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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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Caroline B: Scotland will always be my home. photos

from the Rockdale area in United States

I was born in Scotland and left when I was 21. I wish I was back there right now. I love camping and fishing, and football. I am so glad my sister told me about this site. Looking at the folks back home who love Scotland and made there life there, makes me even more proud of being from Scotland. My maiden name was Anderson. I miss Scotland everyday. If I could only live there.. wanted: friendship, good laughs.. on offer: friendship, good laughs

Today I am glad it is Saturday go see my wee Grandaughter Charley.

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Deborah B: Scottie born and bred!!! photos

from the Troon area in Scotland(also regularly in the Winchester area)

At uni in Winchester, south of England and finishing May 2009. Lived in Troon all my life til I moved here in 2005, and go back every holiday. Miss it a whole lot! Doing a BA Hons in Creative Writing and my specialism is Poetry. I live with my boyfriend of 3 years and love it.

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Todd P: Seeking knowledge, always.

from the Mobile area in United States

I love to hunt, fish and read. I shoot, and reload my own ammunition. My family says that we came to the U.S. from Scotland long ago, but we can find no records to prove it. But with my name, I do not doubt it... wanted: language, translation, heritage, friendship.. on offer: friendship

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Nina N: It's cold in Texas! Ready for FL! photos

from the Fort Worth area in United States(also regularly in the Orlando area)

I like to travel and meet new people. I work in Texas but prefer to live in Florida. The weather in Florida is so much nicer. Pretty much everything in Florida is nicer than Texas except the economy. I would love to visit Europe, especially Scotland. It looks simply beautiful. Ideas or suggestions on fishing trip and sight seeing is appreciated... wanted: friends.. on offer: friendship

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Clive B: Londoner in Somerset

from Ilminster in Taunton in England

Home-based self-employed, regularly travelling UK. Enjoy meeting new people for a coffee/beer/meal. Enjoy snooker (referee/examiner), professional interest in media (radio mostly) and fascination with transport (mainly buses). Very amateur photographer.

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