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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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Robert M: Fear eile airson Eachuinn! photos

from the Ironton area in United States

How do you put stuff in an intro that doesn't sound like you're either bragging,or being way too modest? I'm in southern Ohio,and I've become intensely interested in knowing more about Maclaine of Lochbuie. By nature,I'm genial(at least,I think I am),contemplative,bu t active,I do love cycling and walking the ridges and valleys of the Appalachian Foothills. My sense of humor is wry... wanted: friendship, chat.. on offer: friendship

Today I'm waiting for the next round of storms and having the electricity out. - see 21 comments

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ellenabernathyphotoEllen Abernathy May 2009

Ellen A photos

from Clay/Trussville Area in Birmingham in United States

I'm an Elementary School Counselor and getting ready to retire. I've loved my job, but now it's time to let someone else have a turn. I have a strong emotional and ancestral connection with Scotland and just about anything Scottish. I'm interested in continuing that connection with new friends.

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Jan S: Full of Scottish Pride! photos

from the Dunfermline area in Scotland

Young(ish), Scottish, free and single! Don't know where my path is leading me but I know it will be an interesting journey! Love to talk - in fact I rarely shut up! Looking for new friends with a positive attitude, a love of Scotland and who understand the humour of the Scots - which isn't always kind!!.. wanted: friendship, blether/banter.. on offer: friendship, blether/banter

Today I thought of checking in to Scotster so here I am! How the hell are you all? - see 12 comments

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Rosemary W photos

from the York area in United States

Born in York, PA, USA my parents brought me back to Scotland when I was but 3 or 4 months old. We lived in the Kircauldy area and I grew up loving the North Sea and the rugged coast of my homeland. Came back to PA when I was 5 and have been coming back home as often as possible since I became an adult. I love being an American but my heart is in.. wanted: kindness, love, sincerity, balance.. on offer: understanding, kindness, love, peace

Today I got caught in a magnificant thunder storm while out and about with my 7 year old grand-daughter. The lightning was awesome, shooting across the sky. - see 1 comment

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Andrew W: It was acceptable in the Eighties photos

from New Town in Edinburgh in Scotland

I should never have switched from Scotch to martinis.

Today I'm everywhere from New Delhi to Shotts. - see 3 comments

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