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Peggy M (NEW)

from the Barrachois area in Canada

I'm a retired junior high school teacher. I've taken Gaelic courses in university and Gaelic was my father's first language. Both my parents spoke Gaelic and I have a strong interest in the language and music.

Today I brought my mother up for the weekend.

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Angus H: Gentle Giant photos

from the Forfar area in Scotland

Born in Dundee. Moved to South Africa for a year when 21 (Cape Town) Returned a year later. Married and 2 children. Lived in Stonehaven and then Aberdeen for 26 years. Separated and divorced. Had to relocate so now living in Forfar. Am retired but teach a night class and some relief work. Visit Canada every year at summertime Toronto and Windsor areas. Have Goldwing Bike there. Single at present.

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Anne W (NEW)

from Kirkliston in Edinburgh in Scotland

No information given.

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Richard H (NEW)

from the Plano area in United States

I live in Texas, USA and will be traveling to Scotland in June of 2009 for pleasure.

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thebordererphotoMy KILT

Glyn C: Wearing the Tartan photos

from the Berlin area in Germany

Retired, widowed, ex serviceman KOSB, living in Berlin, Germany, my interests are Computer, riding my Quad, photography and wearing the Kilt.

Today I start preparing for Burns Night Photos will follow. - see 19 comments

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Colour laser printer - advice sought
Technology: Computer Hardware
by bonio200
6Sat 28/02/09 10:21

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