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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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skye2020photoJust me :)

Heather Jean T: Hello my new friends :) photos

from the Phoenix area in United States

Love making new friends, learning new things, debates, great conversation, fishing and my doggies... wanted: friends, learning, conversation.. on offer: friendship, good listener

Today I hope you are all having a wonderful day :) - see 1 comment

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fijimermaidphotoUp close!

Rachel E: Wannabe Scot! photos

from the Elyria area in United States

I found this site through Facebook. I enjoy Scotland so I thought I'd join so I can meet other Scots or Scots-lovers... wanted: friendship, understanding.. on offer: friendship, compassion

Today I am freaking out. - see 2 comments

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SARAH H: Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! photos

from the Bathgate area in Scotland

I am Sarah, I have only lived in Edinburgh for 2 years. Really enjoying it... have met lots of cool people but I miss all my mates in Aberdeen too. Give me a shout if you feel like you would like to be a victim of my witty banter!

Today I am at work ... as usual.

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Lamont S photos

from the Chillicothe area in United States

A very nice guy, who one of these days wants to spend some time visiting my families homeland. Also seeking clan members for correspondence. Please feel free to E mail me.

Today I Back to work today, then off tomorrow, feeling good.

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Becky G: Cheeky

from the Dundee area in Scotland(also regularly in the Dundee area)

.. wanted: friendship, fun.. on offer: fun, friendship

Today I am doing me shopping soon... wi me xmas card list....funny how i got 5 book of 12 1st class postage can guess the no he he.

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