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Exploring 'ice skating'

People associated with the word 'ice skating'

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Becky G: Cheeky

from the Dundee area in Scotland(also regularly in the Dundee area)

.. wanted: friendship, fun.. on offer: fun, friendship

Today I am doing me shopping soon... wi me xmas card list....funny how i got 5 book of 12 1st class postage can guess the no he he.

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veritas.vincitphotoI am Me

Verity P: Truth Prevails photos

from the Hamilton area in New Zealand

My name's Verity, I'm 24 & live in New Zealand. If you want to know more, ask =)

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Sarah G photos

from the Los Angeles area in United States

Hello there. I am a 33 year old mother of 4 great kids. I am the daughter of two Scottish parents (McIntyre/Grant), but I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, USA. One of these days (God willing) I am going to Scottland!.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I t's almost Scotts Birthday! hehehe. - see 3 comments

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morgans_friendphotoMy Naval Officer

Cindy L photos

from the Whitby area in Canada

Grandparents from Scotland. Short visit to Glasgow, beautiful city by the much different from Toronto, Canada. There is so much more history there... wanted: friendship, laughs.. on offer: friendship, laughs

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superwomanphotoMay 09 with 3 of my weans and granwean

Caroline B: Alas Abroad photos

from the Thousand Oaks, Ca area in United States

I was born in Glasgow lived in Canada, now California. Very proud of being Scottish and love all things Scottish. I have six children, four grands,. I am a preschool & Sunday school teacher & do musical theater with children. My Dad is 88 and amazing, the last of the Aberdonian line. Was a Harrier in Glasgow & played futbal' till 50. My Mum is passed, but her family hailed from Stirlingshire. Homeschooled for 22 years.. wanted: friendship only, scottish connections.. on offer: friendship only, genealogy help

Today I am trying to stay warm! 39F this morn going up to 58F California winter is here. - see 1 comment

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