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Jennifer W: Awaiting the day I first see Scotland! photos

from the Cadillac area in United States

I am a very "young-at-heart" woman who is getting to know her "roots". I enjoy making new friends and plan on retiring from my government job within next 5 years and possibly moving to the Highlands area of Scotland - where my ancestors are from. That is, if it would be alright with the locals/clans!!!.. wanted: friendship, recipies, humour.. on offer: friendship, recipies, humour

Today I contemplate that: no matter where I go, there I am!!! LOL. - see 2 comments

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Liz C

from the Holyrood area in Canada

I'm middle aged + very active and open minded, am happily married....

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Deborah C: C'est la Bee! photos

from the Chico area in United States

My paternal great-grandparents were Scottish, and I enjoy all things Scottish (even haggis!) I even went to a high school whose mascot was "The Highlanders". In 2003, my parents and I toured Scotland, and I hope to take my own daughters there one day... wanted: humor, knitting patterns, insights into life, seeds for my garden.. on offer: plain-speaking, gf recipes, questions, sunshine

Today I am applying for my driver's license renewal... ugh. - see 5 comments

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Kathy S (NEW)

from the Scranton area in United States

I have been conducting research on my ancestry and found I am of scottish/irish decent

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Lori D (NEW)

from the West Bend area in United States

Hello, It has been a cold winter, so spending too much time indoors. Gets a little boring. Just looking for someone to talk with on occasion.

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Forum topics associated with the word 'baking'

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Title Replies Last Post Status
Parsnip Cake with Maple Syrup
Everything Scottish: Scottish Cooking
by phil
5Mon 20/12/10 14:21
chilean gingerbread roulade
Food & Drink: Desserts
by phil
2Thu 23/06/11 09:55
Cakes & Things for Marion at Christmas
Everything Scottish: Scottish Cooking
by deleted:johnthedivine
18Sat 17/12/11 00:32
Friendship Cake
Food & Drink: Recipes
by teresatoten
8Mon 03/10/11 13:49
Grandma's Blueberry Cobbler
Food & Drink: Recipes
by deleted:lilpixie
2Tue 15/09/09 00:47
Post your favourite scottish recipe too share!
Everything Scottish: Scottish Cooking
by mcculloch
22Sat 27/02/10 16:19

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