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Rosemary W photos

from the York area in United States

Born in York, PA, USA my parents brought me back to Scotland when I was but 3 or 4 months old. We lived in the Kircauldy area and I grew up loving the North Sea and the rugged coast of my homeland. Came back to PA when I was 5 and have been coming back home as often as possible since I became an adult. I love being an American but my heart is in.. wanted: kindness, love, sincerity, balance.. on offer: understanding, kindness, love, peace

Today I got caught in a magnificant thunder storm while out and about with my 7 year old grand-daughter. The lightning was awesome, shooting across the sky. - see 1 comment

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suzannestonephotoIn Chicago, 2013 with cousins

Suzanne S photos

from the Rochester area in United States

It's always been my dream to visit Scotland. Now that I've found my ancestors', belonging to clan MacMillan and MacRae, I would love to visit their lands... wanted: friendship.. on offer: loyalty, honesty

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neilwheelphotoOne of my better days.

Neil H photos

from Possil Park in Glasgow in Scotland

Born in Glasgow, moved to England in '76, returned back to Scotland in 2008.

Today I Can't decide to go west or go east on the canal . . . - see 3 comments

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Cat M: Hello, how are you? Come away in photos

from the Dunbar area in Scotland

Grew up in Johnstone, became a nurse in Dundee, moved to London (wasn't for me), trained as a midwife in Edinburgh, got married in Dunbar and had lots of babies (well 4) in and around Dunbar. Work wise I School Nurse during term-time and work on the District Nurse Evening Service in East & Mid-Lothian. I Scout in my spare (??) time and enjoy cooking, reading and general silliness!!.. wanted: friendship, chat, to be happy.. on offer: friendship, chat, listening, tolerance

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kiraofmidnighttribephotoKira of MidNight Tribe

Kira D: MidNight Tribe, Celtic Belly Dance photos

from the Palatine area in United States

I am the director of MidNight Tribe, a Chicago area belly dance and fire performance troupe that specializes in Celtic Belly Dance! We have performed with several kilt rock bands and have a special relationship with our favorite, Mother Grove. We also do spectacular fire performance and have appeared for three years at the Illinois St. Andrews Society Highland Games in Oak Brook Illinois. Visit us at: m!.. wanted: festivals, parties, opportunities, friendship.. on offer: celtic belly dance, performances, belly dance classes, friendship

Today I am back and feisty! - see 8 comments

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