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David C photos

from the Grand Rapids area in United States

A soldier in the war against ignorance. A climber of the mountains of hope. A traveler through the valleys of faith. A challenger of minds on the paths of discovery. A gardener in the fields of life. A seed between the Rock and the hard places. A rock in the currents of life. A grain of salt in eyes of the wicked. A small light in a dark world. A husband and father of my beloved

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howardsonphotoHoly Crap ! That's me ???

Barry C photos

from the New Westminster area in Canada

I am originally from Windsor ON but now live in New Westminster, BC, Canada and I am currently researching my family tree. I have traced our "branch" back to 1690 in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire. I am interested in anything scottish and hope to visit Scotland within the year. My profile picture was taken when I was 20 in 1976. I'll hunt down a more recent shot soon. Slainthe !.. wanted: ancestors, from, aboyne, friendship.. on offer: maple, syrup, bacon, friendship

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isaygoukphotoScots wa' Hae from Kentucky, U S of A !

S Charles H photos

from the Lexington area in United States

No information given.

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Prys M (NEW)

from the Huddersfield area in England

I am a very intelligent person with a very witty sense of humour and patience.

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Lindsay S: Scot in Andalucia, olé! photos

from the Cordoba area in Spain

I was born in Scotland and lived there until my early twenties, when I left to see the world!(and escape the weather) Now I live in Córdoba, in Southern Spain, which I enjoy. I like going to the gym , reading , listening to music,going out and dancing when I can (which is rarely) and travel. I don´t drink much and gave up smoking13 months ago(big cheers) I work in Spain... wanted: friends, laughs.. on offer: friendship, opinions

Today I am very annoyed Spain beat Scotland last night. - see 4 comments

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Title Replies Last Post Status
What local tourist attraction are you proudest of?
World Interest: United Kingdom
by deleted:a1lorisupertalent
77Mon 27/09/10 17:32
where am I?
Fun: Miscellaneous
by deleted:crystaldawn
112Mon 10/08/09 21:56
Skills, Talents & Leisure: Photography
by bonio200
1Sun 11/01/09 15:36

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