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Princessgracie S (NEW)

from the Raleigh area in United States

i have one sister and brother.i love my cousins

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heloiselovephotoHeloise from the Song For the Mira solo CD

Heloise L: California Musician photos

from the Escondido area in United States

Hello!..Born to a French Mother and a father with Scottish/Welsh heritage, music has always had an important role in my life. I have played at many Scottish Highland Games/functions/ with the band, Highland Way. Non smoking, music, art, dog, healthy food, and horse loving maniac... wanted: scottish, culture, scotland, history.. on offer: music, vocals, performance, guitar

Today I Happy to start a New Year and to have all the Christmas stuff neatly put away. : ) oh...and a new job too....along with my old job that I'll keep.

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Jennifer S

from the St Thomas area in Canada

I am gearing up for 5 great day of highland dancing at SDCCS 2009 in Toronto, Ontario starting July 1st! I am married with 3 children. One daughter (our dancer)and two sons. My husband plays the bagpipes and hopefully one day so will my sons!

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davtravelsphotoDriving down the street in my truck.

Dav W photos (NEW)

from the Jeffersontown area in United States

Hello! My name is Dav and I live in the U.S. My ancestors come from Scotland and I love to visit. I have been there a few times and look forward to my next Scottish adventure!

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Anna G (NEW)

from the Inverness area in Scotland

I am a volunteer at Culloden visitor's centre. I am an American who has always felt Scottish in her bones, married a Scottish man and raised 3 children here. I love Scotland and feel drawn here

Today I called Culloden to see about the party there. - see 3 comments

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like dog songs? got hanky?
Pets & Other Animals: Dogs
by richr
0Sun 11/09/11 16:10
country singers
Scotster: Miscellaneous
by didisdad
49Fri 18/05/12 21:55

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