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Liz S photos

from the Niagara Falls area in Canada

Hello I'm Liz

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shewolfphotoRIP my Warrior Princess

SheWolf M: It's a Dogs Bark.

from Pollok in Glasgow in Scotland

I love my life with my better half and 2 GSD puppies, i have a beautiful park 10 mins walk away where i spend all morning with my dogs having fun, training and getting to know their needs as dogs. Not much of a people person, though i find dog people easier to talk to. Enjoying whatever life brings... wanted: german shepherd, photography, wolves, dogs.. on offer: training methods, mother nature, german sheperd, walking

Today I won the battle on walking the 2 pups side by side on the leash!! :O) - see 1 comment

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pebblesphotoHi there from Naomi

Naomi O photos (NEW)

from the Perth area in Australia

My grandparents were scottish, a few of my friends are scottish and I travelled there a few years ago. I just love the people and the place.

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Paul Andrew B (NEW)

from the Maybole area in Scotland

my name is paul andrew brown and i am a part time soldier fpr 18 years.

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Dominic N (NEW)

from the Accra area in Ghana

Am calm and collected with some good sense of humor

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