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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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alexrankphotoJust me

Alex R photos

from Adambrae in Livingston in Scotland

No information given.

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Todd P: Seeking knowledge, always.

from the Mobile area in United States

I love to hunt, fish and read. I shoot, and reload my own ammunition. My family says that we came to the U.S. from Scotland long ago, but we can find no records to prove it. But with my name, I do not doubt it... wanted: language, translation, heritage, friendship.. on offer: friendship

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Adam M: Adhamh, the Gaelic Protector, photos

from the Edinburgh area in Scotland

Is mise Adhamh MacDhugaill of Edinburgh, my grandfather, Paul Hale, was adopted but we knew nothing of his orgin only that he was either Irish or Scottish. I searched his surname on this website and saw that it was part of the MacDougall Clan in Scotland, I'd always somehow knew that I was Scottish. I was born in Scotland but moved to the U.S. at age four, and have lived here ever.. wanted: friendship, information on clan, fun memories, love.. on offer: repect, loyalty, love

Today I Well, I haen't been on here in forever lads and lassies. To all of ye that II've spoken with before, how are ye? Been a while. - see 1 comment

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Beverly (Starr) L: A Scot/Irish Appalachian Girl photos

from the Sheridan area in United States

I know that there was a Boston Heater Lyles in my ancestry. Also, There was a clan of Lyles brothers that split and went Northwest, Southwest and South from the Northeast in the US. I would love to know some of the long lost Lyles out there... wanted: friendship.. on offer: loyalty

Today I began a fresh new path in life.

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jimoriousphotoFulfilling a dream, under sail.

Donald M: Scots born Kiwi. photos (UPDATED)

from Kaitoke in Wanganui in New Zealand

Scottish born, ex Merchant seaman/firefighter/r oughneck/loss adjuster. Living in Wanganui, retired, but working on the vintage paddle steamer "Waimarie". Live with my wife of 45 years, old boxer dog and somebody elses sheep on 2 acres in the country... wanted: scottish involvement, answers to questions, friendship, learn about others.. on offer: me & my story, many questions, friendship

Today I set off to work on the paddle boat, but only three folk turned up, so cancelled.

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