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Exploring 'coffee shops'

People associated with the word 'coffee shops'

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Donna D

from the Bournemouth area in England

I was born and raised in Scotland, but I am now living in Bournemouth. I am working on moving back to Scotland next year, looking for friendship. I enjoy going to the the theatre, Cinema, like history and enjoy the arts.

Today I still need to by Christmas Presents. - see 1 comment

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Yash B (NEW)

from the Delacour area in Canada

Well, hello. I'm Yash. I was born and raised in Canada but travel as much as possible. I'll be spending some time in Scotland (Edinburgh and Glascow to be exact.) Looking for someone to show me a good time and perhaps make a few new friends.

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dodi207photoThe Boar's Head in Dublin

Dorene T: I'm in love with Scotland photos

from the Waterville area in United States

I live in Maine but am originally from North Carolina. I have a great passion for traveling. I recently went to Edinburgh and instantly fell in love. I hope to go back early next year. I'm afraid I wont want to leave. Such a beautiful country. My paternal grandfather's surname is Moffitt and my maternal grandmother's maiden name is Ross. I have Scottish ancestery and I'm very proud of that... wanted: friendship, travel advice.. on offer: friendship, big thanks!

Today I loving the sun and the lack of snow! - see 4 comments

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manders6photofall leaves

Mindy A photos

from the Emporia area in United States

Currently, I'm a bit of a vagabond/student. I love painting and drawing with charcoals. I also love music. Growing up on a farm gave me a great love for the outdoors and God's amazing creation although I don't get out into it enough. I've never been to Scotland but hope to roam its beautiful hills someday!

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Heather F photos (NEW)

from the San Francisco area in United States

No information given.

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Forum topics associated with the word 'coffee shops'

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Best place for coffee in Edinburgh?
Food & Drink: Tea and Coffee
by ben
11Thu 06/10/11 22:05

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