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Exploring 'martial arts'

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Jason C (NEW)

from the Sydney area in Australia

Will work out the site and update later

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David S (NEW)

from the Ormeau area in Australia

Hi, I am David Seal son of Eileen Sylvia Lyle. I live in Australia and I am adicted to family history. After twenty yeras of searching I have finally found the Lyle Family history and cannot get enough information on the side of my family. My Lyles came from Antrim Ireland however I am told originally came from Scotland and from the MacDonald Clan? I would be very happy to recieve any information you can provide. David Seal.

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Robert M photos

from the Melbourne area in Australia

I was born in Scotland, love travelling around Scotland,history, culture,being active.

Today I joined scotster. - see 13 comments

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Doc K photos

from the Akron area in United States

I'm Doc and my grandparents on my father's side came from Cellardyke Scotland, a village in the East Neuk of Fife. Grew up with some of tradition and some understanding of my scottish roots, but always desired to know more. My grandmother, Janet and her sister Chrissy had wonderfully thick brogues. I loved it when my grandmother would wear her Tartan kilt. Usually only dawning it for special occasions, like a festival or holiday.

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meritphotoi am the taller one.

Mary Beth C: Scottish Starfire alchemy photos

from Oregon in Newport in United States

.. wanted: friends.. on offer: friendship

Today I sat by the Pacific ocean and scanned my life....things i dream of. - see 7 comments

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Photos associated with the word 'martial arts'

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