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Dina M photos

from the San Diego area in United States

I love everything Scottish and I hope to some day visit, and perhaps, move to Scotland... wanted: friendship, honesty, loyalty, friendly banter.. on offer: same

Today I am loving the rain, it poured all day it was great!!! - see 3 comments

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Stuart G: No the full shillin by name and nature. photos

from the Roanoke area in United States

I'm originally from Lanarkshire but now live in Virginia, USA. Brittish by birth, SCOTTISH by the grace of god... wanted: friends.. on offer: friendship

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adam_kphotome at work

Adam K photos (NEW)

from the Welland area in Canada

No information given.

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Veronica A photos

from the Camden area in United States

I have always had a thing for Scotland even though I have not a single drop of Scottish blood. This love has led me to start learning Gaelic and work on my history major degree with a specialization in, you guessed it, Scottish and Celtic history.

Today I am crying about not being in Scotland but I am trying to keep my head up... - see 1 comment

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Andy G: I often look glaekit when I'm thinking photos (PHOTOS UPDATED)

from Southside Gorbals in Glasgow in Scotland

I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist, former kickboxing instructor, former dental instrument maker, former French Polisher, former upholsterer, former bingo caller, former bookie and former seller of fresh fish.Born in Barrhead Nr Glasgow, moved to England aged 11 and lived there 30 yrs and came back to Glasgow in 2005... wanted: friendship, photography chat.. on offer: good conversation, stealin' your ideas!, humour, occasional foties

Today I watched Red Arrows come across Celtic Park on tv, then pass my window seconds later. - see 1 comment

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