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Michael J photos

from the Pateley Bridge area in England

Hello, my name is Michael. I am half Scottish and half Spanish. My father is the scottish one; his mother is a MacKenzie, and his father is a Stuart of Bute. If you have any questions, or are just curious, just please let me know ;)

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bb2dogsphotoRobert F. Baxter, April, 2012

Robert B: Alba Gu Brath!!! photos

from the Goodyear area in United States

I play guitar and sing Scottish folk songs & country. I love Scottish history, tartans & Celtic culture. I'm very proud of my Scottish roots. Clan MacMillian/Baxter I look forward to meeting new friends & sharing. Hope to go to Scotland in the near future - a long overdue trip..... wanted: friendship, music, harmony, laughter.. on offer: friendship, guitar, singing, great sense of humor

Today I am enjoying a peaceful weekend. Not as hot as it has been but quite humid for here. - see 1 comment

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Nathan H photos (NEW)

from the Bessemer area in United States

I'm 26 years old and have been married for 5 years now. I'm here to try and meet people from Scotland since my great grandmother is from Dunoon and I am hoping to visit the country soon.

Today I am counting down the three weeks till we go to Edinburgh.

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Mark F: am no playin' photos

from St. Leonards in East Kilbride in Scotland(also regularly in the Glasgow area)

.. wanted: gold, lots of money.. on offer: a used biro, a wet stick

Today I have mostly been twittering. - see 7 comments

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Felicia C photos

from the Westminster area in United States

I have 3 children, and a wonderful boyfriend. I have been in love with Scotland and all things Scottish since I was a young girl. I knew I had Scottish blood somewhere, but I didn't realize it came from being a Cochran, a fact I only found out about a year ago.

Today I am looking forward to starting the Summer Semester of college.

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