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Exploring 'death penalty'

People associated with the word 'death penalty'

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dalesmanphotoAndy in Bavaria

Andrew R: Life member of Clan Maclean photos

from Bughtlin in Edinburgh in Scotland(also regularly in the Skipton area)

Hi ... I am currently spending half my time out of Scotland but am returning soon...I am a Psychologist, Councillor and a budding Parapsychologist.. I am young at heart, play the 12 string guitar and love to travel whenever I can. my other passions are Photography and Watercolour Painting..... wanted: friendship, information, kinship, companionshhip.. on offer: management, photography, guidance, humour

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Chris G photos

from the Sundridge area in Canada

No information given.

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Niall D

from the Bournemouth area in England

No information given.

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skye2020photoJust me :)

Heather Jean T: Hello my new friends :) photos (PHOTOS UPDATED)

from the Phoenix area in United States

Love making new friends, learning new things, debates, great conversation, fishing and my doggies... wanted: friends, learning, conversation.. on offer: friendship, good listener

Today I think Skye and Indo are playing on Rainbow Bridge and that's why we're getting so much rain. They're tearing it up! :)

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scotsbluebellephotoFuirich agus chi thu.....

Mary R photos

from Toronto in Ontario in Canada

I live in Toronto(city address but country heart). Work is film production accounting. Interested in new friends, lots of laughs and family roots. I enjoy the outdoors, reading, walking my dog, F1 + sports car racing, music of all kinds, history, lots of funny stories and jokes, Scottish country dancing and all my crazy online friends. I also like to stir things up if it gets too quiet. A walking contradiction with a streak of.. wanted: interesting friends, what ever you got.. on offer: friendship, fun and games

Today I Finally taking a moment to visit, been gone too long. - see 3 comments

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