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1proudprodphotoBIG BREN

Brennen Darrell H: CLAN HOPE photos online

from New Glasgow in Nova Scotia in Canada

Proddie, Orangeman, Loyalist, Conservative. Proud tae sae me served in ROYAL Canadian Navy! Own & operate me business noo. Strong history -- (Edinburgh/Fife) bonnie Scotland me Dads Clan HOPE, nee Mums Clan LOGAN, & jolly England! Support man u, gers, & hearts F.C. Canada part of BRITISH Commonwealth. GREAT Britain will allways bee! wee BENTLEY is me westie guard duggie! Smoke me pipe, doon wee dram, luv guid life! hee hee .. cheers, clansman Big BREN

Today I huv me scary ghost Chronic Bronchitis back tae haunt me again, just when me finks I got ridda him! - see 230 comments

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Kelly S photos

from the Edmonton area in Canada

No information given.

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Greg M (NEW)

from the Scone area in Australia

Motel owner, rural NSW. Have been heavily involved in own Clan affairs and Scottish Australian Heritage Council since late 1970's. Spent 18 months running the Commercial Hotel in Buckie, Banffshire, mid 70's.

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Grant M photos

from the Saltcoats area in Canada

Of Scottish descent partly, but fully carry the name and pride. Enjoy haggis and single malt scotch.

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Renee R

from the Cullman area in United States

Hi, I'm a 40-something wife and mother. After doing research on my family, I've discovered my Scottish roots. I love the accent, the castles, and everything about Scotland and Ireland. I'm a third grade teacher, my husband is a surgery room nurse, and my daughter is almost 16 and is in the 10th grade at Hanceville High School, which is also where I teach. I love Alabama football and Atlanta Braves.

Today I am enjoying college football!!!!! Roll Tide!!!!!

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Photos associated with the word 'geography'

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where am I?
Fun: Miscellaneous
by deleted:crystaldawn
112Mon 10/08/09 21:56
Skills, Talents & Leisure: Photography
by bonio200
1Sun 11/01/09 15:36
What local tourist attraction are you proudest of?
World Interest: United Kingdom
by deleted:a1lorisupertalent
77Mon 27/09/10 17:32

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