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deanmcleodphotoKiwi Dean

Dean M: Kiwi Dean photos

from the Cambridge area in New Zealand

Hi, Dean here. Born and bred Kiwi boy living in the country in Cambridge NZ. Looking forward to getting to Scotland within the next 2 years to claim back my castle :) and have a good look around the homestead. Seriously wanting to live in Scotland for a while. My wife & daughter plus myself would like to come over in 2012 or 2013. Need some work, my wife is a nurse and I'm a business.. wanted: employment, living in scotland.. on offer: living in nz, temp accomodation

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wilsonx137photoI Luv Snow

Elizabeth W: Sassanach photos

from the Orlando area in United States

Hi Scotsters! I am a member of Clan Gunn Society of North America. I visited Scotland recently and found it lived up to and exceeded all my expectations. Scotster really helped with tips on what to do, what to eat, what to see, where to eat. If I can return the favor to any of you traveling here (Florida) just let me know!.. wanted: scottish contacts.. on offer: travel tips, florida

Today I want to say how much I enjoyed the Scottish people while I was there. You rock!

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George K (NEW)

from the Saint Petersburg area in Russia

For the family legend, my grandmother's grandfather had emigrated from Scotland (clan McMillan) to Lithuania. Anyway, I hope to contact with this clan.

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Miranda M: Scotish Roots! And Now A Scotish Future!

from the White Plains area in United States

super silly most of the time, laughing half the time, partying part of the time, just chilling sometimes... but fun ALL of the time!.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

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scottmurray1photoCelebrating St Andrews Day in Cannock!

Scott M: Murray Clan photos

from the Cannock area in England

My Dad's Scottish (Falkirk) and I'm very proud of my Scottish Heritage, as such I organise 4 Great Scottish Parties every year in Cannock, Staffs UK. celebrating everything Scottish! All Scots welcome to join me for our Scottish Party Nights & Ceilidh's (Kilts Welcome) held at The Premier Suite in Cannock. Join us for our annual Burns Night Party, St Andrews Day Party, Hogmanay NYE Ball, and our 'Scottish Family' Sunday Lunch & Ceilidh... on offer: scottish parties, live ceilidh's, friendship, and a wee dram

Today I'm booking my tickets for the Scotland v Ireland 6 Nations Rugby Game. - see 3 comments

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