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David L (NEW)

from the Glasgow area in Scotland

i am 21 getting married next year have a 3 year old son and stay in glasgow in the uk i am wanting to track down fellow leslies and trace my ancesters

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Annmarie L photos (NEW)

from the Kilmarnock area in Scotland

well am very proud to be scottish

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Barbara H: Camp-a-holic

from Huyton Quarry in Huyton With Roby in England

I'm a fun-loving, friendly "camper". I love the outdoors and everything that comes with it. Scotland owns my heart... Especially Lochaber!.. wanted: friendship, epals.. on offer: a good friend, an excellent epaller

Today I am starting a new job.

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Jonathan W: Jonathan's Profile

from the Edinburgh area in Scotland

I'm English but live and work in Scotland - and I'm not going back!

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Shell T (NEW)

from the Centreville area in United States

No information given.

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