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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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Eric B photos

from the Topeka area in United States

I'm an easy going quiet man. Married with two boys. Proud US Army Veteran. My Third Great Grandmother was a Morton making me part of the Douglas Clan...if they'll have me!?

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Davy M photos

from the Airdrie area in Scotland

Origionally from Paisley i have stayed in Airdrie for 20+ yrs

Today I watched Scotland playing football very badly.

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Wendell C

from the Morristown area in United States

I have recently discovered that I like to learn about my ancestors and I have traced my Scottish surname personal ancestry through immigration to the American Colonies in Pennsylvania in the mid-18th Century and back to the 1620's in InvernessShire. I've always been proud of my Scottish heritage. I reside in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee, USA. And though I've never gotten to visit the lands of my ancestors, I would love to make friends with my far-away cousins and hope that I might someday have the opportunity to visit them and they with me.

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Peaches M: The more you learn the more you love photos

from Usa in Siena in Italy

I've only been to Scotland once but fell in love with the culture, people and land and hope to return soon... wanted: friends, westie owners.. on offer: friendship, westie chat

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SARAH H: Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! photos

from the Bathgate area in Scotland

I am Sarah, I have only lived in Edinburgh for 2 years. Really enjoying it... have met lots of cool people but I miss all my mates in Aberdeen too. Give me a shout if you feel like you would like to be a victim of my witty banter!

Today I am at work ... as usual.

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