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scotiagirlphotoHi Y'all!!

Vicki R photos

from the Helena area in United States

Hi Y'all! Greetings from Alabama, USA! Hoping to find new friends here on Scotster! I love animals, reading, archaeology, genealogy.... (I am currently researching ancestors in the Ayrshire area.) Looking forward to hearing from you!!.. wanted: friendship.. on offer: friendship

Today I gotta work! :(

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John D photos

from Bridgefoot in Dundee in Scotland

Married with three children. (Are they children when they are 30 28 and 22?} One lovely grandchild Now lead a boring life. Used to have fun when I was working away from home but last ten years been captured here in Dundee. I talk to much. Yes drink to much a Scots macho thing. Enjoy conversation with small children,am a Janitor in a primary school now, just a shame they grow up to be

Today I am telling myself leave computer alone. Sort of addictive.

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Mel F: Clan Fleming proud!!

from the Scottsdale area in United States

56 y.o male in arizona USA seeking to establish a societe for people surnamed Fleming. Tes vote for Scotland's independence!.. wanted: clan fleming, scotlands independen.. on offer: advertising, populist support

Today I read the Scottish Banner. - see 3 comments

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Cindy B: Dreams of Scotland photos

from the Des Moines area in United States

I'm an independent thinker, totally eclectic in tastes of music, food and books. Full of deep thoughts and strong belief in God as revealed in the Bible--not your ordinary person. I write women's fiction as well as devotionals (some of which have been published in years gone by)... wanted: friendship, ancestry, writing.. on offer: friendship, genealogy, writing

Today I finished reading a book. Enjoyed birds and flowers outside. - see 1 comment

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from the Littlehampton area in England

I am a 55yr old ( disabled ) male originally from Belfast now living in England, my main interests are the paranormal, music, I'm a Beatle Fan, and adore Annie Lennox, other interests include following Liverpool FC. I also have a place in my heart for Glasgow Celtic and the Republic Of Ireland and Scottish Soccer Squads, MY 2 dogs, my 18yr old jeep, my pc, movies and TV. Holidays, My Faith... wanted: friends, fun, chats, debate.. on offer: loyalty, friendship, fun, laughter

Today I Have not stopped laughing at Man U getting their butt kicked by Barcelona.

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