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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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John M

from the Westerly area in United States

I have been trying to move to Scotland for over a decade. Family has held the reins tight, however. I'll shake free eventually. There is no place I'd rather be... wanted: freedom, friendship.. on offer: friendship

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faefifephotoWHisky Tour -the Skye Day

Moira S: Live for today- we're a long time deid photos

from the Atlanta area in United States

In Atlanta Ga, missing Fife and ma ain folk! Wish I could find a way to be there for 6 months and here in Atlanta for six months- any ideas?.. wanted: friendship, stories, links.. on offer: friendship

Today I have reluctantly decided I have to sign off for a while! Too tempting to log in and I spend too long on the web , so sorry guys, I'll miss you all,. - see 1 comment

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Evelyn D: Scottish Lass in Canada photos

from Georgian Bay Simcoe County Ontario Canada in Midland in Canada

I live in Simcoe County Ontario, born in Dundee, emigrated to Canada as a toddler, I always thought I was 100% Scottish, recently while doing my family tree I opened a Brick Wall that has taken me back pre Royal Stuarts, So from lets say 1000AD onward my ancestors were Scottish :).. wanted: kidd knight, donaldson, richardson, pittuloch.. on offer: carnegie, mowat, donaldson, isbister

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Drake M: Abair ach beagan agus abair gu math e. photos

from the Dallas area in United States

I have several Scottish ancestors. My great grandmother was born in Elderslie and my paternal great great great grandfather was born somewhere in Scotland, possibly in or around Kilmarnock, circa 1805. I'm also fascinated with Scotland's role in the civil wars of the 17th century and the Jacobite uprisings... wanted: humor, shiny things, a bit of string, and a shard of glass.. on offer: humor, really small rocks, some lint, and a button.

Today I keep thinking of the phrase "jumped the shark.". - see 12 comments

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monyepophotowaiting for my life to come...

Monica E photos

from Barcelona in Madrid in Spain

I must admit that I have never visited Scotland, except in my readings and my hours past in the internet. I have been in love with Scotland from 2 years ago, when I discovered that this land is full with magic and history. Then, little by little, I was feeling more appreciation for the world, culture and people of Scotland. Scotland is THE home from my past life, the house where one day I´ll.. wanted: friendship, trust, you:).. on offer: friendship, trust, me:)

Today I ´´m looking for peace in a world full of noise. - see 3 comments

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