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Exploring 'martial arts'

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Rachel H: LOVES SCOTLAND photos

from Hackham West in Adelaide in Australia

30+ year old female who loves to travel and experience new cultures, taste new foods and meet people. I love watching travel shows and reading travel books. I also love to go out to pubs with friends and listening to music, animals, football and photography... wanted: friendship, chat.. on offer: friendship, chat

Today I haven't been on here in a while. I am still looking for another better job :( - see 2 comments

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Kyle M photos

from the Koloa area in United States

No information given.

Today I shocked at what people are asking for their house when they leave it trashed on showing day.

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Fiona K photos

from the Falkirk area in Scotland

No information given.

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David J photos

from Wantagh in New York in United States

Live in New York and always looking to meet people of Scottish descent. Can't wait to visit Scotland, hopefully while I still have some family there... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I landed my 1st 'real' job in 2 yrs. Not what I really want, but at least I'll have a steady income plus whatever I make in freelance & seasonal work. - see 15 comments

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Debbie R: Gordon by birth, Cunningham by marriage! photos

from the Lancaster, Sc area in United States

What to tell about me? I am the mother of two beautiful children and the wife of a wonderful husband. I am looking forward to making friends that share my love of all things Scottish! I am especially interested in history and geneaology.

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