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Bonnie M: Dreaming of returning to Scotland

from the Sedro Woolley area in United States

I visited Scotland for 1 week (not long enuf!) in 1987 stayed in Arbroath loved the country & the people I felt right at home there *hubby is grandson of 2 Scottish immigrants *hubby was stationed @Edzell for 2 yrs during VietNam War- he's visited Scotland 5 times since *live in Clear Lake just south of Skagit River & Sedro-Woolley in WA state

Today I am cleaning up the computer room HA HA.

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Will K: flowerchild down-under

from the Skipton area in Australia

I live in the bush amongst gum trees in Australia. Regular visitors to my backyard include kangaroos, possums, rosellas and galahs. I love bushwalking. My great grannie was from Scotland- Musselburgh and enjoyed visiting where she lived last year.. wanted: chat.. on offer: chat

Today I have been enjoying wandering about the Australian high country- very pretty.

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Sarah G (NEW)

from the Buffalo area in United States

A little about myself. I'm friendly, sweet, attractive and pretty,relaxed. I have a passion for creativity, and a curiosity of people from backgrounds that are not my own. I choose friends that are introspective, kind, and let me know when I'm being too serious!

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Dana C

from the Frederick area in United States

I am full blooded Polish, 2nd generation to the US. I married a wonderful man of Scottish descent. Since 2001 we have traveled to Scotland at least once a year, staying in Dufftown. We have made many friends who are more like family now. We have made great friends thru out the country. We love it there so much, we talk about retiring there 1/2 the year... wanted: friends.. on offer: friendship

Today I am celebrating my 26th wedding anniversary, our 1st date was 30 yrs ago today and we met 31 yrs ago this month. - see 2 comments

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Kyle C: "The Lord Made" photos

from the Anchorage area in United States

My father is Eric Baird (Cox), and was adopted. My father's side of the family is all from Washington and Oregon. My father is a fanatic of our cultural lineage. Therefor, I have also become astounded by my cultural background. I now reside in the great sate of Alaska in the city of Anchorage. I look forward to making a trip to Scotland. I believe my blood contributes to much of my passions. most.. wanted: musical inspiration, a smile.. on offer: musical inspiration, a smile

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Title Replies Last Post Status
What is going to end in December 2012 ???
World Interest: United Kingdom
by deleted:johnthedivine
11Wed 04/07/12 08:24
The Diary of Anne Frank
Film, TV & Radio: Drama
by ben
3Fri 09/01/09 15:49

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