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Profile: Photo: 'Evening walk'


Steve J: Grace is undeserved favor! Thank you! photosfrom the Everson area in United States

Photo: Evening walk

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young lad with his dog

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Comments about this photo

photoFrom: Lesley B: Ceilidh McClanless (yorkshirelass) member photos on Sat 14/02/09 08:21
Ooohhh! I like this one Steve......
photoFrom: Diana T: Ex-Member (deleted:maggie101) on Tue 28/07/09 12:37
Wow, that would make such a good greeting card!!
photoFrom: Vasil T: To generalize is to be an idiot. W.Blake (vashiru) photos on Thu 20/08/09 13:24
photoFrom: David B: Ex-Member (deleted:david65) on Sun 11/10/09 23:39
Amazing! A real kodak moment!!
photoFrom: Christine G (teen) photos on Tue 20/10/09 21:24
Lovely, i can tell its a labrador.
photoFrom: Steve J: Grace is undeserved favor! Thank you! (weebitdaft) photos on Tue 20/10/09 22:38
Christine, you are correct.
photoFrom: Elizabeth C: Writer, genealogist with a Gt. Newfenees ( photos on Tue 05/01/10 00:36
What a lovely photograph!
photoFrom: Piper S: Ex-Member (deleted:piperrenee) member on Thu 07/01/10 00:55
photoFrom: Amy Jo T: Ex-Member (deleted:amyjo) on Thu 07/01/10 02:25
nice sunset. My favorite time of day.
photoFrom: Brian M: Getting my kicks out on the floor. KTF (hibbybri) lifetime member member photos on Fri 15/10/10 06:50
Lovely colour in this photo.
photoFrom: Polgara M (polgara) photos online on Sat 11/05/13 00:21
Aye what Brian sais, great colours in the photo:)
photoFrom: Nancy T: Ex-Member (deleted:dreamer) on Tue 10/06/14 04:53
Awesome picture!
photoFrom: Val M: a country girl. (try16hard) photos on Mon 29/09/14 19:25
love this..

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