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Dana S: Looking for Friends :) photos

from the Pine Falls area in Canada

Hi, I'm a single mom with Scottish, Irish and Ojibway (Native Canadian) Ancestrey. I've always had a love for learning about my history and one of my biggest dreams is to one day travel to Scotland :).. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am having a lazy day.

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clyderiggedphotoAloft on the GLENLEE

Jamie W photos

from the San Francisco area in United States

Southern California raised Traditional sailor who loves Scotland and Northern California. I spent over 10 months in Scotland supervising the rigging restoration in Glasgow of the tallship GLENLEE built in 1897. Lived in Tahiti and the South Seas, Australia, East, West and Gulf coasts of the US and have sailed over 25,000 on square-rigged ships. Worked on Pirates of the Caribbean 3 "At World's End" but that's a 3 pint story..... wanted: friendship, kinship, camaraderie.. on offer: friendship, kinship, camaraderie

Today I am off to the 35th Annual Scottish Highland Games at Dunsmuir House and Gardens. - see 1 comment

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mandarkphotoMe at a wedding in Birnam :)

Amanda D photos

from the Paisley area in Scotland

.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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Michael L: Whisky Fanatic

from the Dufftown area in Scotland

I own and run The Whisky Shop Dufftown ( which is in the heart of Speyside - one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland

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Cat M: Hello, how are you? Come away in photos

from the Dunbar area in Scotland

Grew up in Johnstone, became a nurse in Dundee, moved to London (wasn't for me), trained as a midwife in Edinburgh, got married in Dunbar and had lots of babies (well 4) in and around Dunbar. Work wise I School Nurse during term-time and work on the District Nurse Evening Service in East & Mid-Lothian. I Scout in my spare (??) time and enjoy cooking, reading and general silliness!!.. wanted: friendship, chat, to be happy.. on offer: friendship, chat, listening, tolerance

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