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James L photos

from the Jacksonville area in United States

From what I've been told from my family, I'm descended from Jacob Lambie of the Lamont Clan. I'm hoping to gather the resources to do the research myself.

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creekphoto1000 mile run, Texas & Oklahome

Dennis (Creek) J: Searching for my roots photos

from the Houston area in United States

My paternal heritage was traced back to Hugo De Johnstone who was born about the year 1200 in East Lothian, Scotland. Historical records reflect that his offspring were to become known as the Johnstones of Annandale. I have read enough to know that at least my paternal heritage is very frimly rooted in Scotland and I hope to make the journey home very soon. Ok, can now add Graham to the list from my Paternal.. wanted: family, a past, friendship, connection.. on offer: family, my present, friendship, trust

Today I bought a new Harley and I feel like a little kid again. - see 2 comments

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monyepophotowaiting for my life to come...

Monica E photos

from Barcelona in Madrid in Spain

I must admit that I have never visited Scotland, except in my readings and my hours past in the internet. I have been in love with Scotland from 2 years ago, when I discovered that this land is full with magic and history. Then, little by little, I was feeling more appreciation for the world, culture and people of Scotland. Scotland is THE home from my past life, the house where one day I´ll.. wanted: friendship, trust, you:).. on offer: friendship, trust, me:)

Today I ´´m looking for peace in a world full of noise. - see 3 comments

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Jane L: Big Country 80's/90's Scot/Eng rock band photos

from the Dover, New Hampshire area in United States

The three surviving BC members are touring starting Dec '10! Mike Peters of the Alarm will be standing in on vocals for the late Stuart Adamson and guitarist Bruce Watson's son, Jamie, will be an additional guitarist. I'm planning on seeing 3 gigs on the tour: London, Birmingham, & Liverpool. Have visited Scotland 1981 & 2007. Highlanders from Argyll & Inverness via Nova Scotia & Quebec. Lowlanders from Dumfriesshire via Ashton-under-Lyne, England.

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Melissa L: Scottish people are the best! photos

from the Cambridge area in United States

I was born in Texas, spent my early 20's living in Los Angeles within the music scene, and now live in Maryland. Recently separated, learning to live alone in a different part of the U.S. I am a part of the Baird Clan, and look forward to visiting Scotland soon... wanted: friendships, travel info, humor.. on offer: friendship, correspondence, laughter!

Today I find myself single. - see 9 comments

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