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People associated with the word 'computer games'

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Connie F: CLAN STEWART photos

from the Bend area in United States

I enjoy the outdoors;I also relish finding out about myself and where I came from per say my ancestry, why i like things i have never heard of. The computer is a calming agent for all aspects.I am Happily Married and he also has Scottish heritage of the name HAWKINS Grandmothers side. I am a Cancer and he is the Twins so things stay interesting to say the least. Both Our fathers have.. wanted: friendship, conversation, tales of lowther u.k.. on offer: friendship, conversation, tales of redmond u.s

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Steve C photos (NEW)

from the Durham area in England

Just your average friendly guy :-) . Dark skinned, just over 6' tall, always smiling and willing to chat to anyone.

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Angelia B (NEW)

from the Brandon area in United States

No information given.

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Corey M: Maclaren Clan

from the Bendigo area in Australia

Hi Ladies and Gents. I'm a MacLaren. How are you all? Looking to meet with other Maclarens to share stories about Heritage and how far back each of us got. I'm twenty Seven and married with our second boy on the way so if you would like to catch up my email is coreymaclaren9@hotma wanted: clan information, friendship.. on offer: friendship, family tree info

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Sally H (NEW)

from the Crestview area in United States

I am a retired secretary, married to Jim my wonderful husband for 50years. 4 grown sons, 6 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and I walk daily with God. I live in Florida near the sea and I love all nature. Walks by the sea. I love to dance and I love people.

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