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Graham M: Into the long dark tea-time of the soul. photos

from the Clearwater area in United States

No information given.

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saoirsephotoMyself, the Atlantic in Florida September 2008

Carla D: Supporting Scottish Independence photos

from the Lake Placid area in United States

Born and raised in Iowa, USA. Single, straight, no children. Paternal side is Dutch - Drachten, Friesland Netherlands. Maternal Great-grandmother half Scottish half Welsh. Irwin/Irving/Eirwinn etc. (She went by Irving). Her father 100% Scottish. Would love to visit Scotland, be able to visit the castles, towns etc. of my ancestors, visit with the local residents, possibly meet a relative, travel the beautiful countryside, listen to bagpipes and so much more. And finally.. wanted: penpals/friends, insight/history, information, wit.. on offer: penpal/friend, genealogy/history, information, wit

Today I showed Lily a photo of my Dad and told her that was my Pa(w). Really :). - see 8 comments

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Damien G: The Scottish Terror photos

from the Upland area in United States(also regularly in the Philadelphia area)

X-soldier with bad knees, Born and raised in Philadelphia area. I'm of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and German descent and proud of it. I am a blood member of the Clan Grant of Scotland and a member of the Clan Grant Society, to all my clansmen out there "Craig Elachie"! I went in to the Army right out of high school. I'm a laid back friendly kinda guy... wanted: friends, good stories, clan history.. on offer: friendship, clan grant history

Today I am making plans for a trip to Ireland and Scotland to visit some friends and family. - see 5 comments

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Mac M (NEW)

from the Banning area in United States

Hello. Would like to visit Scotland some day. My late Grandfather, Robert Bruce, always told me we came from Scotland. True or not Scotland is a beautiful place and I would love to see it.

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Kathy W photos

from the Tampa area in United States

Just here to make friends, have a few laughs and learn about the country that some of my ancestors called home. Have visited Scotland once and was charmed by how friendly the people were! I was born-raised in New England in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A beautiful coastal area that I am proud and thankful to call home. Presently living in SW Florida to be closer to the sun and my geographical obsession with the.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I am spending the day poolside, well, until the afternoon showers start :-/. - see 3 comments

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