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Exploring 'indie films'

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Julie D photos

from the Bedford area in United States

No information given.

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thetarzanphotoStill miss my long hair

Marshall D photos

from the Long Beach area in United States

Pain is one of the greatest teachers, Adrenaline the greatest motivator and love the greatest classmate. I love my ties to the clans! I have been going to highland games in America since i was 5 or so. I wish to do the caber toss one day!

Today I found out a close friend of my is from the buchanan clan! THE SCOTS ARE EVERYWHERE! - see 2 comments

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Elizabeth G: Takin Care of Business! photos

from the New Haven area in United States

Not your average bear lol... I'm super outgoing, love to try new things and meet new people.. haven't made my way to Scotland yet, but all things in due time... my ancestors are from the MacNeil clan (Isle of Barra). Feel free to say hello, I swear I won't bite! :).. wanted: friendship, humor.. on offer: friendship, relationship, humor

Today I cant deal with anymore snow.

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NIKKI C photos

from the Newcastle Upon Tyne area in England

No information given.

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Jessaié G: Best Of Both Worlds photos (PHOTOS UPDATED)

from the Saint Louis area in United States

Hi, I'm Jessaié:) Just wanted to update ma profile. Not much to say perse but I've been to Scotland quite a few times since I've had this account. Would be nice to make new friends when I'm over again. I stay 5 or 6 months at a time and would love to get to know folk in Dundee or Fife. I'm laid bk, don't need to be entertained or.. wanted: friendships, humour, honesty, tarot readers.. on offer: friendships, humour, warmth, honesty

Today I am still wanting some trifle :-) - see 3 comments

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