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People associated with the word 'drama'

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Vani A

from Baltimore in Salisbury in United States

.. wanted: friends, culture.. on offer: friendship, sharing

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Laura H: I love this website

from the Knoxville area in United States

Hello, My name is Laura, single parent of two. I have varied interest, but my main interest other than my children, is Scotland... wanted: friendship, knowledge, history, humor.. on offer: friendship

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Mary K photos

from the Clearwater area in United States

Love learning more about the culture and History of Scotland... wanted: learn scottish slang

Today I thought: I love Scots, because I love their humor! - see 2 comments

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waterlilyphotoI do hate picture taking!

Kimberly O: loving summer photos

from the Lawrence area in United States

deep thoughts are delicious, but the purpose of life is action... wanted: interesting chat.. on offer: interesting chat

Today I stopped by scotster after a long time.

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epfdcaptainphotoFD Softball tournament

Erik H: Alba Gu Brath, Alba An Aigh.... photos

from the Putnam area in United States

Hard working, professional 911(999) dispatcher for a regional fire/ems center, along with being a fire captain/EMT for my local volunteer fire department, and a State of CT certified Fire Service Instructor. I'm divorced, and have a lovely (now 8yr old) daughter. My Grandmother was from Muirkirk, and I have family all over East Ayrshire. I finally made the trip over in 2007, again in 2009, and I'm hoping to make.. wanted: friendship, golf partners.. on offer: friendship, a shite golf partner

Today I'm glad I had this evening off. It was so busy they had to call in an extra dispatcher because of the snowstorm. Ran calls with the FD instead.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
What is going to end in December 2012 ???
World Interest: United Kingdom
by deleted:johnthedivine
11Wed 04/07/12 08:24
The Diary of Anne Frank
Film, TV & Radio: Drama
by ben
3Fri 09/01/09 15:49

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