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Patricia D photos

from the Knoxville area in United States

I write erotica, science fiction, and am currently working on my memoirs. I wish I lived in Scotland as I loathe the states. I believe I am hardwired to live in the Scottish climate. I don't do well in the heat. I like cold and rain. My maiden name is Drummond... wanted: friendship, inspiration, muse.. on offer: friendship, advice if needed, dream interpretation, recipes

Today I wondered if there was anyone on this site who can tell me how long it takes to drive from one border of Scotland to another... - see 12 comments

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tayphototaylor jameson

ANN T photos

from the Cincinnati area in United States

cool passionate funny

Today I Taylor Jameson Vote for jameson1 in the Project Runway Are You IN or OUT Challenge! Source: You can also participate yours. - see 1 comment

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from the Littlehampton area in England

I am a 55yr old ( disabled ) male originally from Belfast now living in England, my main interests are the paranormal, music, I'm a Beatle Fan, and adore Annie Lennox, other interests include following Liverpool FC. I also have a place in my heart for Glasgow Celtic and the Republic Of Ireland and Scottish Soccer Squads, MY 2 dogs, my 18yr old jeep, my pc, movies and TV. Holidays, My Faith... wanted: friends, fun, chats, debate.. on offer: loyalty, friendship, fun, laughter

Today I Have not stopped laughing at Man U getting their butt kicked by Barcelona.

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waterlilyphotoI do hate picture taking!

Kimberly O: loving summer photos

from the Lawrence area in United States

deep thoughts are delicious, but the purpose of life is action... wanted: interesting chat.. on offer: interesting chat

Today I stopped by scotster after a long time.

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iamscotphotoHappy Day at the Beach

Isobel S photos

from the Los Angeles area in United States

I love to travel and Scotland is such a great place to visit. Glasgow, Stirling, Ayrshire, Nairn and the Clyde Valley is lovely. I really enjoy the little villages. The people in Scotland are just the Best in the World.... I have a very optimistic nature. Life is good and I like to get out there and live it. I am a true Scot with a love for Poetry and Music... wanted: friendships, sharing.. on offer: inspiration, friendship

Today I am enjoying a relaxing Sunday. - see 1 comment

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