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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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mbraffordphotoMark where's ya trowsers?

Mark B: Celt in Japan photos

from the Otsu area in Japan

I am an American New World Celt living in Japan with my Japanese wife and 2 kids. I have my Masters degree in Environmental Education.

Today I am recovering from Easter. - see 1 comment

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roadhousephotoMe and my slow ride

Michael W: Proud to Be a PICT photos

from the Lincoln area in United States

Long time Military Man who loves his Scottish roots. Loving life, loving family, doing my bit to protect the world from itself... wanted: friends, knowledge, fun.. on offer: friendship, knowledge, fun

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Jan S: Full of Scottish Pride! photos

from the Dunfermline area in Scotland

Young(ish), Scottish, free and single! Don't know where my path is leading me but I know it will be an interesting journey! Love to talk - in fact I rarely shut up! Looking for new friends with a positive attitude, a love of Scotland and who understand the humour of the Scots - which isn't always kind!!.. wanted: friendship, blether/banter.. on offer: friendship, blether/banter

Today I thought of checking in to Scotster so here I am! How the hell are you all? - see 12 comments

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seanbe1hphotoSean Of The SRA

Sean S: The Clan Grows everyday. photos

from the Tain area in Scotland

Alright i am Sean Spence part of the MacDuff clan from the Orkney islands. I am living the greatest country that has ever come into an existence. I like other cultures and getting to know new people.

Today I Found out how to change this Notification by clicking on it :S Well i am from the Highlands. - see 4 comments

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monyepophotowaiting for my life to come...

Monica E photos

from Barcelona in Madrid in Spain

I must admit that I have never visited Scotland, except in my readings and my hours past in the internet. I have been in love with Scotland from 2 years ago, when I discovered that this land is full with magic and history. Then, little by little, I was feeling more appreciation for the world, culture and people of Scotland. Scotland is THE home from my past life, the house where one day I´ll.. wanted: friendship, trust, you:).. on offer: friendship, trust, me:)

Today I ´´m looking for peace in a world full of noise. - see 3 comments

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