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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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Andrew W: It was acceptable in the Eighties photos

from New Town in Edinburgh in Scotland

I should never have switched from Scotch to martinis.

Today I'm everywhere from New Delhi to Shotts. - see 3 comments

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roadhousephotoMe and my slow ride

Michael W: Proud to Be a PICT photos

from the Lincoln area in United States

Long time Military Man who loves his Scottish roots. Loving life, loving family, doing my bit to protect the world from itself... wanted: friends, knowledge, fun.. on offer: friendship, knowledge, fun

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Bonnie M: Dreaming of returning to Scotland

from the Sedro Woolley area in United States

I visited Scotland for 1 week (not long enuf!) in 1987 stayed in Arbroath loved the country & the people I felt right at home there *hubby is grandson of 2 Scottish immigrants *hubby was stationed @Edzell for 2 yrs during VietNam War- he's visited Scotland 5 times since *live in Clear Lake just south of Skagit River & Sedro-Woolley in WA state

Today I am cleaning up the computer room HA HA.

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Greg H: 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream! photos

from the Pekin area in United States

My mothers side of my family tree has been traced back to the Clan MacGregor. My fathers seems to be Welsh/English stock. My family would love to go to Scotland some day. I'm self-teaching myself Scots Gaelic...with little success yet. lol

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Drake M: Abair ach beagan agus abair gu math e. photos

from the Dallas area in United States

I have several Scottish ancestors. My great grandmother was born in Elderslie and my paternal great great great grandfather was born somewhere in Scotland, possibly in or around Kilmarnock, circa 1805. I'm also fascinated with Scotland's role in the civil wars of the 17th century and the Jacobite uprisings... wanted: humor, shiny things, a bit of string, and a shard of glass.. on offer: humor, really small rocks, some lint, and a button.

Today I keep thinking of the phrase "jumped the shark.". - see 12 comments

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