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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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roblove65photoCrater Lake, Oregon, USA

Robert L: Senior Master Sergeant photos

from the Crestview area in United States

My father told me we descend from Clan MacKinnon, and I grew up listening to many Scottish albums. I am American, served 27 years in the U.S. military, and now I'm retired, living in Florida... wanted: friends, knowledge.. on offer: friendship, advice

Today I did some woodworking. - see 3 comments

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faefifephotoWHisky Tour -the Skye Day

Moira S: Live for today- we're a long time deid photos

from the Atlanta area in United States

In Atlanta Ga, missing Fife and ma ain folk! Wish I could find a way to be there for 6 months and here in Atlanta for six months- any ideas?.. wanted: friendship, stories, links.. on offer: friendship

Today I have reluctantly decided I have to sign off for a while! Too tempting to log in and I spend too long on the web , so sorry guys, I'll miss you all,. - see 1 comment

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Ducky C: I'm scottish by imagination...

from the Boston area in United States

Born and living in Boston and of gaelic ancestry. I am embarassed to say my interest in scottish people is still at the surface level... i love the way you talk. not just the words or the accent but the magicalness of it. i"m also entrhalled by the ruralness of the country, such a different place from where i live... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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snoboardrphotoI was excited, ok.

Jason F: Chief Scotster founder member member photos

from the Kirkcaldy area in Scotland

I'm a powder hounding, non-smoking, theatre going, hockey skating, straight talking, trumpet playing, thrill seeking, mountain climbing, bramble swigging, motorbike riding, up and doing guy!

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Alistair F: Portobello Forever + Leith

from the Frankston area in Australia

Born Edinburgh moved Oz '91 love Australia love Scotland miss the people but my new home is Oz and love the lifestyle than no other country can match wear full highland dress whenever possible any excuse to play dress ups. Glasgow must be empty their all over here in Australia... wanted: friedship, meeting new people, facts from countries, history.. on offer: friendship, information, history, knowledge

Today I will try my best to eat less.

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