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James L photos

from the Jacksonville area in United States

From what I've been told from my family, I'm descended from Jacob Lambie of the Lamont Clan. I'm hoping to gather the resources to do the research myself.

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Elizabeth M photos

from the Cleveland area in United States

I am a married mom of two small children, the family historian and involved in the community. My father's maternal line hails from Skye. Our branch of the family (Rev. John Bethune) emigrated to North Carolina in 1773 and relocated to Canada after he had been captured with many others as loyalists and held prisoner for 2 years. We descend from the same family as Dr. H. Norman Bethune, he was my grandmother's.. wanted: skye connections, bethunes in skye, clan donald info, clan macleod info.. on offer: canadian bethune inf, graphic art skills

Today I wish everyone good health!

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Melissa L: Scottish people are the best! photos

from the Cambridge area in United States

I was born in Texas, spent my early 20's living in Los Angeles within the music scene, and now live in Maryland. Recently separated, learning to live alone in a different part of the U.S. I am a part of the Baird Clan, and look forward to visiting Scotland soon... wanted: friendships, travel info, humor.. on offer: friendship, correspondence, laughter!

Today I find myself single. - see 9 comments

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Mark W: Any Celts in Philly burbs up for a pint? photos

from the Philadelphia area in United States

I'm a laid back guy who works odd hours with rotating days off which makes meeting new people an interesting dilemma at times. I'm Irish and Scottish along with a little Pennsylvania Dutch (German) and Cherokee Indian thrown in for good measure, and while I'm not avidly trying to find my roots I like that they lie in the Celtic lands and I am interested to learn more as I can.

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Donna B photos

from the Albuquerque area in United States

I visit the Fife area annually and will move to the area permanently in 4 or 5 years. Conversation and information from Fife locals would be appreciated (insider tips). Anyone interested in attending the Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival & Highland Games in May visit wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I walk under a full moon in a hazy sky. Beautiful, cold and eerie. - see 1 comment

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