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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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Gordon M

from the Livonia area in United States

No information given.

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gifted01photome in my tartan

Jaya G: I am a man of constant sorrow ;-) photos

from City in London in England

No information given.

Today I did some exercises in the park. - see 2 comments

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saoirsephotoMyself, the Atlantic in Florida September 2008

Carla D: Supporting Scottish Independence photos

from the Lake Placid area in United States

Born and raised in Iowa, USA. Single, straight, no children. Paternal side is Dutch - Drachten, Friesland Netherlands. Maternal Great-grandmother half Scottish half Welsh. Irwin/Irving/Eirwinn etc. (She went by Irving). Her father 100% Scottish. Would love to visit Scotland, be able to visit the castles, towns etc. of my ancestors, visit with the local residents, possibly meet a relative, travel the beautiful countryside, listen to bagpipes and so much more. And finally.. wanted: penpals/friends, insight/history, information, wit.. on offer: penpal/friend, genealogy/history, information, wit

Today I showed Lily a photo of my Dad and told her that was my Pa(w). Really :). - see 8 comments

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polgaraphotoI smile like a gerbil lol

Polgara M photos

from the Irvine area in Scotland

Hi there was born and raised in Glasgow but now stay down in Ayrshire. Usually out and about at weekends visiting different parts of the country in my wee camper van. I am an avid Reader, learning Gaelic and like visiting historical sights in and around Scotland. Love going to music festivals with friends.. wanted: chat, friends, a guid laugh, honesty.. on offer: friendship, honesty, humour, a wee blether

Today I }}}}THE FOX AND THE THISTLE {{{{est 2014 in a moment of silliness lol. - see 153 comments

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John M

from the Westerly area in United States

I have been trying to move to Scotland for over a decade. Family has held the reins tight, however. I'll shake free eventually. There is no place I'd rather be... wanted: freedom, friendship.. on offer: friendship

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