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Becky G: Cheeky

from the Dundee area in Scotland(also regularly in the Dundee area)

.. wanted: friendship, fun.. on offer: fun, friendship

Today I am doing me shopping soon... wi me xmas card list....funny how i got 5 book of 12 1st class postage can guess the no he he.

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Teresa Z: How fun is this website! photos

from the St Thomas area in Canada

Canadian of Scottish descent. Made my first trip over in 2003 and been back many times since, LOVE it and have some amazing friends there. I love the people, the scenery, the pubs and the football...who knew my love of football would pay for me to get back over this year! Love the banter/craic, no one does it better. Looking forward to messages here, sad when there's none lol.. wanted: friendship, chat, fun.. on offer: friendship, chat, fun

Today I will be excited because my flight is booked!!!! Look out Scotland lol. - see 1 comment

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Alan C photos

from the Queanbeyan area in Australia(also regularly in the Canberra area)

From Perth in Scotland and working in the Canberra area for a couple of years. I am loving my time in this strange but wonderful City. I hope to see as much of Australia as I can while I am here and meet as many of Jock Thompson's bairns as I can... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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Heather S: Deep in the Heart of Texas member photos

from the Dallas area in United States

I am a loan operations manager for a bank and enjoy the challenges. :D I am also a Deputy Commissioner for Clan Gunn and enjoy all types of festivals whether they are Celtic or Ren Faires. I have a young, handsome and intelligent son who keeps me on my toes...sometimes literally. :D I miss Scotland!.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am ready for the World Series!!! GO RANGERS!!! Way to kick the Yankees arses!!!!! Money don't buy you some things!

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Debra S photos

from the Salinas area in United States

I was born and raised as a Californian, but with deep roots in Scotland--from the Highlands. I just recently returned from a long-planned trip to Europe & UK, enjoying my time in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. I love photography, writing & storytelling, gardening, walking and travel. Love to meet people and experience different cultures!

Today I am trying to work on my unfinished fiction story . . . having writer's block! - see 1 comment

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