photography... wanted: friendship, chat.. on offer: friendship, chat

Today I haven't been on here in a while. I am still looking for another better job :( - see 2 comments

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