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Debi N: Hoc Majorum Virtus photos

from the Corsicana area in United States

I'm American of Scottish descent of the Clan Logan. My grandfather wrote a book on our family history in the 1970's. Interested in meeting other "family" members, anywhere.

Today I'm wishing my Scotster family a great Friday and weekend!!! - see 7 comments

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gedsphotoThink I'll have a splash of rum and cola

JT G: "Iain Tamhas Geadais " Im told by friend photos

from the League City area in United States

Hello I am JT, I live in SE Texas. My great-grandfather came to Texas in 1886 at sixteen from Scotland.He ranched in Lampasas County Texas. I know his family (Geddes) were from Nairnshire in the Highlands. I would love to visit there, enjoy the beautiful scenery and meet some of my long lost relatives and make new friends... wanted: discover family ties, learn family history, visit scotland.. on offer: share stories, pics, share family history, share recipes

Today I am blessed. After being life flighted from an accident scene, my son-in-law lived to talk about it.He is a Tx. State Trooper. - see 6 comments

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Shawn M: Seeking photos

from the Jeffersontown area in United States

Diverse thinking and open minded I am also a certified Hypnotherapist.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship


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Amanda B: teacups and thistles photos

from the Virginia Beach area in United States

I am a 2nd Generation American. My grandmother Ailsa Craig Braid ingrained our rich heritage in me at an early age. Nature is my passion, my church and my true home.

Today I decided to research my roots. - see 2 comments

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ancient_coyotephotoThe Real Ancient Coyote

Royce P photos

from the Dallas area in United States

Deputy Commissioner for Texas-Clan Gunn Society of NA Clan Coordinator-North Texas Irish Festival Member of the orgainizing commitee- Texas Scottish Festival Clan Coordinator-Celtic Heritage Festival Board Member Southwest Celtic Music Assoc.

Today I sorting out which Clans go in what spots for NTIF. - see 1 comment

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