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Exploring 'indie films'

People associated with the word 'indie films'

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amyj791photoMe and my wee girl, Oct. 2009

Amy J D: Arkansas Scot photos

from White Hall in Pine Bluff in United States

I'm a married mom of two girls (born in March 2003 & July 2009). Work for a paper company in the shipping department. I like cooking/baking, the outdoors, singing, playing music (guitar, piano, etc.), writing, scrapbooking, creative stuff... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am enjoying a nice Saturday - looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend in the US!

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jaypittsphotoJust me.

Jay P: Arkansas Scots/Irish and Cherokee photos

from Mountainburg in Arkansas in United States

I live in Mountainburg, Arkansas USA. I raise Irish Wolfhounds and Paint horses. I belong to Clan Galbraith, and my grandmothers family, Gilbreath came from Armagh, Ireland, but was ancestrally from Strathclyde in lowland Scotland near Dumbartonshire. They came to the US via Northern Ireland in the 1700's moved west and settled the Ozarks. We are fierce mountain hillbillys, Scots-Irish and Indian. I am an Arkansas native going back to early 1800's!.. wanted: friends, galbraith contacts, scottish friends, scottish deerhound.. on offer: friendship, american geneaology, american friend, irish wolfhound

Today I feel like I'm IN Scotland. I'm up over 200 ft on a mountain in Arkansas and there is a cold wind with gray skies and mist at 43 degrees fahrenheit! - see 1 comment

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Sara S: Modigt Hjärta photos

from the Norrköping area in Sweden

Im a 20 year old Swedish girl who will move to Edinburgh in September. I would like to just chat with someone so i wont be totally alone when i get there. Right now i work in a famous ZOO in Sweden (Kolmårdens djurpark = Kolmarden ZOO), i work with kids, play theater, walks in a costume, and so on.

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rockhaggisphotoMy hobo look ....

Duncan W: Waiting to grow up.I've missed the boat! photos

from the Oban area in Scotland

Waiting to grow up.. and as things stand it looks like I've missed the boat .. oh well .... I am looking for someone to hold hands and walk off into the sunset with, cant deny that even though I can still fly like Peter Pan the bones are beginning to creak a little ... Trouble is its not easy to find anyone who is as irresponsible and off the wall as me .. and you'd need.. wanted: love, friendship, companionship, laughs.. on offer: love, friendship, companionship, tickles

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Ashley L photos

from the Portland area in United States

Hello. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. :) I love music, and art, and eating weird things... haha.. wanted: friendship, travel partner.. on offer: friendship, travel partner

Today I am enjoying this lovely rainy day. reminds me of somewhere ...;-) haha. - see 3 comments

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