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Exploring 'american football'

People associated with the word 'american football'

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William M

from the Farmington Hills area in United States

No information given.

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scotsvolphotoHAPPY TARTAN DAY!

Sherry B: Tennessee Tart un photos

from the Greenback Tn area in United States

Love Scotland and all things Scottish! I'm only part Scottish, but its the part that screams the loudest. Today... Well, back to life in the real world with all the responsibilities that go with it.. but it is a little easier now with that respite, great memories, and meeting so many nice people. Bruar falls, just about the most beautiful place I have ever been.. and I have been around!.. wanted: friendship, information, travelogue, sports.. on offer: friendship, a listening ear, photography, genealogy

Today I am celebrating the anniversary of The Battle of Bannockburn and looking forward to the celebration in 2014! - see 1 comment

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Marty A photos

from the Virginia Beach area in United States

Greetings from the US. Born and raised here, I know my heratige goes back to Scottland but I don't know much about it. I'm hoping that this venue might provide some insight, understanding, friendships, and a sense of heratige of a proud history!

Today I'll be Heading to Edinburgh next week! Really excited! - see 1 comment

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Teddy P photos

from the Indianapolis area in United States

Looking to learn about Scotland and my ancestors who came to the USA in the 1600s. I am from the Porterfield Clan. Also looking to meet new people and make friends. I know my ancestors were from Renfrewshire and use to own Duchal Castle and the Duchal House.

Today I kick back and take life easy and hopefully make a new friend. - see 4 comments

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Erin M photos

from the Portsmouth area in United States

I was born in El Salvador (I am Hispanic/Brown) but when I was only 6 months old I was adopted by Irish Americans. I am 30 yrs. old now and I married a man of Scottish ancestry. We have a son together. So our son is part Scottish. He is 3 yrs. old now. I have never been to Scotland but I would love to visit Scotland someday with my family.

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