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Philip V photos

from the Vacaville, California area in United States

I am the Chief of the Dixon Scottish Cultural Association in Dixon, California. I also belong to a local photography club.

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Felicia C photos

from the Westminster area in United States

I have 3 children, and a wonderful boyfriend. I have been in love with Scotland and all things Scottish since I was a young girl. I knew I had Scottish blood somewhere, but I didn't realize it came from being a Cochran, a fact I only found out about a year ago.

Today I am looking forward to starting the Summer Semester of college.

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ladysandy10photoLady Sandy

Lady Alexandra M: Scots/Irish photos

from the Tucson area in United States(also regularly in the Morris area)

I lived in AZ with my husband for the past 22 years. We have been married 14 1/2 years, and we've been together 20 years. I've been doing my family research for the Smith family in Scotland, IL, OH, NY, Penn. So if there is anyone who can help me with this information I would appreciate it. I'm hoping to find new friends on Scotster, as well as family. My hobby.. wanted: family, genealogy, friends, networking

Today I'm sorry I've not be on here much, My husband suffered a massive stroke in Nov 2013 and I'm helping him recover. Your welcome to email me. - see 3 comments

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Jon G (NEW)

from the Aberdeen area in Scotland

I live in Aberdeen and Like nothing better than to go to the ciname or go out for a great meal followed by drinks

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Susan W: Happy to be Scottish!

from the Alexandria, Minnesota area in United States

I'm Susan, 1/4 Scottish. My grandmother was born in Fergus, Ontario and I believe her parents were from Scotland - the Western Isles. Family legend has it that my great-great uncle John McLean was Queen Victoria's bodyguard, saved her from an assassination attempt and was knighted by her at her Diamond Jubilee. It all sounds like the script for the movie Mrs. Brown & I'd love to learn more... wanted: friendship, travel info, festival info.. on offer: friendship, travel companions

Today I Enjoyed the first hot day of summer, although mosquitoes are here!

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