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Exploring 'ice skating'

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Kathryn K photos

from the São Paulo area in Brazil

I'm a lawyer, journalist and webdesigner. I also work with concerts & backstages, video edition, I speak english and portuguese, I love airports, movie posters, Audrey Hepburn, ice, cats, challenges, my loft, rock n roll, Macbook, Scotland, Paris, Rome, Vegas, London and Russia.

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Beverly B

from the Union City area in United States

I live in Tn in the states..

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Fiona P (NEW)

from the Stirling area in Scotland

No information given.

Today I thinking is this rain ever going to stop.

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Heather F (NEW)

from Saughton in Edinburgh in Scotland

I am 32 years old 5ft 2

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Jessaié G: Best Of Both Worlds photos

from the Saint Louis area in United States

Hi, I'm Jessaié:) Just wanted to update ma profile. Not much to say perse but I've been to Scotland quite a few times since I've had this account. Would be nice to make new friends when I'm over again. I stay 5 or 6 months at a time and would love to get to know folk in Dundee or Fife. I'm laid bk, don't need to be entertained or.. wanted: friendships, humour, honesty, tarot readers.. on offer: friendships, humour, warmth, honesty

Today I am still wanting some trifle :-) - see 3 comments

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Photos associated with the word 'ice skating'

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