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Paul H: caledonia

from the Kilmaurs area in Scotland(also regularly in the Glasgow area)

in my view scotland is the best place to be in the world. love to travel but my heart will always be with this great country... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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Tina C photos

from the Dundee area in Scotland

love rock music especially classic rock, love being scottish, enjoy nights out, enjoy going to gigs but like chillin too. tried living in england for 14 yrs but moved back to Dundee... wanted: friendship, nights out.. on offer: friendship, nights out

Today I thought i was on scotster but soon realised i was on a right-wing political website..... - see 45 comments

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Robin C (NEW)

from the Hawick area in Scotland

No information given.

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Scooter V (NEW)

from Mansewood in Glasgow in Scotland

Im 38 and i continue to walk around pigeons! i have a love hate relationship with Scotland after working around the world. i love the people but not the neds, i love the scenery the gigs and the vibrancy but not the weather. everything else is great except that we are still owned by London!

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Lynne M: THE VIEW ARE ON FIRE :D photos

from the Montrose area in Scotland

jeezo why are u always stumped when it gets to this bit?? lol 34 f fae montrose single mum of 1

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4Wed 26/08/09 21:22

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