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Exploring 'globalisation'

People associated with the word 'globalisation'

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Rosemary W photos

from the York area in United States

Born in York, PA, USA my parents brought me back to Scotland when I was but 3 or 4 months old. We lived in the Kircauldy area and I grew up loving the North Sea and the rugged coast of my homeland. Came back to PA when I was 5 and have been coming back home as often as possible since I became an adult. I love being an American but my heart is in.. wanted: kindness, love, sincerity, balance.. on offer: understanding, kindness, love, peace

Today I got caught in a magnificant thunder storm while out and about with my 7 year old grand-daughter. The lightning was awesome, shooting across the sky. - see 1 comment

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ffyonaphotoMurray, White Tailed Sea Eagle

Ffyona F: Perfection Requires a Touch of Madness photos

from the South West area in Scotland

I live in a small village in the South West of Scotland. I moved to Scotland when I was 10 yrs old and am proud to call myself adopted by Scotland!

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Alistair F: Portobello Forever + Leith

from the Frankston area in Australia

Born Edinburgh moved Oz '91 love Australia love Scotland miss the people but my new home is Oz and love the lifestyle than no other country can match wear full highland dress whenever possible any excuse to play dress ups. Glasgow must be empty their all over here in Australia... wanted: friedship, meeting new people, facts from countries, history.. on offer: friendship, information, history, knowledge

Today I will try my best to eat less.

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seanbe1hphotoSean Of The SRA

Sean S: The Clan Grows everyday. photos

from the Tain area in Scotland

Alright i am Sean Spence part of the MacDuff clan from the Orkney islands. I am living the greatest country that has ever come into an existence. I like other cultures and getting to know new people.

Today I Found out how to change this Notification by clicking on it :S Well i am from the Highlands. - see 4 comments

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John M

from the Westerly area in United States

I have been trying to move to Scotland for over a decade. Family has held the reins tight, however. I'll shake free eventually. There is no place I'd rather be... wanted: freedom, friendship.. on offer: friendship

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