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Paul Andrew B (NEW)

from the Maybole area in Scotland

my name is paul andrew brown and i am a part time soldier fpr 18 years.

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adam_kphotome at work

Adam K photos (NEW)

from the Welland area in Canada

No information given.

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Gary S (NEW)

from the Yonkers area in United States

Parents from Hamilton, Lanarkshire, mother born and raised in Burnbank, Hamilton. Grew up having Scots spoken to me and miss hearing it!

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deanmcleodphotoKiwi Dean

Dean M: Kiwi Dean photos

from the Cambridge area in New Zealand

Hi, Dean here. Born and bred Kiwi boy living in the country in Cambridge NZ. Looking forward to getting to Scotland within the next 2 years to claim back my castle :) and have a good look around the homestead. Seriously wanting to live in Scotland for a while. My wife & daughter plus myself would like to come over in 2012 or 2013. Need some work, my wife is a nurse and I'm a business.. wanted: employment, living in scotland.. on offer: living in nz, temp accomodation

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Peaches M: The more you learn the more you love photos

from Usa in Siena in Italy

I've only been to Scotland once but fell in love with the culture, people and land and hope to return soon... wanted: friends, westie owners.. on offer: friendship, westie chat

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