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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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ricrphotoRic Richardson (bushbreed) from Green Lake

Richard R: bushbreed photos

from the Green Lake area in Canada

I am a Metis man, a mix of Cree and non native, living in a Metis community in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. My ancestry includes Hugh Richardson, who came to Canada from Edinburgh, in the 1800's. As a child of the Canadian Military, I was piped into school by the Black Watch, so have always loved the pipes, since then... wanted: learning, friendship.. on offer: friendship, understanding

Today I am celebrating another year on this planet. I look forward to meeting some very interesting people, today at work. - see 7 comments

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ffyonaphotoMurray, White Tailed Sea Eagle

Ffyona F: Perfection Requires a Touch of Madness photos

from A Small Village in Thornhill in Scotland

I live in a small village in the South West of Scotland with my two children. I am a partner in a bird of prey business and am working on setting up a different venture. I moved to Scotland when I was 10 yrs old and am proud to call myself adopted by Scotland!

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Sig R: Carpe Diem! photos

from the Round Lake Beach area in United States

I am a decendent of the Lewis of Macleod Clan and looking to talk to other Scots out here. Currently making plans to attend the meeting of the Clans in 2014... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am tired! - see 6 comments

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Dave C: Clanna nan Gaidheal ri guaillabh a cheil photos

from the Gresham area in United States

I am an adoptee, my birthright is McCulloch, Ross, MacDonald and Baillie and I am damn proud of it! Also been a DUFC supporter long before I learned about my real heritage. Arabest!!.. wanted: friendship, cycling buddy, dufc hooligan.. on offer: loyalty, friendship, geneology help

Today I finally got back to Scotster....long time away. - see 1 comment

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stormin990photoThe Baron of Oceanrockstudios !!!


from the Aboyne area in Scotland

Life is wonderful! I teach music from a recording studio behind my house in a wee village 40 miles from Aberdeen. I play basketball and generally am trying to create as much mayhem as possible before I am caught !!.. wanted: friendship, relationship, fun, showbizness.. on offer: friendship, relationship, fun, creativity

Today I chillin out, watchin a few movies.

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