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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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mbraffordphotoMark where's ya trowsers?

Mark B: Celt in Japan photos

from the Otsu area in Japan

I am an American New World Celt living in Japan with my Japanese wife and 2 kids. I have my Masters degree in Environmental Education.

Today I am recovering from Easter. - see 1 comment

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Debra S photos

from the Salinas area in United States

I was born and raised as a Californian, but with deep roots in Scotland--from the Highlands. I just recently returned from a long-planned trip to Europe & UK, enjoying my time in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. I love photography, writing & storytelling, gardening, walking and travel. Love to meet people and experience different cultures!

Today I am trying to work on my unfinished fiction story . . . having writer's block! - see 1 comment

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gifted01photome in my tartan

Jaya G: I am a man of constant sorrow ;-) photos

from City in London in England

No information given.

Today I did some exercises in the park. - see 2 comments

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macbeachbumphotoMe in the North Georgia Highlands

Doug M: Central Florida Highlander photos

from the Altamonte Springs area in United States

Born and raised in Florida with a Scottish name, I've always been proud of both. As Clan Murray commissioner for Florida I look forward to broadening my Scottish connections here and anywhere else Scotster goes... wanted: friends, music, information.. on offer: friendship, information

Today I am back.

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Paul M: Turns out I'm actually Maltese... photos

from the Burke area in United States

I like to think I'm a reasonably intelligent, fun and interesting guy with a love of all things Scottish. I play the bagpipes, occasionally wear a kilt, speak a few words of Scots Gaelic and know a little bit about Scottish history. Would love to meet like-minded souls to share our common interest... on offer: music, good conversation, laughter, good food and drink

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