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Exploring 'martial arts'

People associated with the word 'martial arts'

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Will L: Ciamar a tha sibh? photos

from the Escondido area in United States(also regularly in the San Diego area)

I am Will Logan of the Clan Logan, a third generation American with Scottish heritage. My grandfather was teaching me Gaidhlig and the Scottish culture but passed when I was six, so now I'm on my own. I am a writer by hobby; aspiring to be professional, as well as having a proud career in law enforcement... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am wishing everyone on Scotster a very Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr. (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year) - see 2 comments

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tom249scotphotoMe in Kapadokya at a rug factory

Thomas H: True 100% Scot who loves Scotland photos

from the Glasgow area in Scotland

Hi I am a genuine 100% Scottish guy with no cross ties in my family history. Thus as I am a genuine Scot I am also a genuine Glaswegian as I have lived there most of my life. Currently I work as a TEFL teacher in Slovakia near the Polish border. However I will be back home in Scotland around June or July 2013, I think. I am an open outgoing, and adventurous person,.. wanted: friends, romance, relationship, group of friends.. on offer: i am flexible, i am keen, interested, looking for more

Today I am near Kosice in Slovakia.

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ummaclesphotoFavourite shirt with favourite kilt.

Shaun M: Science + Music + Travel = Life photos

from Charleswood in Winnipeg in Canada

Ciamar a tha thu? 'S mise Shaun. I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), and am a university student doing an honours degree in physics and chemistry. Check my links to see where I am at this very moment (displayed on a map, using GPS).

Today I am driving to Calgary with my parents. - see 1 comment

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Dina M photos

from the San Diego area in United States

I love everything Scottish and I hope to some day visit, and perhaps, move to Scotland... wanted: friendship, honesty, loyalty, friendly banter.. on offer: same

Today I am loving the rain, it poured all day it was great!!! - see 3 comments

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aviphotoCheers to you

Avi B: Crazy Scotsman now living in the USA photos

from Orange County in Anaheim (Disneyland) in United States

I'm multifaceted, fun, funny, and a great friend....tis nae matter your sex, race, or religion, or sexual preference I,m a friend...let's drink a pint or better a quart... wanted: friends, new friendship, gardening, traveling.. on offer: friendship, laughs, entertainment, singing

Today I I've learned...That no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with. - see 5 comments

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Photos associated with the word 'martial arts'

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