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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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Joan Richmond G: nee Scott by name & Scot by nature. member

from Tyne & Wear in Washington in England

Hi I am a Born Scot, I left Glasgow when I was 4 yrs old, but was brought up in Cupar Fife until I was 11 yrs old 1946 then came to NE when father was demobbed and got a job here. I was up last two years ago to visit my brother and wife. Most of my relatives are still in Scotland, as are my nephews and nieces. I am only one of family..... wanted: friends/laughter, chat/debate, experience/advice.. on offer: friendship/laughter, chat/debate, experience/advice

Today I wish all the Scotsters a wonderful an 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! - see 2 comments

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Graeme R

from the Edinburgh area in Scotland

Single dad from Edinburgh. I have a great 10 year old daughter. Recently decided to change jobs because I don't get to spend enough time with my daughter. It's a big scary change. The change has gone well. Lots of time to spend with my daughter and a job I love. Thanks for everyone's good wishes.

Today I updated my website after far too long an interval. - see 5 comments

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ceitphotoKate A

Kate A photos

from the Kingussie area in Scotland

I am Australian born of Scots descent, married with children, and live in the beautiful village of Newtonmore. My husband is a celtic folk/rock musician whose family is from Greenock. We relocated to Alba with our younger children just over a year ago. I love this country more every day and feel very lucky to live here! I am particularly looking to meet any pagans on the list... wanted: friends.. on offer: friendship

Today I had a very good day! - see 1 comment

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Sig R: Carpe Diem! photos

from the Round Lake Beach area in United States

I am a decendent of the Lewis of Macleod Clan and looking to talk to other Scots out here. Currently making plans to attend the meeting of the Clans in 2014... wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am tired! - see 6 comments

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from Garland in Dallas in United States

Writer. Born in East L.A Califonia... wanted: trip to scotland.. on offer: love

Today I Wish all Merry Christmas!!!!!!! - see 1 comment

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