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The profit platform

Scotster is an online trading platform designed to increase the profits of both retailers and suppliers. More than just an ordering app or transactional website, Scotster learns how to maximise your profits, promotes the discovery of new products and makes buying and selling easier and faster.



Save time with fast and easy repeat ordering of the products you buy most regularly.

Increase profits by finding high margin or high sales volume products that you should be selling.

Find out what other similar retailers are selling that could be making you more money.

Order from suppliers at any time that's convenient for you - even when they are closed.

Manage stock more effectively by using innovative stock handling and forecasting tools.

Get impartial personalised recommendations designed to make you more money.

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No fees and no commissions with our standard package: start trading online for free.

Sell more products with tools that help to increase order volumes and order frequency.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Receive orders even when you are closed - and only from approved customers.

Stay in control of your finances: you manage invoicing and payment collection.

Personalised marketing of your products to businesses most likely to want them.

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