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Lorraine A (NEW)

from the Missoula area in United States

I was born in Edinburgh Scotland have Scottish mother and american father.

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Laurie B: from the Milton, ON area photos

from the Mississauga area in Canada(also regularly in the Milton area)

I'm single, have raised two adult children on my own, and have a grandson. And no, I'm not old enough to have done any of those :) I'm a costume designer and seamstress, have my own home sewing business when not working in movies, television or theatre. I'm a huge Star Trek and sci-fi fan.

Today I spent the day with my 2 yr old grandson at field Lacrosse. Got VERY sunburnt and am aching all over. He runs faster than Nana LOL.

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heloiselovephotoHeloise from the Song For the Mira solo CD

Heloise L: California Musician photos

from the Escondido area in United States

Hello!..Born to a French Mother and a father with Scottish/Welsh heritage, music has always had an important role in my life. I have played at many Scottish Highland Games/functions/ with the band, Highland Way. Non smoking, music, art, dog, healthy food, and horse loving maniac... wanted: scottish, culture, scotland, history.. on offer: music, vocals, performance, guitar

Today I Happy to start a New Year and to have all the Christmas stuff neatly put away. : ) oh...and a new job too....along with my old job that I'll keep.

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John S photos (NEW)

from the Cedar Rapids area in United States

All of my family comes from Ireland, including the Shaw's.

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Nancy G

from the Oakland area in United States

I am dreaming of being able to visit Scotland one day. My ancestors are Kirkpatricks from the Closeburn area.

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country singers
Scotster: Miscellaneous
by didisdad
49Fri 18/05/12 21:55
like dog songs? got hanky?
Pets & Other Animals: Dogs
by richr
0Sun 11/09/11 16:10

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