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People associated with the word 'computer'

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Mike B

from Stoneybank in Edinburgh in Scotland

I am in my mid 50s, and I've been married for over 30 years,drive trains for a living, and currently compiling my family tree. A former rugby player,who now plays the leisurely sport of darts.

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John F (NEW)

from the Birmingham area in England

I was born in Inverary Scotland and had bording school tuition in England...I am a fun outgoing person and although in me 60s I am young at heart..I have worn me Chlann colours for over40 years now and very proud ta wear..I am married to a wonderful woman called Christine who is from ta Campbell Chlann..We have 3 children all grown up and flew ta nest.....

Today I feeling very happy as now I can find true freinds ... - see 3 comments

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djmacnabphotogetting my pic taken

John M photos

from the Columbus area in United States

No information given.

Today I watching football. - see 5 comments

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ellaephotoIn Aberdeen July 2007

Linda A. W photos (NEW)

from the Minneapolis area in United States

I am very interested in family connections and history. I LOVE to travel, but am responsible for several cats and am unable to travel due to that responsibility. I have aging/ailing parents and will meet my responsibility to them before any other duties. When I'm turned loose.... I love meeting people with common interests, but absolutely hate following a mandated schedule. I've never felt more at home than I did while visiting a church in Roslyn, Scotland. (This has little to do with the influence of the DaVinci Code, but rather stems from a vivid dream of that church's graveyard long before visiting.)

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Julia S photos (NEW)

from the Moscow area in Russia

I am an artist, lived i the USA for a long time, now I live in Russia. This is my web site with my paintings: Looking for a friend for a long-time relationship.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Colour laser printer - advice sought
Technology: Computer Hardware
by bonio200
6Sat 28/02/09 10:21

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