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People associated with the word 'boxing'

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pech666photo18SEP14 - FREEDOM!

Scot P: Our certain duty is to develop ourselves photos

from Highland/Berkeley in Denver in United States

Texas is home... but I currently earn my living in Colorado. I would love for the Highlands to be my "2nd home". My visit to Edinburgh and Dunbar in 2006 left a truly remarkable impression. I am planning multiple Scotland holidays during the next couple years, perhaps even a permanent change of address... wanted: social contacts, business contacts, holiday advice, friendship.. on offer: a sounding board, friendship, perhaps more

Today I "Go and hide in a hole if u wish, but u won't live one instant longer. Ur fate is fixed, fear profits a man, nothing.'. - see 12 comments

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southtexasslackerphotoA Galloway...but NOT belted!

Charlotte P: A Galloway but NOT belted! LOL! photos

from the San Antonio area in United States

No information given.

Today I FINALLY finished my Profile. I'm so lazy! - see 2 comments

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John D photos

from the Perth area in Scotland

Born in Glasgow and brought up in Perth. I currently work in Jersey Channel Islands as a joiner/carpenter.

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Sean L photos

from the Portland area in United States

My name is Sean Lovett. I'm 31 years old. I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I didn't know about any possible ties I could have to the clan Fraser of Lovat until an ex-girlfriend introduced me to a Scottish festival a few years back. While there I met some interesting people who introduced me to researching the history of my surname. Since then I have been devoted to tracing my ancestors. I.. wanted: friends, laughs.. on offer: friendship, laughs

Today I am sick and so is Mechelle. Sore throat, fever, chills, bodying aching, and headaches. Ah, good times (why the hell am I awake?) - see 1 comment

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Graeme W (NEW)

from the Stirling area in Scotland

i am 49 married and i live in brisbane austrailia, i have 2 children and 2 grand children,i work in the motor industry,and i love my sport.

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