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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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belgarionphotoa few years back

Martin M photos

from the Bellshill area in Scotland

I have just returned back to Bellshill in Scotland after being away 20+ years. I live with my other half who is Australian and with our German Shep Redd.. on offer: computer advice

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jimoriousphotoFulfilling a dream, under sail.

Donald M: Scots born Kiwi. photos

from Kaitoke in Wanganui in New Zealand

I am a Scot, now a Kiwi citizen and retired to Wanganui just over a year ago. My interests are centred around the old paddle steamer Waimarie, on which I am currently a volunteer deckhand. I also paint nautical subjects and am a member of the local Art Society... wanted: scottish involvement, answers to questions, friendship, learn about others.. on offer: me & my story, many questions, friendship

Today I am just cleaning up all sorts of wee jobs that are overdue. - see 1 comment

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Morag G

from the Kilwinning area in Scotland

hi im morag im 40years young, born n bred in kilwinning 4th generation, have 2 kids aged 20 n 18, have a 6mth old granddaughter who is my world n my family n friends mean everything 2 me.. wanted: pen-pals, friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I sat in my mums house waiting on a parcel being delivered.

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Liam S photos

from the Great Barrington area in United States

Hey my name is Liam. Im from New York State and I thought it would be cool to meet some Scots, as I love Great Britain and Scottish history, and come from a very heavily Scotch-Irish family.

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Jane R

from the Kingston area in Canada

I'm a public servant with the heart of an artist. I enjoy many creative ventures in my home studio. I have a passion for stained glass, animals, wool, and Scotland. The second i stepped off the plane in Glasgow, i felt like i'd finally come home...i wish i could spend more time in Scotland.

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