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Billy S (NEW)

from the Dunfermline area in Scotland

No information given.

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RobbieAnderson A (NEW)

from the Bath area in England

Hello there a Scotman in Bath!!! Hail the Hoops!

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pebblesphotoHi there from Naomi

Naomi O photos (NEW)

from the Perth area in Australia

My grandparents were scottish, a few of my friends are scottish and I travelled there a few years ago. I just love the people and the place.

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Miranda M: Scotish Roots! And Now A Scotish Future!

from the White Plains area in United States

super silly most of the time, laughing half the time, partying part of the time, just chilling sometimes... but fun ALL of the time!.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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Lily H: Hiya photos

from Glenolden in Philadelphia in United States

My name is Lily, I'm Scottish America. Just recieved my Dual Citizenship, so now I'm in the process of relocating to Edinburgh Scotland within the next few months. Canny,wait to get there :-).. wanted: friendship

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