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R T photos

from Charlotte in North Carolina in United States

.. wanted: culture, history

Today I am so happy Spring is here!

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Sheena T

from the Toronto area in Canada

Both my parents are from Scotland ( that choice wasn't avail.) I just happen to have been born in Canada. ;) Distance & travel costs keep me from visiting more than I'd like to , but Scotland is always in my thoughts & heart! Looking to make more Friends in Scotland, or from Scotland. :)

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clanswoman46photoMy Birthday 2011 (on the ship)

Dolina S: Dulcius Ex Asperis photos

from Maleny in Beerburrum in Australia

My ancestors were Fergusons from the Stirling and Callander areas. I emmigrated to Australia when I was a young child with my parents. Mother-Scottish, Father-Irish. Now living in Qld Australia, my children are grown/flown the coop. Love to travel. compiling a list of 1,000 things to do (places to visit) before I die...Scotland is right up there (again)... Life is short...I try to live it to the fullest... wanted: friendship, banter, history, clans.. on offer: friendship, banter, history

Today I m here for a quick visit :)

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Barbara H: Camp-a-holic

from Huyton Quarry in Huyton With Roby in England

I'm a fun-loving, friendly "camper". I love the outdoors and everything that comes with it. Scotland owns my heart... Especially Lochaber!.. wanted: friendship, epals.. on offer: a good friend, an excellent epaller

Today I am starting a new job.

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Lamont S photos

from the Chillicothe area in United States

A very nice guy, who one of these days wants to spend some time visiting my families homeland. Also seeking clan members for correspondence. Please feel free to E mail me.

Today I Back to work today, then off tomorrow, feeling good.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Feeling great in the morning
Body, Health & Wellbeing: I'm Feeling Great :)
by jcam2812
6Tue 05/11/13 17:36
Best place to have a coffee
Food & Drink: Tea and Coffee
by deleted:gerri_the_dutch
25Wed 03/03/10 22:47
Coffee or Tea? please
Food & Drink: Miscellaneous
by fallenfyre
18Fri 07/06/13 19:39
Are men deliberately useless in the kitchen?
Food & Drink: Cooking
by theme
82Tue 09/02/10 09:34
Ron James, Nova Scotian Comedian
Film, TV & Radio: Comedy
by alysen
3Sun 26/09/10 06:42

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