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Steven R: <a href="http://www.sco photos

from the Galveston area in United States

Live in Texas buy the ocean, been married for 2 years and 6 months and loving every minute of it. Went to Scotland for honeymoon and loved it. my sir name is MacLay.

Today I work at 6AM.

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Gail F photos

from the Dundas area in Canada

As you can see from stuff I enjoy thats a bit about me.

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epfdcaptainphotoFD Softball tournament

Erik H: Alba Gu Brath, Alba An Aigh.... photos

from the Putnam area in United States

Hard working, professional 911(999) dispatcher for a regional fire/ems center, along with being a fire captain/EMT for my local volunteer fire department, and a State of CT certified Fire Service Instructor. I'm divorced, and have a lovely (now 8yr old) daughter. My Grandmother was from Muirkirk, and I have family all over East Ayrshire. I finally made the trip over in 2007, again in 2009, and I'm hoping to make.. wanted: friendship, golf partners.. on offer: friendship, a shite golf partner

Today I'm glad I had this evening off. It was so busy they had to call in an extra dispatcher because of the snowstorm. Ran calls with the FD instead.

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Lesley B: Ceilidh McClanless member photos

from the York area in England

Hi, l'm Lesley :) Born in Yorkshire but have been falling in love with Scotland for some time now! I love being outdoors amongst hills and water, enjoy hiking, cycling, eating, drinking and live music. I've travelled the west side as far as the Cairngorm but keen to explore the Highlands, lslands and more of the l guess this is a good site to be on !!!

Today I think l've been away frae Scotster for FAR tooooo long!!! ;-) - see 6 comments

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celticcandyphotoSmiling at a wedding dinner

Elisa M: Ciamar a tha thu? photos

from Ottawa in Gloucester in Canada

Hi there! New here! I am Scottish and Irish. More on the Scottish side though. I am an eclectic, free spirited person. I have many interests and am quite a handful lol. I want to move to Scotland one day! I am proud of my heritage... wanted: translations, friends, laughs, scotland.. on offer: friendship, laughs, beauty, naturopathy

Today I am hoping things will get better. - see 13 comments

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Are men deliberately useless in the kitchen?
Food & Drink: Cooking
by theme
82Tue 09/02/10 09:34
Feeling great in the morning
Body, Health & Wellbeing: I'm Feeling Great :)
by jcam2812
6Tue 05/11/13 17:36
Best place to have a coffee
Food & Drink: Tea and Coffee
by deleted:gerri_the_dutch
25Wed 03/03/10 22:47
Coffee or Tea? please
Food & Drink: Miscellaneous
by fallenfyre
18Fri 07/06/13 19:39
Ron James, Nova Scotian Comedian
Film, TV & Radio: Comedy
by alysen
3Sun 26/09/10 06:42

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