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Exploring 'martial arts'

People associated with the word 'martial arts'

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Alan B (NEW)

from the Felling area in England

I am average build but I like writing and I would like to write to a girl by email, my email address is and I hope that will happen soon.

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Mikaela B: ...a' lorg airson a' Ghaidhlig...

from the Tucson area in United States

Hallo, 's mise Michealag agus tha mi a' fuireach ann an Arizona. Tha mi a' fearachdainn Gaidhlig a dh'ionnsachadh ach tha e doirbh airson nach eil duine sam bith ann comhla ris a bhith a deanamh cleachdain! Tha mi nam oileanach, ag ionnsachadh cananachas, corpeolas, 's na Linntean Meadhanach. Tha mi an comhnaidh ag iarraidh caraidean ura. Hello! My name is Mikaela and I'm from Arizona. I'm trying to learn Gaelic but.. wanted: gaelic, gaidhlig, friendship, correspondence.. on offer: gaelic, spanish, friendship, correspondence

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Will L photos

from the San Diego area in United States

No information given.

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scotlandboundphotoJust me :)

Kim W photos

from the Mid Ohio area in United States

Hi, I am Kim from Ohio. My great,great grandfather was from Edinburgh. My family is plainning to visit Scotland in the fall of 2013. Trying to learn as much about the country and our history as possible. Looking to expand my, meet new friends.......... UPDATE: Our trip is booked and we are very excited......wohoo!! !.. wanted: friendship, penpals, dating.. on offer: kindness, listening ear, friendship

Today I We leave for Scotland this FRIDAY!!!! Wohoo!!!! - see 6 comments

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Scott M: Proud decent of the Clan MacLeod photos

from the Carrollton area in United States

I am Shannon Scott McClure, decent from the Clan MacLeod. I'm trying to learn as much about my heritage, as possible, to pass to my children, learn for myself and proudly proclaim my bloodline to the past... wanted: history, past, heritage.. on offer: history, present, pride

Today I Continued family research and joined SCOTSTER! - see 3 comments

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Photos associated with the word 'martial arts'

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