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morgans_friendphotoMy Naval Officer

Cindy L photos

from the Whitby area in Canada

Grandparents from Scotland. Short visit to Glasgow, beautiful city by the much different from Toronto, Canada. There is so much more history there... wanted: friendship, laughs.. on offer: friendship, laughs

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Amy M: A wondrous thing it is... photos

from the Howell area in United States

I am who I am.... Happy, loving, artistic person...I very much love to try new things, meet people-cultures,trav el-though afraid of flying lol, enjoy intellectual conversations, learning-expanding my mind...really just ask, I'm honest, full of faith and honor... Knowing my mate is fate...A person who gives one strength not creates a weakness. Who believes in himself, has great passion, a never~ending depth.... Loves to laugh,.. wanted: kin, knowledge, life mate, grow.. on offer: depth, caring, heart, learn

Today I ...a close friends mother has but yet a few days to live..he's not ready for her to pass...though it is time for her to feel no pain and go home...

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Luminea M: ~selkie on land~ photos

from the Calgary area in Canada

I visited Scotland for the first time in the fall of 2011 and absolutely loved the land of my ancestors! I can't wait to return and see more of this beautiful country. My grandfather was born in Dundee and I look forward to seeing his place of birth. I am learning Scottish Country Dancing and I love it! :).. wanted: friendship, adventures, sincerity.. on offer: friendship, sincerity, passion about life

Today I am enjoying a nice cup of Bovril. :) - see 2 comments

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Linda J photos (NEW)

from the Bath area in England

i am from scotland,but have lived in england for many years,but go home to visit every year,im single,and looking for a nice man in a kilt.

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Nancy T: A life without music is like... photos (PHOTOS UPDATED)

from the Prince Albert area in Canada

I consider myself beautiful inside and a good person, Lots of scars inside and out which I have learned to deal with positively, Not trusting but still giving the benefit of the doubt to anyone I meet with reserved mefiance. One thing I need to make really clear..." I'm not on scotster to flirt with anyone, I am already in love with my soul mate, and I will not accept any disrespect from any.. wanted: friendship, answers, ideas, respect.. on offer: loyalty, honesty, advice, respect and passion

Today I and the children are happy because it's back to school, new school, new friends, very exciting ;-))... 50 days left and I'll meet my Henry ;-xxx.

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