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Annette B photos

from the New York area in United States

Born in the US, raised in Greece with a love for my culture and others, particularly the Scottish

Today I encourage NY Tattoo fundraising participation:

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Teresa King T: My friends call me Tee.... photos

from the Kosciusko area in United States

I live in Mississippi but I am Scottish at heart. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong country & in the wrong era. I have a wonderful family & I aspire to be a great writer one day. I love reading, music, dancing, online research, & creative thinking. I also love the smell of cinnamon, pine and honey. I recently learned that I am a descendant of Clan MacGregor!.. wanted: friendship, photographs, penpals, recipes.. on offer: friendship, penpals, recipes

Today I say all you need is love... and a tiara.... and maybe cookies... and definitely wine... Yes, all you need is wine. - see 8 comments

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Lynne F: A misfit, but proud of it photos

from Queensferry in Edinburgh in Scotland

I am a loud, proud, intelligent Scotswoman, immensely proud of my country and heritage. Recently returned to God's Country after many years in exile, and I am training to be a nurse, I love all things scottish. I have a great love of history, desperately want to learn to speak Gaelic properly, and love to meet new people and make new friends... wanted: friendship, humour, reminiscences, information.. on offer: friendship, humour, a good ear, genuine- ness

Today I am in a surprisingly good mood (mainly by living in denial, but hey, sometimes that's a good thing ;-) ) - see 3 comments

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Rowena D photos

from the Bobcaygeon area in Canada

In Victoria, BC, Canada. I have scottish roots, maiden name MacDonald and would like to know more about my Scottish history... wanted: friends, family (?), history

Today I am not liking the heat, its 27, way to hot, going to hang out at the lake. - see 1 comment

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Susan C: Canada LOVES Scotland

from the Mississauga area in Canada

I am a very caring individual who is always willing to help others.

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Are men deliberately useless in the kitchen?
Food & Drink: Cooking
by theme
82Tue 09/02/10 09:34
Ron James, Nova Scotian Comedian
Film, TV & Radio: Comedy
by alysen
3Sun 26/09/10 06:42
Feeling great in the morning
Body, Health & Wellbeing: I'm Feeling Great :)
by jcam2812
6Tue 05/11/13 17:36
Best place to have a coffee
Food & Drink: Tea and Coffee
by deleted:gerri_the_dutch
25Wed 03/03/10 22:47
Coffee or Tea? please
Food & Drink: Miscellaneous
by fallenfyre
18Fri 07/06/13 19:39

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