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Dot H photos

from the Sutherlin area in United States(also regularly in the Coos Bay area)

I'm avid about family history. I've visited Scotland and Cornwall in pursuit of ancestors, and want to return as soon as possible. I'm a member of Clan Lamont and a few Cornish societies. My future travel plans include Prince Edward Island where my 3rd grt grandfather immigrated to in 1803.

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Jacqueline K (NEW)

from the Lively area in Canada

No information given.

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Judy Y (NEW)

from the San Diego area in United States

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys several activites but spend most time devoted to my Clan MacMillan work as membership chair of our clan branch

Today I made a batch of peanut butter fudge and two pies, one berry and one pecan.

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wilsonx137photoI Luv Snow

Elizabeth W: Sassanach photos

from the Orlando area in United States

Hi Scotsters! I am a member of Clan Gunn Society of North America. I visited Scotland recently and found it lived up to and exceeded all my expectations. Scotster really helped with tips on what to do, what to eat, what to see, where to eat. If I can return the favor to any of you traveling here (Florida) just let me know!.. wanted: scottish contacts.. on offer: travel tips, florida

Today I want to say how much I enjoyed the Scottish people while I was there. You rock!

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James P. S (NEW)

from the Lynden area in United States

I am a retired Professional Engineer, with 45 years experience in the design and operation of hydroelectric generating stations. Until 2 years ago my wife, Anne and I travelled worldwide spending many holidays in Scotland over the last 32 years. My Father's family emigrated to Canada from Caithness in 1907. We currently are members of the Western Canada branch of Clan Sinclair.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Colour laser printer - advice sought
Technology: Computer Hardware
by bonio200
6Sat 28/02/09 10:21

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