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monyepophotowaiting for my life to come...

Monica E photos

from Barcelona in Madrid in Spain

I must admit that I have never visited Scotland, except in my readings and my hours past in the internet. I have been in love with Scotland from 2 years ago, when I discovered that this land is full with magic and history. Then, little by little, I was feeling more appreciation for the world, culture and people of Scotland. Scotland is THE home from my past life, the house where one day I´ll.. wanted: friendship, trust, you:).. on offer: friendship, trust, me:)

Today I ´´m looking for peace in a world full of noise. - see 3 comments

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Jane L: Big Country 80's/90's Scot/Eng rock band photos

from the Dover, New Hampshire area in United States

The three surviving BC members are touring starting Dec '10! Mike Peters of the Alarm will be standing in on vocals for the late Stuart Adamson and guitarist Bruce Watson's son, Jamie, will be an additional guitarist. I'm planning on seeing 3 gigs on the tour: London, Birmingham, & Liverpool. Have visited Scotland 1981 & 2007. Highlanders from Argyll & Inverness via Nova Scotia & Quebec. Lowlanders from Dumfriesshire via Ashton-under-Lyne, England.

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morgans_friendphotoMy Naval Officer

Cindy L photos

from the Whitby area in Canada

Grandparents from Scotland. Short visit to Glasgow, beautiful city by the much different from Toronto, Canada. There is so much more history there... wanted: friendship, laughs.. on offer: friendship, laughs

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Kathleen J: Connections with my heritage, my heart.. photos

from the Toronto area in Canada

Aye, tis a Lassie who ha na seen her country of birthright yet. My grandpa was a Montaigue from Glasgow who came to Canada as a young teen. As he did not talk about his family, I do not know who my relatives may still be in Scotland. My other roots are from Ireland...Inniskilli n. I have been passionate about Scottish history from a young age, reading everything I could... wanted: scottishness, friendship, conversation.. on offer: friendship, conversation

Today I June 10 and 20C and sunny today. Off to British Columbia in a week for conference... - see 3 comments

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JULIE E: Scottygirl photos

from the Milwaukee area in United States

Hi, father's name is Edmison...Edmonstone ..many other variations. I know our family came to Canada in the late 1600's, 1700's. My 4 x's Gr Grandfather's name was John Edmison Sr. he had 10 children that all came with him. I believe our family name came from Edinburgh. as our family didn't have a chief, we took our family name from Edinburgh. the family Tartan is the Lennox Please.. wanted: history, learning, family.. on offer: history, teaching, my family

Today I Was browsing my family name, I found a family member from the same gr gr gr grandfather! Now THAT was very cool! I found her on Face Book too! I wI. - see 6 comments

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Photos associated with the word 'ice skating'

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