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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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scotsman1953photothis is me lol

Bill M: Scotsman missing Scotland photos

from Knoxville in Des Moines in United States

I am 55 year old guy living in the States, have been here 6 years now. Was brought up in Edinburgh and lived and worked in the most beautiful country in the world until then...Scotland is the greatest place on earth... wanted: friendship, chat, fun.. on offer: friendship, chat, fun

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Niall D

from the Bournemouth area in England

No information given.

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ickleweddwagonphotobeltaine festival

Denise C: A Wiccan Witch and PROUD!!! photos

from Walsall in Birmingham in England

Born in Bristol in the West Country and moved to Yorkshire in 2011 with my then partner. Have traced my roots back to McArthur clan many moons ago. I am a proud Wiccan and have a mixture of different beliefs and tolerant to others as long as they are tolerant to mine. Very happy now living in the West Midlands with my new partner and finally have the mixture of nature and large town life.. wanted: wiccan, open mindedness, friendship, laughter.. on offer: discussion, friendship, honesty, laughter

Today I lovely few days where i am hitting top twenties but outside flat on veranda going over the thirties at12 noon.

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Morag G

from the Kilwinning area in Scotland

hi im morag im 40years young, born n bred in kilwinning 4th generation, have 2 kids aged 20 n 18, have a 6mth old granddaughter who is my world n my family n friends mean everything 2 me.. wanted: pen-pals, friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I sat in my mums house waiting on a parcel being delivered.

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dlflyr94photoin Edinburgh Feb 2014

Karen L: Boricua photos (UPDATED)

from the Winter Park area in United States

Born & raised in Puerto Rico. Parents r British (careful). Live in Florida. Used to work on board 4 cruise ships now work for a major U.S. airline. Luv to travel, laugh and have a good time.. wanted: gerard butler.. on offer: my soon to b ex

Today I quote: "'All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.'. - see 79 comments

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