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Shawn Patrick S: Mr Transit Jr photos

from the Barrie area in Canada(also regularly in the Barrie area)

Hello Im Shawn. I live in Barrie Ontario Canada about an hour and a half north of Toronto Ontario Canada. I work at the Terminal for our local city buses and Greyhound Canada Trans Corp and Ontario Northland Coaches, any other questions just ask...

Today I will be going to work at 2 until midnight and then 4-12 tomorrow and then 11-7 on Wed & Thurs. Then WONDERLAND with Wee Helen on Saturday. - see 5 comments

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Cris S photos

from the Rio de Janeiro area in Brazil

Hi, I'm Cris and I study Scottish Gaelic, sing and play the bodhrán. I always loved Scotland, from some sort of crazy unexplainable thing, and I have travelled once there, but hoping to go soon again. Besides being a musician, I love learning languages, meeting people from all around the world and I'm curently studying web design.

Today I am looking for new friends! - see 1 comment

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Corey C (NEW)

from the Christchurch area in New Zealand

No information given.

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panda46photoIn Skye

Morag M photos

from the Dundee area in Scotland

Born and bred Scottish but have travelled throughout UK and Europe. Always come back home though! My favourite place is Isle of Skye and I go there as often as possible. Sarcastic sense of humour but never nasty. Love music and have very varied and wide tastes but the pipes always make me cry :) I love animals and have 2 dogs. I'm rugby daft and love going to Murrayfield to watch Scotland play (even

Today I am putting my crimbo decorations's beginning to look a lot like Christmas x. - see 5 comments

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Sara S: Modigt Hjärta photos

from the Norrköping area in Sweden

Im a 20 year old Swedish girl who will move to Edinburgh in September. I would like to just chat with someone so i wont be totally alone when i get there. Right now i work in a famous ZOO in Sweden (Kolmårdens djurpark = Kolmarden ZOO), i work with kids, play theater, walks in a costume, and so on.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
The Diary of Anne Frank
Film, TV & Radio: Drama
by ben
3Fri 09/01/09 15:49
What is going to end in December 2012 ???
World Interest: United Kingdom
by deleted:johnthedivine
11Wed 04/07/12 08:24

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