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Donald F (NEW)

from the Auckland area in New Zealand

I was born in Edinburgh 27/6/1935,in 1940 we lost our family home during the bombing of the distiillery in Dalry Edinburgh.We moved to West Pilton, I was a memeber of the 10th Edin Life Boys and Boys Brigade,i was also a member of the West Pilton Jnr choir. Schools i attendended Pennywell primary and Davidkilpatrck. My first job was as a boiler maker at Ross's confectionary. then i was employed with the Inland Revenue at Waterloo Place. 2 Years National Service with the Royal Scots Greys a drummer with the pipe band and a tank driver,served in Libya. Followed by 13 years in the Queens Own Lowland Yeomanry pipe band as a Drum Major,i also spent a few years as a Drum Major with the Special Constabulary pipe band. In 1969 i joined the Scottish Prison Service, i move to New Plymouth New Zealand in 1974 with my Wife Dot (nee Gear ) and family Donald - Murray- and Wendy. i am now retired and i sing at local country music clubs i write my own songs and they can be heard on radio airplay on DO

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Jake K

from the Berlin area in Germany

Was born in the Scottish borders in the mid fifties, after my army career moved back to Germany to live. I am the Commisioner for Germany for the International Clan MacFarlane Society.

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John H

from the Alexandria area in Scotland

No information given.

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Patty W (NEW)

from the Baxters Corner area in Canada

Hello; I am Pat from New Brunswick, Canada. I have been researching my family for sevearl years. All ties come back to Scotland and the Normany Invasion. I found your site today by accident, while researching something else. This seems to be how I find a great deal of relevant information. My family begins in Kennoway, Fife, with an Alexander Melvin(e) or Melven and Elspeth [Elizabeth] both of whom I am seeking information about. All records that I found for his family show that he had a son John Melvin who was born in 1651 - he moved most likely about 1675 to United States. His first concrete footprint is found when he pruchased land in Charlestown, MA in 1683. Most of his sons fought in the Revolutionary War or King Phillips war. I believe Alexander and Elspet resided for sometime in Fifeshire, and the only record found of their existence there is the christening of John at Leuchars Parish. International Geneaology Index [ or LDS] indicates other children, but no conc

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Suzanne C

from the Whangarei area in New Zealand

Hi, I am Suzy, I am a 47 year old nurse, I am adopted and my birth father is Scottish from the Isle of Skye. I have never met him, in fact I am still looking for him. I am a christian and my faith is very important to me. If anyone in Scotland can help me find my father, I would be eternally grateful... wanted: friendship, genealogy.. on offer: friendshp

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country singers
Scotster: Miscellaneous
by didisdad
49Fri 18/05/12 21:55
like dog songs? got hanky?
Pets & Other Animals: Dogs
by richr
0Sun 11/09/11 16:10

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