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the.navigatorphotoMay '07

Carla C: Wee bit of Scot... photos

from the Richmond Hill area in Canada(also regularly in the Markham area)

Canadian of Scottish descent. My grandfather's family immigrated to Canada in early 1900's from Edinburgh. Family roots are in Canisbay, Caithness. Sept of the Buchanan Clan. Interested in chatting to people around the world, especially Scots or those of Scottish descent. Planning a visit to Scotland in 2011... :).. wanted: friends, you ;), more than friends.. on offer: friendship, me :), more than friends

Today I visited Scotster...haven't been in for a bit. :) - see 4 comments

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Katherine J photos

from the Agassiz area in Canada

I have recently found out I had Scottish roots, my Great Grandfather was Alonzo MacFarlane born 1855 in New Brunswick Canada I believe. I am researching my ancestry but I can not seem to find any mention of Gr grandfather's parents names on anything.. Any help would be appreciated.. :)

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David J photos

from Wantagh in New York in United States

Live in New York and always looking to meet people of Scottish descent. Can't wait to visit Scotland, hopefully while I still have some family there... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I landed my 1st 'real' job in 2 yrs. Not what I really want, but at least I'll have a steady income plus whatever I make in freelance & seasonal work. - see 15 comments

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Julie W photos

from the Aberdeen area in Scotland

.. wanted: job.. on offer: 100 pounds

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Jane L: Big Country 80's/90's Scot/Eng rock band photos

from the Dover, New Hampshire area in United States

The three surviving BC members are touring starting Dec '10! Mike Peters of the Alarm will be standing in on vocals for the late Stuart Adamson and guitarist Bruce Watson's son, Jamie, will be an additional guitarist. I'm planning on seeing 3 gigs on the tour: London, Birmingham, & Liverpool. Have visited Scotland 1981 & 2007. Highlanders from Argyll & Inverness via Nova Scotia & Quebec. Lowlanders from Dumfriesshire via Ashton-under-Lyne, England.

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