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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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snoboardrphotoI was excited, ok.

Jason F: Chief Scotster founder member member photos

from the Kirkcaldy area in Scotland

I'm a powder hounding, non-smoking, theatre going, hockey skating, straight talking, trumpet playing, thrill seeking, mountain climbing, bramble swigging, motorbike riding, up and doing guy!

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daviephotoFine, just a little off colour!

Davie W: Making an easy life as difficult as poss photos

from the Oban area in Scotland

Still in desperate need of fun :-) Currently a board member of Acorn Co-operative based in Argyll. Looking to buy a farm or land and turn it into crofts enabling us to build our croft houses without too much hassle from the Planners. I'll build myself a strawbale house and the co-op will grow organic fruit and veg following Permaculture and Biodynamic principles... wanted: friendship, romance.. on offer: friendship, romance

Today I had to tuck ma t-shirt in ma shorts because it was so cold! - see 13 comments

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stewartmcfarlanephotoSaor Alba

Stewart M: Return of the Mac photos

from Woodford in London in England

I miss Irn Bur in glass bottles, the glasgwegian banter, getting full of it, and not giving a toss about my cholestral levels. Scotch pies, piece and sausage, stovies, tatty scones, and being free ;-) I've partied hard in London for too long, I have always had a deep desire to move back to the mother land, its cold, wet, wild and yet the people are the warmest, madest and friendliest in the world ;-)

Today I am still thinking about what happened in 1st May 1707. - see 2 comments

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Beatriz R: Torn between North and South member photos

from the South East Coast area in Spain

I'm sure I have no Scottish relatives, but there must be at least some drops of Scottish blood in my veins (don't know how), for every time that I am in Scotland, I feel at home... wanted: anything.. on offer: anything

Today I am trying to find a home for two kittens found last night in a box. - see 5 comments

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Andrew W: It was acceptable in the Eighties photos

from New Town in Edinburgh in Scotland

I should never have switched from Scotch to martinis.

Today I'm everywhere from New Delhi to Shotts. - see 3 comments

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