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Mhari H: ... photos

from Bellevue in Edinburgh in Scotland

Yes, it's me. The one who may have offended you in the pub on Friday night but spent most of Saturday worrying about it and craving for a more romantic epoch to live in - and some ability to self edit before speaking.

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Heather L: Scotland trip - MAY 2010!!! photos

from the Winnipeg area in Canada

Hi. My name is Heather. My mom was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Before moving to London and then over to Manitoba, Canada as a teen. I will be coming to Scotland (hopefully) May 2010 for my first trip. It is part of my 30th birthday pressie to myself! Staying with friends. Hope to meet alot of great people while I am there and soak in the beauty of Scotland. And ofcourse sing some.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am planning my trip to Scotland!

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David R photos

from the Exeter, New Hampshire area in United States

I am an artist, writer (Art New England Magazine) and college professor (Merrimack). For several years I have made sculpture in the Us and in Scotland. The Scottish work has been shown in Argyll, Edinburgh, Germany, Belgium and Holland. In the US my work has been shown in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Maine. Paintings have also been shown in Belfast... wanted: artists, gallery, journals, exhibition.. on offer: connections, exhibition, poetry, exchange

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Donald M (NEW)

from the Auckland area in New Zealand

No information given.

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Dina T: Celtic Soul...American born! photos

from the Mccloud area in United States

I live in the shadow of a 14,162 Volcano called Mt. Shasta, and it's lovely....Scotland is the only other place I'd like to live. I'm a Massage Therapist, I love to travel & enjoy life, family & friends!!!.. wanted: friendship, camaraderie.. on offer: friendship, camaraderie

Today I am happy to connect with new people, make friendships...:) - see 3 comments

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Feeling great in the morning
Body, Health & Wellbeing: I'm Feeling Great :)
by jcam2812
6Tue 05/11/13 17:36
Are men deliberately useless in the kitchen?
Food & Drink: Cooking
by theme
82Tue 09/02/10 09:34
Ron James, Nova Scotian Comedian
Film, TV & Radio: Comedy
by alysen
3Sun 26/09/10 06:42
Best place to have a coffee
Food & Drink: Tea and Coffee
by deleted:gerri_the_dutch
25Wed 03/03/10 22:47
Coffee or Tea? please
Food & Drink: Miscellaneous
by fallenfyre
18Fri 07/06/13 19:39

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