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William K: fair as these green foreign hills may be photos

from the Staten Island area in United States

.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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David R photos

from the Exeter, New Hampshire area in United States

I am an artist, writer (Art New England Magazine) and college professor (Merrimack). For several years I have made sculpture in the Us and in Scotland. The Scottish work has been shown in Argyll, Edinburgh, Germany, Belgium and Holland. In the US my work has been shown in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Maine. Paintings have also been shown in Belfast... wanted: artists, gallery, journals, exhibition.. on offer: connections, exhibition, poetry, exchange

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bonnyscotlandphotome in scotland

Tricia K photos

from the St Michaels area in United States

fun, energetic, kind and loving loves to laugh and make others laugh Loves anything scottish.. wanted: new friendship, relationship.. on offer: a great friend

Today I missing my beloved bonny scotland!! - see 3 comments

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shelia812photoShelia & Eric

Shelia S: Sees no good reason to act her age photos

from the Beaufort area in United States

I'm a mom of four, wife to a firefighter and have a love for Scottish history, genealogy and the country itself that knows no boundaries. For me, outdoors is the place to be, hiking, playing sports and having fun with friends and family. Try not to take life TOO seriously all the time, I know how it ends. :-) Anything you'd like to know? Just ask!.. wanted: friendship, history, conversation, laughter.. on offer: friendship, laughter, conversation, history

Today I announce that my children are growing up too fast!

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Deborah B: Scottie born and bred!!! photos

from the Troon area in Scotland(also regularly in the Winchester area)

At uni in Winchester, south of England and finishing May 2009. Lived in Troon all my life til I moved here in 2005, and go back every holiday. Miss it a whole lot! Doing a BA Hons in Creative Writing and my specialism is Poetry. I live with my boyfriend of 3 years and love it.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Coffee or Tea? please
Food & Drink: Miscellaneous
by fallenfyre
18Fri 07/06/13 19:39
Ron James, Nova Scotian Comedian
Film, TV & Radio: Comedy
by alysen
3Sun 26/09/10 06:42
Feeling great in the morning
Body, Health & Wellbeing: I'm Feeling Great :)
by jcam2812
6Tue 05/11/13 17:36
Are men deliberately useless in the kitchen?
Food & Drink: Cooking
by theme
82Tue 09/02/10 09:34
Best place to have a coffee
Food & Drink: Tea and Coffee
by deleted:gerri_the_dutch
25Wed 03/03/10 22:47

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