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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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alexrankphotoJust me

Alex R photos

from Adambrae in Livingston in Scotland

No information given.

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Melissa L: Scottish people are the best! photos

from the Cambridge area in United States

I was born in Texas, spent my early 20's living in Los Angeles within the music scene, and now live in Maryland. Recently separated, learning to live alone in a different part of the U.S. I am a part of the Baird Clan, and look forward to visiting Scotland soon... wanted: friendships, travel info, humor.. on offer: friendship, correspondence, laughter!

Today I find myself single. - see 9 comments

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Veronica A photos

from the Camden area in United States

I have always had a thing for Scotland even though I have not a single drop of Scottish blood. This love has led me to start learning Gaelic and work on my history major degree with a specialization in, you guessed it, Scottish and Celtic history.

Today I am crying about not being in Scotland but I am trying to keep my head up... - see 1 comment

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slaintemhathphotowee hairy sodger

Scott M: wha`s like us photos

from the Basra area in Iraq

i can now say that my scotster virginity is now well and truely lost , AYE YE KNOW WHO YE ARE, so thanks to you all for for the warm welcome, ok quick profile : ive been away from scotland for the best part of 18 years due to work commitments, im currently in Iraq and probaly will be for a wee while yet. so sorry walking the munroes with you just now isnt an option.. wanted: dead or alive.. on offer: subject to status

Today I am feeling good. - see 4 comments

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Lynne F: A misfit, but proud of it photos

from Queensferry in Edinburgh in Scotland

I am a loud, proud, intelligent Scotswoman, immensely proud of my country and heritage. Recently returned to God's Country after many years in exile, and I am training to be a nurse, I love all things scottish. I have a great love of history, desperately want to learn to speak Gaelic properly, and love to meet new people and make new friends... wanted: friendship, humour, reminiscences, information.. on offer: friendship, humour, a good ear, genuine- ness

Today I am in a surprisingly good mood (mainly by living in denial, but hey, sometimes that's a good thing ;-) ) - see 3 comments

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