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James M (NEW)

from the Albuquerque area in United States

Hi - My Grandfather came from Scotland and I really do not know anything about him or my family out there. I always thought I would get the details from my father but he passed away unexpectedly. I love the views and stories and hope to visit one day

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Kathi S (NEW)

from the Wilkes-Barre area in United States

Hello, my name is Kathi. I am 100% Scottish. I was born and raised in the US, but I am only 2nd generation. All of my grandparents were born and raised in Scotland. 3 from Glasgow and 1 in Greenock. I had the pleasure of visiting cousins when I was young, and I've always wanted to come back. One day, I know I will.

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Jane H (NEW)

from the Lyons area in United States

I currently live in a small rural town in Georgia, USA. I have 1 son coming up on graduating from college. I am of Scottish descent. My maternal great-grandmother was a McIntosh before marrying. Our ancestors came from the Inverness area and sailed to the Georgia, USA coast in 1736 on the "Prince of Wales" sailing ship. We came primarily to defend the coast from Spaniards for the Crown although we were loyal to the Stuarts and fought for them in Scotland. I am very proud of my heritage there and here and would love to visit the "homeland" one day. I look forward to meeting other members.

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Jane H: glad to be home in Geenock photos

from the Greenock area in Scotland

I lived in America for 40 years and after my youghest daughter died from breast cancer i decided to come home.. wanted: friendship, chats.. on offer: friendshop, smiles

Today I Happy new Year to all Hope everyone has a good 2013.

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killieandyphotome in my kilt

Andy C: SAOR ALBA photos

from the St Neots area in England

newly moved down south from bonny scotland. originaly from north ayrshire. missing my slice sausage and tattie scone in plain bread.

Today I am getting excited about the new scotland top and the game next week. - see 6 comments

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