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themephotoSitting at the Mac

Andy D: Annandale member photos

from Moffat in Annandale in Scotland

Retired now, so all I do is sec/treas for the local fishing club - Upper Annandale Angling Association and the local Wildlife Club - Moffat and District Wildlife Club. SEE links for the web addresses Also a VERY keen photographer, mostly landscape at one end of the scale through portraiture and arriving at macro at the other end. Upon that hill there was a coo. It's no there noo

Today I was updating websites. - see 2 comments

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ayrshirephotoAyrshire Doreen S

Doreen S photos

from the Stoney Creek area in Canada

Born in Ayr, lived in Canada since I was 17. Been back home a few times and love it... wanted: scottish friends, memories of scotland, ex-pat friends.. on offer: chit chat about home, dreams of going back

Today I was off work, but back again tomorrow. I did the usual Cleaning laundry, gardening. I planted a Burning Bush it should be so nice in the Fall.

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Chick M (NEW)

from Cardonald in Glasgow in Scotland

editor of

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Anne W (NEW)

from Kirkliston in Edinburgh in Scotland

No information given.

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ellaephotoIn Aberdeen July 2007

Linda A. W photos (NEW)

from the Minneapolis area in United States

I am very interested in family connections and history. I LOVE to travel, but am responsible for several cats and am unable to travel due to that responsibility. I have aging/ailing parents and will meet my responsibility to them before any other duties. When I'm turned loose.... I love meeting people with common interests, but absolutely hate following a mandated schedule. I've never felt more at home than I did while visiting a church in Roslyn, Scotland. (This has little to do with the influence of the DaVinci Code, but rather stems from a vivid dream of that church's graveyard long before visiting.)

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Colour laser printer - advice sought
Technology: Computer Hardware
by bonio200
6Sat 28/02/09 10:21

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