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Ben D: English not British founder member member photos

from The Countryside in Fife in Scotland

Ello - I'm an Englander who spent the first four years of his life in Killearn then moved down south to Brummieland, but subsequently left his homeland in pursuit of loftier hills, bigger rivers, wilder wilderness.....and one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Spent seven years in Edinburgh but am now living the quiet life in Fife. Oh and I'm Chief Scotster's faithful admin monkey for this site ;-).. wanted: ice, snow, whiteouts, blizzards.. on offer: oatcakes, cheese, chocolate, cake

Today I can't believe we could be just 7 days away..... - see 1 comment

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Shona R: it was like that when i got here........ photos

from the Hawick area in Scotland

have been on the planet for around 32 years,i that time i have managed to amass the following,four kids,caffine and chocloate addiction,enough books to to start a library,enough cds to fill a whole shelf of a ikea billy bookcase,a frustrating inability to play the guitar(still trying tho),a inane obsession with all things dave grohl,an ipod,one cat,five piercings,one tattoo,a love of danger(not.. wanted: perfect skin, dave grohl, a good cup of coffee, well behaved kids.. on offer: a cat, my ironing, mountain of books, light entertainment

Today I wonder how many mimes have died,because no one believed they were choking? - see 19 comments

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Forum topics associated with the word 'elbow'

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Five albums I could not live without are...
Music: Miscellaneous
by ben
25Sun 02/10/11 22:47
A tribute to my Elbow
Music: Miscellaneous
by ben
22Sat 16/05/09 16:29

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